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Publication numberUS1094080 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 21, 1914
Filing dateMar 10, 1913
Publication numberUS 1094080 A, US 1094080A, US-A-1094080, US1094080 A, US1094080A
InventorsJohn Hewby Mayer
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US 1094080 A
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SILO. APPLIUATION 'FILED 14.511.10.1913.

'Panama Apr. 21, 1914,


A TTO/e/VEYJ 'ran sirarns PATENT anion,

JOHN HENRY Marini, or nuinnotnr, Iowa, Assionon rro HInvinoLn-r oni/mur Paone-oars MFG, co., or HUMBOLD'I, Iowa, A conrozaarIoN or Iowa.



To all 1w/"wm t may concern.'

Bc it known that JOHN HENRY Marien, a citizen of the United States, residing-at Humboldt, in the'county of Humboldt and State of Iowa, have invented a new and useful Silo, of which the following isa specification. Y

My invention relates to the construction of buildings, tanks-etc., and more particularly to silos, and to the means employed forrein forcing the saine.

My object .is to provide anA artificial stone building block having areinforcingrod permanently cast therein, and provided at' each end with a concave groove, so that when the blocks are laid with their ends abutting, lin a horizontal tier, a circular openin vis formed across the door way.

` body at the junction of each tivo bloc rs, through which 'opening access: may be had o-rxthey purpose of securing the adjacentfrods' 'to-`A gether, and at the saine time by filling the opening with liquid cement lor other adinto a permanentunit. I

A further object is to vprovide in connection witha circular silo formed ofthisclass of blocks, and having a continuous vertical door way','a simple and inexpensive means for connectingv each ,series oit' `reinforcing rods across the door opening, to thereby'pree vent collapse or bulging of, the silo. i

My invention consists in certain details in the construction, arrangement and combination of the vario-us parts' jof. the device,

wherebythe objects contemplated ,are at# tained, as hereinafter-.more fully set forth,

' pointed rout in my claim and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 shows av vertical, central sectional view`of la silo built in accordance with my invention. Fig.' 2 showsv a horizontal secltional view of a port" in of the silo taken yfig. 3 shows a detail View of'two of my blocks, part of thebl'ocks being; broken away to show th ethod of connecting the reinforcing rods ndFig'. 4 shows a detail sectional view illustrating the means for connecting" the `reinforcing rods ltogether at the .door way.

My improved block may beinolded or formed of cement, concreteclayg'or the like, vand consists of'va substantially,rectangular ortion 10, at each end of whichis Y' forme asemi-circuargroove 11.- Extending yeach two blocks a circular opening, `with- `upon `tier of blocks are laid inra similar" hesive substances, the blocks may be formed ed socket A1'?.v Thissocketlis arranged to ex- `by turning the rod 1S in the proper direction,

Patented Api. 21,1914.

longitudinally through the center of each block, and cast thereiin-,is va reinforcing rod 12, provided at each end with eyes 18, each ofthe eyes being in position within the adjacent groove and extending substantially one-half its diameter beyond the' edges thereof. Y

, ln constructingv a silo', the blocks are laid in horizontal tierswith their grooved'ends abutting, thus leaving at the junction of ina-nner,l andk arranged tofbrealrthe o'ints, A' as shown, until. the desired heightris reached.

In the doorway, vertical strips 15 prefer-4 ablyf ofvchannel ironare used for the jainbs. 'These strips 'arepr'ovided with openings 16 lin linewith the reinforcing rods of the blocks. .Connected by means cfa drop pin to the extendingY eye .of ther'einforcir'igv rodl of each contiguous block isi"a sc'rew-thready tend through the adjacent Aopening 16 -in the janib, and into itis lscreweda brace vrod 18 extending horizontally `across the door opening. The opposite end of the brace rod is connected tothe fre-eend of this 'same series of reinforcing" rods in a similar manner, eX- ceptthat 'thesc'rew threads on lthe socket and the'end of the ,rod are cut in opposite directions rom-thatof the other end, so that y the reinforcing rods will be drawn together to forma completecircular. band: abut the silo, and heldin rigid position. Obviously a continuous vertical opening is lleit'between the door jamb and contiguous wall,l and thisopening is- 1likewise Iilled with cement'. When thewallhas been built to .the dcvsire'd height a suitableroof or'cover may be placed overthe top thereof, and in the present instance I-have shown a roof` made of concreteand reinforced by the rods 20.' This form'i'of roof must necessarily ybe cast on the top of thawall and forms must be set up in position for 4ibis '.plirposi- ZoonstrilCting `this. form ofloojil I preferably provid open-j I ings 21m; opposite sides ofjthe'roof for ,the

i provided withsuitablev Windowsg'- hus'lerving jmeanso'f ingress :ind-jeg'rs's either side of.the=si1o,and at'th'e saine .time ispr'o-u vided zriva-ther proofftopfor-ighe silo. 11ni, 'dition they' .will 11.01101 ni biocksfinf-p1mse:

I lar openings @whelnplced together, affordlv zidinittanco "of silagga,` "andA vthese, openings when' not yin use fori this purpose-may be mediately; overA @non iofjthe openings 2l and embedded-'in `the 'concrete fof the roof is an arm 22 providedqvith bracrods L35y for'. thev vent' outward bulging of tbesilo' btinad The Grooves inisha-blocks '.formin Girn-v .I'claiiim as myinventionv :L plurality f'blocks having grooves formed jin-their ends, und arrangedy in supcrposed courses with: their grooved ends abutting, :L reinforcingfrod inr each 'of saidl blockspro- 'videiatfeadi and with an. eye, the adjacent In' a silo having a vertical door opening,I

'oyes of the viols innbutting blocks being "containedwithin the openngformed by the' 'jrmctioln of the b1'0cks,' means for connectingsfrideyes ogej'hor, door `jzmibs `provided for pire door"opening2 leajchgjalinb 'having openings therein in line with` the ends of the alternato 'seriesv of rei'nforingrodslii pluralityof rods" extending 'across the door` Qpposito sockelts 1 011` the same sriesnof riny :forcing rodsyand' screw threaded vrods con--L nected tothdfreyends lovtie-reinainirlg series ofyreinoringfrods, 'each-.of said-,rods 1.,extend1ng1ti1rough the .adJn'cent opomng 1n screW'-' tb1'eaded; rdsfin, l"position thereon

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U.S. Classification52/193, 52/20, 52/248, 52/196
International ClassificationE04H7/28
Cooperative ClassificationE04H7/28
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