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Publication numberUS1096102 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 12, 1914
Filing dateNov 25, 1912
Priority dateNov 25, 1912
Publication numberUS 1096102 A, US 1096102A, US-A-1096102, US1096102 A, US1096102A
InventorsMarshall B Gardner
Original AssigneeMarshall B Gardner
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Geographical apparatus.
US 1096102 A
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Specification of Letters Patent.

' Application filed November 25, 1912. \al liio. 733A25.

To all whom it may concern NER, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city of Aurora, county of Kane, and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Geographical Apparatus, of which the foll lowing is a specification.

use in the study of geography.

My invention relates to geographical apparatus, that is to apparatus designed for The object of tion'of a device of the character mentioned through the medium of which the geography of the globe or earth may be studied with greater facility and case.

A further object is the production of a device as mentioned, which will be of durable and economical construction and eiiicient in use. 1

Other objects will appear hereinafter.

My invention consists and arrangements of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

The invention will be best understood by reference to the accompanying drawing forming apart of this Specification, and in which,

Figure 1 is a partially sectional side elevation 0). a device embodying my invention,

the sectional globe included therein being shown in closed position, Fig.2 is a section taken on substantially line of Fig. 1, with the'globe sections in open position, and Fig. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary detail of one of the bearings for the globe.

The preferred form of construction as illustrated in the drawing corn rises a hollow globe consisting of a main section 1 hemispherical in form and two supplemental sections 2 quadrant in form, the sections 2 being secured to section 1 by hinges 3 which permit of the sectionsQ being swung to open position, as clearly shown'in Fig. 2, in order to expose the inner surface of the globe. Each of said sections .1 and 2 1s formed preferably of'two concentric layers a and b of sheet metal which are'spaced apart so as to increase the thickness of can sections in order to represent more nearly the comparative thickness of-. thc crust of the earth in accordance with the geographi-' cal theory of the inventor. ,Upon the outer surface of the globe are the usual geographical indications or maps illustrating or ind cating the continents the world. :Upon

my invention is the produc-- I 9 and stationary, in the combinations tion 1.

I g the inner surface ofthe globe ar also n- Be it known that I, MAnsHALL B. Gannranged geographical indications illustrating continents which according to the theory of the inventor exist upon the inner surface of the globe.

The section 1 is reinforced by metallic bands 4 and 5 arranged therein, between the layers a. and b and rigidly; secured to the former, as clearly shown-in Figs. 1 and 2, the extremities of band terminating at the hinges 3 in order to reinforce the section 1 at these points. The respective extremities 6' of the other of said bands'project exteriorly, terminating at diametrically opposite points of-the globe to serve as bearings in the rotatable mounting of said globe between gudgeons 7 and 8 which are provided in the semi-circular support 9. The support 9 is provided with a suitable base 10. The gudgeon 7 is formed; integral with the support the bearing 6 rotatably embracing ,the same. tatably mounted in the support 9, the inner end therepfbeing fixed to the bearing 6 so that said gudgeon will rotate in unison with the globe. Secured to the outer end of saio gudgeon 8 is a notched disk 11 with zwhich coiiperates a dog 13 pivoted at 14, said dog being adapted for engagement with the notches 12 of disk 11 to releasably lock the globe in, positions of rotatable adjustment. The arrangement is such, as will be ob-' served, that release of the'globe to permit of rotatable adjustment thereof is effected by depressing the rearward end ofdog 13 in order to disengage the opposite end there of from the notches 12.

Arranged centrally within the globe is an illuminant 15, preferably an electric light bulb around .which is arranged the corona 16. The lamp bulb 15 is mounted at the inner end of an arm 17 which is secured rigidly at its opposite end to'the globe sec- The arm 17 is hollow to permitof the passage of the conductor wires 18 for the lamp bulb- 15, said wires passing from arm PatentedMay 1a. 19%.

The gud'geon -8--is ro- 17 through the hollow wall of "section 1 and downwardly the lower end in Figs. 1 and 2.

of support 9, as clearly shown The arrangement of the through'passage 19 formed atilluminant as designed is in accordance with the inventors theory as to the interior formation and arrangement of the earth. Provided atdiametrically opposite points in the globe atl-i-the terminals of the axis about whiol l thejsame 1s mounted to rotate are as is desired in using the same. and. the section in order to expose the interior of the globe.

preferred form of construction for carrying my inventionjnto ell'ect, this capalt-lc of lVliilc l have illustrated and described the --ti0ns oi the globe are so connected as *to he 5 adapted for ready swinging to open positormed of two spaced layers; reinforcing I 5 bands secured to one of said sections and ar-- ranged between the layers thereof, the re- 5 spccii \e ends of one of said bands projcctii'ig variation and modification without departing from the spirit of the invention. l", therefore do not wish to be limited to the v 7 1 a precise-details of construction setforth. but

desire to avail myself of such Variations and modifications as come Within the scope of the appended claims.

Haring described my invention what 1..

claim as new and desire to secure hy Letters Patent is:

1. A device of the class described coin prising a hollow globe consisting ot a plnrality of hingedly connected sections each formed of two spaced layers; reinforcing cxlcriorly at dianmtricnlly opposite sides of said globe. the respective extremities of th other of said bands terminating at the hinge (,'(Hll1c('il0n. between. said sections; and a support with which said exterior-1y proj ting band ends engage for pivot-ally, supporting said globe. snbstantiall as described.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence ol. l\\'o sub cribing witnesses.



A. A. Orson, dbl-UH ll. ll lo'rrs.

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