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Publication numberUS1095934 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1914
Filing dateDec 18, 1912
Priority dateDec 18, 1912
Publication numberUS 1095934 A, US 1095934A, US-A-1095934, US1095934 A, US1095934A
InventorsRichard Seed
Original AssigneeRichard Seed
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US 1095934 A
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imi i i in i- Sedili@ 'RECH-IARD SEEE), 0F EAWTUCKET, RHDE SLAND.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Mey 5, ilte.

Application filed December 18, 1912. Serial No. 73?,3ll- I To all ywhom t may concern.'

Be it known that I, Rionnnn Suso, a citizen of the United States, residing at Pawtucket, in the county' ot Providence and State of Rhode Island, hay-e invented new and useful 'improvements in Gaines, of which the following is a specilication.

. This invention relates to games.

The principal 'object of the invention is to provide a simple inexpensive device whereby young and old may obtain a maximum amount of amusement in playing same'.

The objectof the game which is entitled Cats, is to move disks or similar articles over the board in accordance with the number thrown on the dice and to eventually put these articles which represent cats in the home station. The moves of the cats over the board are retardedby frequently getting on spaces which represent shoes or dogs and the cats nre caused to run many hazards in gaining access to the home station.

Other objects of the invention will appear as the following specific description is 'read in connection with the accompanying drawing which forms a part of this application, and-in which:

Figure l is a plan view of the boord. Eig. 2 is a perspective view ot' the playing disks. Fig. 3 shows apair of dice.

n the specific embodiment oi" the invention a board l is provided having a plurality of' rectangularly arranged squares 2, 3 and l and-a central circular station 5 which is known as the home station and is the goal sought after by each of the players. Each rectangular series or arrangement of squares embodies a plurality ci' safety squares indicated at A, and a plurality of squares indicated at B which represent a dog. There are also other squares in the series representing a shoe which are indicated by the letter C and another set of squares indicated by the .letter D showing spaces which permitthe representation ot two cats or players disks. The series of rectangular-ly arranged squares are connected together by Jfour series of diagonally arranged squares 6, 7, 8 and t) certain of which have dog spaces B as shown. Ar- 'ranged outside of each rectangular' arrangement of squares are spaces 10 preferably arranged adjoining ',.ie slioe'squares C a purpose to be hereinafter described. The safety squares A may be indicated by fi.

house or other place of safety upon which a cat may climb to get vout of reachf'of the dog while the spaces C may have a representation ol' an old shoe; the spaces D may 50 preferably have a representation ci. two cats facing cach other with arched backs and their mouths open screeching at leech other. These pictures add to the ornamental feature of the board and provide moons for notifying the player that his cat has been struck by an old shoe or chased by a dog. u The gaine may be played by either one or more players up to tour, each player having two disks or cats which are adapted to be 7o moved around in accordance with the nuin ber thrown on a pair of dice which are used in playing the gaine. A player must throw a 5 upon the dice before'he can begin. This entitles him Ato 'throw again and 7.5 should he throw a 2 the move would put A him on space B in traveling around the rectangular arrangement ont squares' 2, each. player start-:lng at one of the cornerfsatety squares A. In this instance the @et would Se be chased baalt to the nearest place o safety f which .would be the initial.startingpoint;v rhe next player would then throw the dice and move in accordance therewith. if the player moved 8 points on to e blank space 85 such as is shown at E the cat would remain .in this position until the playerls next turn.- lt upon a second throw he threw 2 on the' dice the cat would be moved oit' into the adjoining space l0 being considered to be hit 90 with a shoe as will be readily appreciated. The spaces l0 may be considered resting or recnperating stations or the cat, or .disk may be considered then out of the play ore-ny other suitable arrangement may be made in the rules by which the gaine is played. To play the game properly'5 itis necessary for each cat to travel the complete yround of the outer arrangement ot squares and thenf. across the diagonal series of squaresfadjoin-IOO ing the starting point and theenem; inner series ot squares 3; after traveling around this arrangement oit' squares the cats are moved inwardly to the inner seriesv of squares 4. and after passing' around this 105 into the home station The first player getting' his cats into the home station is considered. to have won the game. The squares and the pictures are printed upon a board in any suitable manner` in actual practice, ont may be raised therefrom if desired, or ine whole sheet may 'ne printed in one color and pasted upon a, beard so as i@ make lie construction cheep :md within the reach of all.

What is laimed isz-- 1. Game' apparatus comprising a board having e plii'rality of series of rectangular@ arranged squares, e plurality et' series o squares connecting the rectangular-ly errenged series, rest stations adjoining eertain of the .i'eetangularly arranged squares, playing devices movable over the board, and chance devices for determining the move ment of the playing devices.

2. Game apparatus comprising a. board, having a plurality of reetangularly arranged series of squares thereon, said squares being arranged in parallel relation one e0 memset the her and eine wiliiii the other, eerlein of seid squares representing hazards, a plug rality el? rest stntifm squares offset Wizl'r re lation. ojllie reemigularly arranged squares and opposite Certain of the hazards, :L plurelity er diagonally arranged squares e011- iieetiug the reeangularly arranged squares and having hazards the-reen, playing; disks ednp'red to be iiie'ved over the board and. eliunee devices 'for determining the move- ,meerJ of seid playing devices.

l'ii testiiriony whereof l signature in pre-seme of two Wiluesses.

R-GHARB SEED. Vlitnesses llliiiiirrm; Grimoire, Wimmer lVlALesE.

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