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Publication numberUS1095744 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1914
Filing dateSep 5, 1913
Priority dateSep 5, 1913
Publication numberUS 1095744 A, US 1095744A, US-A-1095744, US1095744 A, US1095744A
InventorsFrederick Knapp Smith
Original AssigneeFrederick Knapp Smith
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US 1095744 A
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TOILET BOX. APPLIQATION FILED SEPT. 5, 1913. 1,095,744, Patented May 5, 1914.



TOILET BOX. APPLIGKATION FILED SEPT. 5, 1913. 1,095,744. Patented May 5, 1914.




Speccation of Letters Patent.

Patented May 5, 191e.

Application filed September 5, 1913. Serial No. 788,254.

, To all whom t may concern:

` Be it known that I, FREDERICK K. SMITH, of New York city, in the county of New York, in the State of New York, have inf vented new and useful Improvements in Toilet-Boxes, of which the following, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a full, clear, and exact description.

This invention relates to'certain improvements in toilet boxes and pertains more particularly to a toiletrbox adapted to be carried in an ordinary hand bag, for ladies use when separated from the usual source of toilet article supply. The primary object of the invention is to producel a box of compact construction and neat appearance formed with a plurality of compartments adapted to receive and separately confine toilet articles as powder, powder pus, comb, mirror, etc.

A further object is to provide covers independent of the box cover, for those compartments adapted to contain readily dis.- persible material and preferably to mount these covers. upon a single axis so as to consume a minimum space.

Another object is to provide a removable support for the covers which shall be readily positioned in operative relation in the initial assembling of the device and equally readily removable from the box if desired.

Y In the drawings Figure 1 is a perspective view of the box. Fig. 2 is a similar view with the cover in open position. Fig. 3 .is a view similar to Fig. 2 showing the compartment -covers raised. Fig. 4 isa view similar to Fig. 3 with the front of the box and the longitudinal partition, each partly broken away to disclose the support for the compartment covers and the separate compartment receptacles. f

he device comprises a box-like casing -l--, preferablyl rectangular in form as shown, and a bottom ,-2 formed therewith or connected thereto in any suitable manner. A cover 3- formed with `an edge flange -4- yis hinged to the casing 1- in any suitable manner as by a hinge 5* and is adapted to swing or turn upon the hinge so that the flange 4- rests upon the casing -1-- and forms substantially a continuation thereof.

The casing -1 is provided with a projecting knob -6- formed therewith or connected thereto in any suitable manner, as by soldering,and the cover -3- is provided with a catch-plate 7- connected theretoin any suitable manner and provided with an opening -8- within which the knob -6 is adapted to seat itself when the box is closed and thereby lock the same. The inside of the cover -3 is provided with a mirror -9- which may be of any desired size except as limited by the size of the cover and the mirror may be attached to the cover in any suitable manner as by cement,

glue, etc.

ing legs formed of plates 18- and --l9-, l

each extending the width of the compartment -l1- and having -journals -20 and 21- respectively formed upon their upper edges and preferably integral with both plates 18- and -l9 as shown, for the reception of a rod 22- adapted to form an axis and support for the covers -23- and -tfor the compartments -15- and -16- respectively.

VThe cover -28- is provided with a single journal ,25 preferably formed integral therewith and positioned centrally on the rod -22-`, while the cover 24E- is provided with two spaced journals 26- and y--27-V and positioned on the rod 22- on either side'of the journal -25 so that each cover has a hinged relation with respect to the partition -17- and is of suficient size to substantially close its respecloo and powder pulf respectively, and the covers -23- and 24- close these chambers independently of the cover for the box as a whole and prevent contact of the materialsV Y confined therein with the mirror -9-. The notches -13- and -14- permit the receptacles to be readily grasped for removal. f

The longitudinal partition l2- is preferably provided wit-ha projection having an opening therethrough adapted to receive one end of the rod 22 and form a bearing therefor and to more firmly support the rod, the partition 1T- and the covers 23 and M24- respectively and to properly space the chambers or compartments -l5- and -16- and hold the cov- 1firs in proper relation to close these chamers.

'Ihe compartment -10- may be used for holding a comb or other desired article.

It is apparent that the box may be made of any suitable or desirable material hut preferably of some more or less precious metal as gold, silver, nickel, etc., dependent upon the particular desire of the purchaser and the price for which these articles are to be sold.

The partitions, the receptacles and the covers may likewise be formed of any suitable or desirable material, either wood or metal, and may or may not be of the same material as the casing, in some cases glass being preferable for the receptacles, and that the size of the box and the arrangement of the compartments may be varied without departing from the spirit of this invention as set forth in the appended claims.

What I claim is:

l. A toilet-box having an upright partition dividing the boX into compartments, compartment covers, said partition formed of diverging plates having bearings formed upon their top edges and common to both plates and means in said bearings hingedly connecting the covers thereto.

2. A toilet-box having a partition formed of diverging` members dividing the boX into separate compartments gradually decreasing in width toward their bottoms, separate rcceptacles fitted into said compartments and held by the wedging action of the partition, bearings common to both members of said partition, compartment covers and means in said bearings hingedly connecting the com-k i partment covers thereto.

3. A toilet box having a longitudinal partition dividing the boX into two compartments, a transverse partition dividing one `of said compartments into two chambers,

spaced bearings formedv upon the transverse partition, a bearing` formed upon the longitudinal partition and alined with the bearings upon the transverse partition, a rod seated in said bearings and covers for said chambers hinged upon said rod.

4t. A toilet-box having a longitudinal partition dividing the box into two compartments, a transverse partition formed of spaced members and dividing one of said compartments into two chambers, bearings `formed upon the transverse partition and common to both members thereof, a bearing formed upon the longitudinal partition and alined with the bearings upon the transverse 1 partition, covers for said chambers and means in said bearings hingedly connecting the covers thereto.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 21st day of August, 1913.

FREDERICK KNAPP SMITH.' `Witnesses FLORENCE M. G-oociiv, irri-run L. FLETCHER.

Copies of this patent may be obtained` for ve cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Y Washington, ID. C.

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