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Publication numberUS1095517 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1914
Filing dateOct 19, 1912
Priority dateOct 19, 1912
Publication numberUS 1095517 A, US 1095517A, US-A-1095517, US1095517 A, US1095517A
InventorsHarry E Parshall
Original AssigneeHarry E Parshall
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Cooling, stirring, and dispensing vessel.
US 1095517 A
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Patented May 5, 1914.

.rb v declare the following to be a full., clear. and eXact description of the invention, such riirEN-T OFFICE.



Specification of LettersPatent.

Application led October 19. 1912. Serial N0. 726,845.

To al] film/'L 1f muy concern.'

'Beit known "that I, HARnv E. PARSHALL, a citizen ot' the United States` residing at 'Yheeling. in the county of Ohio and State of lll/'est Virginia. have invented certain new and useful lniln'qveinents in Cooling', `Stirring. and Dispensing Vessels; and I do hereas will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use thesame.

This invention relates to cooling and dis pensing apparatuses and it more part-icusecured on thebase 9, but is larly relates to an improved cooling, stirring and dispensing vessel.

An object of the invention is to provide a vessel or container of-this character, which is especially adapted for cooling and dispensing buttermilk or the'like.

Another object of the invention is to provide. in a cooling vessel of'this character, a combined ice container and liquid stirrer.

Another object of the invention -is to pro# vide a thoroughly heat-insulated vessel having an ice container in the center thereof and having a space around the ice container, in which an)y desired liquid may be contained and cooled.

Another object of the invention is to provide an a]: paratus of thischaracter which may be quickly and easily dismemberedffor thoroughly cleaning the same, and which may be quickly and easily assembled for use.

Other objects and advantages may be recited hereinafter and in the claim.

The accompanying drawing shows a central'vert-ical section of my device.

The liquid receptacle is preferably of cylindrical form and surrounded by any proper heat-insulating material 6, which may extend entirely around and under said` receptacle. The insulating material Gris inclosed within an outer` casing 7 The casing 7 is preferably provided with a bottom S of non-corrosive material, and the bottom portion of the 'casing is seated upon a base 9, having legs 1,0 and having an upstanding peripheral fia-nge 11. The casing -may be preferably removably seated thereon. A pivot-bearing 12 is secured to the bottom 13 of the containeig andsupported upon this pivot-bear ing or block, through the medium of a pivot 14is an ice receiver 15, said pivot being secured to the concavo-convexed bottom 16 of the ice receiver. The cover of the container and casing consists of a lower cover member 17 and an upper cover member 18, said lower cover member being centrally apertured, and -being provided with an annular flange or upper cover seat 19 around its central aperture. The upper cover member is provided with a peripheral iiange` 20 which is normally seated against thev flange 19, and said upper cover member is provided with a cent/ralaperture which constitutes a bearing for a crank sha-ft `21, having a' hand crank 22 0n its upper en'd,-and having its lower endnoiirotatably secured to a spider 2d, said spider being fitted within the upper end of the ice receiver 15, and may be either permanently or removably secured therein. The upper periphery 'of the -ice receiver fits snugly and. removably within the centraly aperture ofthe member 17, so that said cover member 17"'may be removed withoutremoving the ice receiver. `Secured on the outer surface of the icey container is a number of stirring, blades 2l, said stirring blades being inclined at an angle of approximately twentyeight degrees.

An aperture 25 is provided at the bottom Patented May'5, 1914.



of the container 'and casing,` and in this'` aperture is seated a ianged and screwthreaded tube 26, one or more nuts 27 being employed. for securing said tube within the aperture screw-threaded into the tube 26, and is provided 'with a central inwardly tapered bore 29 and an outlet opening 30 which communicates with said tapered bore. A tapered and aperturd valve closure 31 tsvsnugly and rotatably within the bore 29, and is provided with an aperture 32 which communi- Cates with the tube 26 and with the outlet 80. The valve` closure 3l is formed with a handle 33, by means of which it maybe rotated, for bringing the apertures 30 and 32 alternately into and out of registration. A centrally apertured cap 34is screw-threaded `on the. outer end of. the y and the handle 33 extends through the cen-l tral aperture of the cap 34. It will be seen that, by tightening the cap 34, the valve closure 31 may be tightened within its seat, while if the cap 34 is removed, the valve closure may easily be withdrawn for cleaning and sterilizing. It is also obvious that the member 28 maybe quickly and easily removed An outer valve element 28 is Y i i valve member 28,

for cleaning and sterilizing, and When removed, the tube 26 is rendered easily accessible for cleaning. Vhen it is desired to dismember the apparatus, the shaft 21 may be withdrawn, and the top members 17 and 18 may then be removed, whereupon the ice receiver can be lifted from its pivotal seat.

When it is desired to till the container, the valve mustfirst be closed, and milk may tien be poured into the container 5, either before or after the receiver has been filled with ice and placed on its pivot seat, Whereupon the cover members 4and handle may be properly placed. If it is desired to recharge the ice receiver without removing it from the container, the cover member 1S and shaft 22 may be removed, whereupon ice may be introduced into the receiver 15, Without danger of ice or other foreign matter enteringl the milk.

It is well known that after buttermilk has been undisturbed for a short While, the lighter particles thereof Will rise, While the heavier particles will settle toward the bottom, so that, unless it is stirred before being drawn, the quality of the first Which `is drawn will differ from the last. The present invention obviates this difficulty by means of the stirring mechanism which con-v sists of the blades 24 which are mounted to rotate With the container 15, soA as to raise and thoroughly mix the heavier portions of milk with the lighter portions thereof. One or two turns of the handle or crank 22 will sutce for thus mixing the buttermilk before it is drawn or dispensed.

It will be seen that I have provided a device of this character which is fully capable of attainingl the foregoing objects, and in a thoroughly practical and etiicient manner.

l do not limit my invention to the eXactdetails of construction, combination and arrangement of parts, as herewith illustrated and described, but my invention may only be limited by a reasonable interpretation of the claim.

A cooling and stirring and dispensing appa ra tus providing a container having double walls, a receiver rotatably mounted upon a bearing in said container and spaced therefrom and having blades upon its outer surface, a cover detachably secured onA said container and having' downwardly extendingi,"

flanges engaging the inner and outer Walls of said container, and having a central opening therein, an upwardly extending,r vertical [ia-nge on said cover snrroundimgr said opening, the upper end of said receiver being beaded and terminating in said opening, the circumferential periphery only of said bead ing.;l being rotatably received by said flange, a spider secured to the upper end of said receiver whereby ice may be 'put into and removed therefrom without disturbing said receiver, and means secured to said spider for rotating said receiver with said flange as a bearing.

In testimony whereof ly have signed in v naine to this specification in the presence of two subscribing: witnesses.


Titn esses CARL E. LANG, E. W. GREENE.

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