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Publication numberUS1095661 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1914
Filing dateFeb 27, 1913
Priority dateFeb 27, 1913
Publication numberUS 1095661 A, US 1095661A, US-A-1095661, US1095661 A, US1095661A
InventorsJames N Moulton
Original AssigneeJames N Moulton
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Machine for cutting sheets into strips.
US 1095661 A
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nrmonron FILED 111:11. 2v, 1913.

.132- JQ :l

A d fw/d1,



Specicationof Letters Patent.

Patented May 5, 1911i.

Application filed February 27, 1913. VSerial No. 750,960.

To all whom t mag/concern.'

Be it known that I, JAMES N. MoULToN, a;

citizen of the United States, residing in Haverhill, in the county of Essex and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Machines for Cutting Sheets. into Strips, of which the following description, in connection with the accompanyingJ drawings, is a specification, like letters on` the' drawings representing like parts.

This invention relates to a machine for cutting sheets of material into strips having curved edges, and is herein shown as embodied in a machine which is especiallyde signed and adapted for cutting sheets of.

Iduck or other cloth into strips comprsingi a hseries of blanks for use in the manufacture of the well known Gem inner soles.

The invention has for its :object to providef a machine in which a web or sheet of duck or other material may be cut int a maxi mum number of such strips in a continuous manner and at a minimum expense as will he described. 'Provision is also made for winding the cut strips upon suitable rollers, so that the right and left strips may be' wound upon separate rollers as fast as' they are cut. r

In accordance withthi's invention, I employ a plurality of rotatable disk cutters-or knives, each having an annular cutting edge the cutter or knife, which blank substantially conforms to the shape of the inner sole or to that part of the inner sole to which the blank is applied.

These 'and other features of this invent-ion will be pointed out in the claims at the end of this specication.

Figure l is a sid-e elevation of a machine embodying this invention. Fig. 2, a plan of the inachine shown in Fig. l. Fig. 3, a detail showing a pair of cutters, and Fig. 4, a detail in plan of a portion of a cut sheet or web.

Referrin to the drawings, a represents .upri ht si es of a framework ,for supporttween a bed roll f and a plurality of rotatable -disk cutters or knives g, which are mounted on a shaft 7L to rotate therewith.

The bed roll f may be made of steel,v or othersuitable material and has its sha-fr; l0 journaled in uprights l2 erected rupon'the side frames of the machine, and the shaft zwhich carries the disk cutters g is journaled in boxes 13 adjustable in the uprights l2 above the bed roll.

The disk cutters g are made irregular or cam shaped so as to make a cut of the proper or desired curvature, to conform or substantially conform .tothe shape of the fore part of the inner sole (not shown), and each disk cutter is provided as shown with a hub `15, which is removably mounted on the shaft 7i. but is secured thereto to rotate therewith by a key 16 or in any other suitable manner.

The disk cutters-g are'arranged on the shaft It, so that the web o'r sheet e is cut into a plurality of strips 20, each comprising a series of connected blanks, the length of each of which is indicated by the dotted lines 2l in Fig. 4, the blanks in one strip` this end the machine''sprovided with two receiving or winding rolls 23, 2li which rest upon feed rolls 25, 26 journaled in uprights 27, 28 erected upon .the side frames of the machine, and 'upon one roller as 23 all the right strips are wound, andAupon the roller 24 all the left strips are wound.

The cutter shaft z. and the bed roll f are positivelyl driven, for which purpose the bed roll shaft is provided as shown with tight and loose pulleys 30, 31, and with a gear 32, which meshes with and drivesr a pinion 33 on the cutter shaft z.. The feed rolls 25, .26 may and preferably will be driven from the bed roll shaft 10, and as shown, the bed roll shaft has aisprocket wheel 35, which is connected by a link chain 36 with a like wheel 37 on the shaft 38 of the roller 25, which latter shaft has a second sprocket'wheel 39, connected by a link A io.

.- other cloth is cut up into strips chain with a sprocket Wheel 41 fast on the shaft 42 of the roller 26. The shafts 37,

42' of the rollers 25, 26 are journaled in the uprights 27, Q8, and said uprights are provided-With slots 43, 44, into which extend the shafts 45, 46 of the rollers 23, 24. Normally the rollers 23', 24 rest upon the rollers Q5, 26, and the ends of the right and left strips are cemented or otherwise fastened to the rol-lersZB, 24 which are rotated by the lower rollers 25, 26. y

i In the present instance the strips 2O after leaving the bed roll'f are passed under an 'idler roll 50 lto give the sheet' or web the desired tension upon the bed roll. The roll d of cloth has'coperating with it a Weight in the *form of a roller 5l, Whose journals 52 are extended into a vertical slot 53 in the uprights b to permit the roller 51 to descend and remainin contact with they web -rollv at, as the latter is unvvound.

The disk cutters may be adjusted With relationto .the bed roll to properly position them, so as to insure proper cutting of the web into strips, plishedf as herein shown by means of scr'evvS 56, carried bythe boxes for the bed roll and .coperating with the boxes for the cutter shaft lv, vand the latter boxes may then be secured in fixed position by mrews 57.

From the above description,v it will be seen, that the sheet or web e ofy duck or of right and left blanks in a continuous and therefore rapid manner, andthat the Web -or sheet 'which is usually of thirty inches in Width canbe cut into eight stripsl of blanks having l a' ,width 'across the ball of four and one -strips, as the said quarter' inches. I

The edges of the cuttersmay and preferably Will vmay Contact Withthe bed roll Without harm and yet effectively sever thev sheet into sheet is firmly supported and this may be accombe slightly dulled, so that they incassi by the bed roll, which has a solid portion of its periphery coperating with, the cutters.


'1., In 'a machine of the character described, in combination, ity of vand each provided with an irregular or cam shaped cutting edge capable of form'- ing a blank having a curved edo'eI at each revolution of the said cutter, a plurality of pairs of feed rolls between Which somev of4 the strips vformed by the cutters are passed to be Wound upon one of the rolls of each pair, means to rotate said bed roll andeutters, and means to rotate said pairs ci? feed rolls, substantially as described.

2. In, a machine' of the character described, in combination, a bed roll, a.- plu'- rality of 'disk cutters mounted upon a shaft and each provided with an irregular or camshapcd cutting edgecapable of form-` ing ablank having a curved edge at each revolution of the said cutter, a pair of feed rolls between which saidl strips are passed,

means to rotate said bed roll and cutters,

and means 'to rotate said Jfeed rolls, substantially as described.

3. In a machine of the -character described, in combination, a plurality -of rotary disk cutters having' cam-shaped cutting edges, 'a shaft upon which said cutters are mounted, cutting edges and having a solid portion of its periphery in the path `of rotation thereof, and means to rotate said shaft and .bed roll, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof, l have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses.


Jas. H. Cmmcnnm, J. ll/lurrrir,

uve cents'each, by addressing the ommitstcner m? atents, Waehingtom.

Janus N. MonnroN.

arbed roll, a plural- A. disk cutters mounted upon a shaftA a bed roll coperating with said

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