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Publication numberUS1092674 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1914
Filing dateOct 3, 1913
Priority dateOct 3, 1913
Publication numberUS 1092674 A, US 1092674A, US-A-1092674, US1092674 A, US1092674A
InventorsGeorge F Tinkham
Original AssigneeGeorge F Tinkham
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US 1092674 A
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- of the burner, another object being to effect Geenen F. TINKHAM, or HOUSTON, Texas.


To all whom 'it may concern:

Be it known that I, GEORGE F* TINKHAM,

a citizen of the United States,residing at Houstom inthe county of Harr s and State 'or atomize the oil, andis mixed with the oil and burned therewith', one specific object of the invention being to elfect improvements in the construction of the entrance portion improvements in the construction of the discharge nozzle thereof.

With the above objects in view'the invention consists inl the construction, combination and arrangement of'devices hereinafter described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawing: Figure 1 is a vertical longitudinal central sectional view of an oil burner constructed. in accordance with my invention. Fig. 2 is a trans-A verse sectional view of the same. Fig. 3 is an end elevation of the discharge nozzle.

In accordance with myf invention I provide a tube 1 of suitable length and diameter and which forms a steam and mixing.

chamber. The ends of this tube are threaded and to the inner or entrance end thereof is screwed one armof an entrance T 2. The arm of the T to which thetube 1 is screwed is indicated at 3.' which is in line with the arm 3, is provided with a plug 5 which is screwed therein and which hasa threaded central opening in' which is screwed the discharge end of a for the said pipe 6.

An oil discharge pipe 8 is arranged lon Vinner end of the burner. The oil pipe has a valve 13 to regulateIl the lflow of oil there- `through and hence t/he supply of oil to .the

burner. j y To thedischarge end of the tube 1 is Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed October 3, 11913. Serial No. 793,231. n

The opposite arm 4,

steam supply pipe G; A valve 7 is provided llatented Apr. 7, 1914.

screwed the cross arm 14 of a discharge or nozzle T 15. r1 he opposite arms 16 and 17 of the nozzle T are in line with each other and-have a common bore and are provided at their ends with plugsA 18 and 19 respectively which are screwed therein. yThe arm 16 is provided at a point a suitable distance from its plug 18 and somewhat below the arm 14 with a transverse discharge or nozzle slot 2O which extends halfway around the said discharge T, is widened at its ends as at 22 and narrowed at its centerl as at 21.

In the operation of my im roved burner.

the steam in passing throng the tube 1, thoroughly heats the burner Vand also heats the oil during its passage through the tube 8. As the oil issues from the tube 8 it is atomized by and becomes mixed with the steam and forms a highly combustible mixture which strikes the outer side of the discharge or nozzle T 15 is deflected upwardly and downwardly and caused to strike the upper plug 19 and the lower plug 18 and then escapes from the nozzle or burner slot 20 which serves to spread the mixture and causeit to burn in a wide flat horizontal flame which is limited in length, so that the heat el'iiciency of the burner is greatly increased, The valves with which the steam and oil pipes are provided enable the steam and oil to be supplied to the burner in varying proportions to obtain the -best results under varying conditions. It will be noted that the oil discharge pipe vSwis of reduced diameter asv compared with the feed pi'pe and that its discharge end is spaced from the nozzle a suliicient distance to allow for the expansion of the gases resulting from the vaporization of the oil discharged from the pipe 8.

Having thus described my invention, claim:

1. ;An oil burner of the'class described `comprising a mixing and heating tube, an

entrance T secured to and extending longitudinally with the said tube, a steam pipe fitted in a plug at the inner end of the entrance T, an `il supply pipe arranged in the tube longitudinally thereof and having an elbow at its'intake end and a 'supply member arranged in the transverse arm of said entrance T, fitted in a plug in said arm and connected to said elbow, and a discharge or nozzle AT arranged transversely with' respect to the said tubev and havin its cross arm secured thereto, the said disc arge or nozzle T being provided with plugs in. its ends p and being also provided'with a transverse out of line with the discharge tube.

burner slot extending about halfway around the same, spaced from the lower plug and 2. An oil vburner of the class described comprising 'amixing and heating tube, an

entrance T securedto. and extending longivtud'inally with the said tube, a steam 'pipe iitted in a plug at the inner en'djof the entrancelT, an oil supply pipe arranged inthe,

` tube longitudinally thereof and having an elbow atits intake end. and a supply. member arranged'in the transverse arm of'sai entrance' T, fitted in a plug in said arm and connected to said elbow,and a discharge or Vand widening toward its ends.` "L

.gnature nozzle T arranged transverselyI with respect to the said tube and having its cross arm secured thereto, the said discharge or nozzle T being provided with plugs in its ends and being alseprovided with a trans- K verse burner slot extending about halfway/ A around the same, spaced from lthe lower-plug l and out of line withv the ldischarge-tube, the


GEORGE F. frmniiAM. i

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U.S. Classification239/398, 239/597
Cooperative ClassificationB05B7/0416