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Publication numberUS1093835 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 21, 1914
Filing dateApr 19, 1912
Priority dateApr 19, 1912
Publication numberUS 1093835 A, US 1093835A, US-A-1093835, US1093835 A, US1093835A
InventorsFrank H Crump
Original AssigneeFrank H Crump
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US 1093835 A
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Patented A111121 provitA nseana npon the ponts and in whieh the UNT FRANK H. CRUMP, F LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA.


Speeixcaton of Letters''atent. Applica-nen med .apra is. w12.

Pie it lmon'n that t. tienne; il.. (keine. riti- Yen of the United Staten. residing at 'Los ngeles. in the eounty ot Los .ingeles and titate oi iCalifornia. have invented eertain nen' and useful improvements in Book-f hindine'jot n'hieh the following is a Spee-itieation. l

This invent ion relate to hinders and more pnrtieuiarly to hinder.`l ot' that type in whieh the lentes are h,eld upon posts secured through rover plates. Such hindern4 an usually eonstrueted have. their posts secured to the bottoni eover-plate. and the top rover plate is adjnstahly mounted upon the posts. nieana heinef provided tor elanipingf the said top eo'ver plate at adjuatment. iiueh ron- .atruetior liowever, preaents the disadvantage that tl'levprojeeti'ng ende4 ot,E the posts are liame to senateh the snrtaee oi the desk upon uhieh hinder iS placed. and i'nfeventy one hinder heiney placed upon another.

yihe niregent invention aims. therefore. to hinder otf thisy type in which it will he imneeeesar37 to provide any clamping while firmly hoidiner the cover platea in pint-e. will not` projet-t heyond the eover tes and eonsefpientljr, will not Serateh a i or tahle on which the hinder in dialfor i full` nmleratandiug ot the invention "ei'eienre iS to he had to the t'ollnn'ingf dt" r-erigvtion and aeeon'ipanvineA drawing. in \'\'le'l i12- lfigure l is a perapertire riew'ot" the hiru er einhodying' the present invention.

i2 is a vertieal longitudinal aeration View through taken in n plane with one oi pmte. if' 3 is; a vertieal seetional vien' through a slightly modified t'orm of the. hinder. Fig. ll in a perepertive View of thieiorni ot hinder. Fig. 1 is a perspertive View of one ot' the ponts ol the hinder. the peat heing partly in yaeetion.

torreeponding and like parte are referred to in the foliowing deserii'ition and indi rented in all the views ot the aeeomiiianying drawing h v the same referenee (fha'raeters.

in the drawing'. and particulfrrl)7 in Figs.

' pair ot piiers or an;rv similar iinpl'eniwf i and 2 thereotvthe hottom rover plate ia indieated hv the numeral i and the topI enter plate hy the nnmeral i?, and the learea whieh are eoniined h3' these plates hv the numeral i The top and hottoni plateay are l .hovered with eloth. a@ usual. and are eon l eat-enten nel'. ai. nim. Serial No. 691.898.

neeted hy th ioth covering, as at l. with the strips to which the leaie holding poetal of the hinder are Sernred. 'That stri p to Whieh the hotto-ni plate i is eonnepted is indieated h r the numeral and fis preferably ot' metal. and the lent hold/ingr posta ahore meutioned. und indieated at t?. have their lower endsy riveted aa at T in opening- H formed in the said strip 5. The postt are tuliular as shown in the drawings and at their upper ends they are engaged through openings t) t'orlned in a strip it) eo[responding` to the strip 5. and through opt`iiings tl in a strip l) whieh'jis preteiahl; ot' pantehoard or like material. and is .seeured against the upper side ot the atrip it). 't will he ohServed from an inspection ot Fig. ot the drawing that the opening .ll are of greater diameter than the openingaA Si. and that the said openings Il reffiater with openings fl in that portion ofi the cloth cover tor the Cover plate and it "lated Strip 10. hitter the desired nur4 er ot Sheets E5 has heen assembled with the: posts G. the upper enda of the posts are inserted through'the openings S. Il and 13 and phen* sure is exerted against the .strips 5 and in' so as to iii-inl;- eompreas the eontined ends oi the said leaves 3. 'Vlie proyeeting' end of eaeh pont. t3 is then severed hy the use ot a elearlj,Y shown in the drawing and indi,... r hy the numeral l-l, in severing the projeetingends of the ponts. the said ends are tiattenethas will he readiljy understood. and thus. as a result. ot.' the severing operation. not oni)Y are the projeeted ends of the posts removed. hut the poStS at their upper ends are at the xnaine time headed.

Bi' referring to Fig. 2 ot' the drawn-1g itl will he observed tha tdm` to the tact that the openings ll'are otgreater diameter than the 4openings; Sl. the heads I4 will not project heyond the nurture, ot that portion ol' theeloth cover which extends over the top ot the Strip l2. Consequently the hinder may he placed on a desk or table, either side uppermost, without ikelihood ot' seratehing the finish oi the denk or table.

When it is desirable to produce a hinder even less expensive to manufacture, than the one `#hown in Figa-1 and 2 ot the drawing, the (rover plates l and 2 are dispensed with and Strips of cardboard, or like material are'dispoeed one against trie under side of the lowermost Sheet and the other nefainet .formed with openings 16 which register with the openings in the sheets or leaves. A. washer 17 is disposed .against the under side of the lowermost strip 15 and has its opening registering with the opening 16 in the said strip, and in a like manner a washer 18 'is "disposed against the upper side of the strip 15 at each opening 16 therein and these Washers have their openings registering with the said openings 16. The posts of this form 'of binder are indicated by the numeral 19 and each is provided at its lower end with a head 20 bearingagainst the under side of the Washer 17. The upper end of each post. is headed as at 21 in the same manner as the upper ends of the posts G, previously described. It is preferable that the washers 1T and 18 be of plano-concave forni so as to house the heads 2O and 21 of the said posts and thereby prevent these heads scratching the iinish of theadesk or table upon which the binder is disposed.

Haring thus described the invention what is claimed as new isz-- 1. In a binder7 spaced leaf-contining members, a tubular post carried by one member, the other member being formed with an opening receiving one end of the tubular post and being Yformed with a recess located at the opening, the said end ot' Jthe post bemesses ing laterally compressed and thereby expanded laterally to form a head of a width greater than the diameter of' the said opening and received in the recess.

Q. In a bindert leaf confining members, u tubular post secured at one end to one of saiel 1neiiil3ers, the post project-ing at its other end through the other member7 the last-n1- ioned end of the post being compresse "laterally and thereby expanded to forni a transverse head flared in the direction ol its extremity.

3. In a binder, spaced leaicominin` meinbers, one of said members including a strip. a tubular post fitted at. one end through the strip and provided at its said end with a head bearing; against one side of' the strip, the other leat-eonining member including a strip formed with :in opening;- through which the other end of the post, projects, the said post :it its last. mentioned end being compressed and thereby expanded laterally whereby` to torni a dial'uetrieull)v extending head ofgawidth `greater than the diameter of' the post.

lu testimony whereof I dix my signatuix in presence of two witnesses.


lilnessesz C. Bnnwsrnn, ELLA. Sffo'rr.

LL. s]

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