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Publication numberUS1091714 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 31, 1914
Filing dateDec 21, 1912
Priority dateDec 21, 1912
Publication numberUS 1091714 A, US 1091714A, US-A-1091714, US1091714 A, US1091714A
InventorsWilliam Stanley
Original AssigneeGen Electric
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Electric cooking device.
US 1091714 A
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1,09 1,714, Patented Mar. 31, 191i Fiql. FiqZ.

v I c; a

Witnesses: h Inventor v yw Hfs Attrney.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Mar. 31, 1914.-

. trio Cooking Devices, of which the following erator.

, portion is broken away; Fig. 3 is a vertical section of the heating unit and the heat deis a specification.

My invention relates to' electrically heated cooking devices and more particularly to devices of that character which are adapted for operations such as'broiling which require r'adiant heat at a comparatively high temperaas that disclosed in Dempster Patent No. I 901.428, while the outer portion of the casing ture. V

The object of my invention is to provide an apparatus of this kind in which the heat generated by the electrical unit .isvery economically and efliciently utilized for the broiling or similar operation and which admits of very convenient handling bythe op- According to my; invention I equip the broiler with a heating means consisting of an electric resistance heating unit of such shape and size that sufiicient heat will be generated therein for the broiling or similar operation when the device is connected to an ordinary ho-use circuit. I prefer to use a flat disk-shaped heating unit as I have found that the proportion. of heat radiated from such a unitto that carried away by convection isa maximum. I inclose the said heating unit on all sides thereof except that which is to be adjacent to the article to be broiled with an efiicientheat insulation. I adjustably support the insulated heating unit in such a way that it may be raised or lowered with respect to the suppont for the article which is being broiled and may also be.

swung laterally to and from the same.

My invention will be more clearly understood by referring to the accompanying drawing in which-- Figure l is a front elevation of a broiling apparatus embodying my invention; Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the same in which a flector; and Fig. 4 is a' detail showing the locking means.

As shown in the drawing, the heater 10 comprises the fiat disk-shaped electrical resistance heating unit 11 which may be of the form disclosed in Logan Patent No. 957,226. The said unit includes a metal casing 11',

resistance element 12 and insulation 12. It 1s mounted in the top of a downwardly opening deflector which comprises the metal casing 13 within which is packed the heat insulatlon 1 1. The said heat insulation is preferably an electric furnace sublimation product containing silicon such as that disclosed in Arthur application, Serial No. 718,825, although any efiicient insulation may be employed. The interior portion 15 of the deflector casing which is adjacent tothe heating unit 11 is preferablycomposed of metal having a high thermal resistance such is, preferably of polished metal to reduce radiation losses. A suitableconnection comprising the bushing 16 and. leads 16 is provided between the heating unit and an external circuit.

The heater 10 is attached to a wall or other vertical support 17 by means of a bracket comprising a stationary member 18 in which a rotatable member 19 is swiveled so as to allow the latter to be adjusted horizontally. 'Pivotally connected at one end thereof to the member 19 and at the other end to a boss 20 on the heater 10 are parallel and a lock or clamp 25, as shown in Fig. 4.

One of these sections as 24 is pivoted. at 26 to the member 19and the other to the boss 20 at 27 The boss 20 is recessed to receive the leads 16 which are provided withinsulat-ing sleeves'28. A handle 29 is also provided on the boss 20.

The above described apparatus may be mounted in any convenient location and suitable means provided in connection therewith for holding the article to be broiled. As shown in the drawing a shelf 30 is provided with an aperture 31 below the broiling position of the heater 10. A grid '32 containing the article to be broiled may be placed over the said aperture. Below the said aperture a means such as the pan 33 supported by a shelf 34 may be provided for catching the drippings from the grid. A hood 35 may be employed if necessary to take care of the smoke or vapor arising during the operation.

When it is desired to conduct a broiling Y or similar operation with the above described apparatus the heater 10 may be adjusted into position over the aperture 31. By reason of the parallel motion connecting'means the device may be vertically adjusted to the proper position after which it may be held therein by the lock 25 which may be made to clamp the telescoping sections of the diagonal member 22 tightly together. A preliminary heating may be given the de vice. On account of the locationand shape of the heating unit and the structure and material of the deflector the losses of'heat will be quite low. The shelf will serve as a deflector during the preliminary heating operation. The grid 32 containing the steak or other article may then be placed below the heater. It will be found that with this apparatus the broiling operation will be completed in a short time compared to that usually required andwith a small consumption of energy.

Various changes and modifications of the above described structure will suggest themselves to those skilled in the art and are to be considered as coming within the scope of my invention as set forth in the following claims.

What I claim as new and-desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is, 1. An electric cooking device comprising a substantially horizontally disposed resistance heating unit, a heat insulating deflector covering the top of said unit, and supporting means permitting horizontal adjustment of said parts with reference to an article to be cooked.

2. An electric cooking device comprising a substantially horizontally disposed resist-- ance heating unit, a heat insulating deflector covering the top of said unit, and supporting means permitting horizontal and vertical adjustment of said parts with reference to an article to be cooked.

3. An electric cooking device comprising a stationary grid, a substantially horizontally disposed resistance heating unitlocated above said grid, and supportlng means for said resistance unit which permits horizontal adjustment thereof above said grid.

4. In an electric cooking device, a support, a grid carried thereby, an opening beneath said grid for the reception of a suitable receptacle, and a substantially horizontally disposed resistance unit located above said grid, and supporting means for said unit which permits horizontal adjustment thereof above said grid.

In witness whereof, l have hereunto set my hand this 14th day of December, 1912-. WILLIAM STANLEY.



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