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Publication numberUS1096761 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 12, 1914
Filing dateJul 2, 1912
Priority dateJul 2, 1912
Publication numberUS 1096761 A, US 1096761A, US-A-1096761, US1096761 A, US1096761A
InventorsCharles Scheer
Original AssigneeCharles Scheer
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US 1096761 A
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Patented May 12, 1914.


CYuzfles Scheer G.SOHEBR.



1,096,761. Patented May 12, 1914.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 12, 191 1.

Application filed July 2, 1912. Serial No. 707,327.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, CHARLES SCIIEER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Silverton, in the county of San Juan and State of Colorado have invented new and useful Improvements in Masks, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to masks or respirators for firemen or persons who are compelled to enter burning buildings or to engage in work in places that may be laden with noxious gases or impure air and has for an object to provide head gear which is capable of being worn by the person and which will be adapted to be furnished constantly with a supply of fresh air necessary to the proper respiration.

Another object of the invention is to .provide a mask which will include means adapt ed to'yieldingly embrace a portion of the head and to render the mask gas proof at its point of attachment with the head.

A still further object of the invention is to provide such yieldable attaching means for the mask that will permit substantially of its automatic accommodation to heads of different sizes.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a mask in which the main body or view-portion thereof will befire and acid proof and to further employ a guard for the elastic attaching portion of the mask so as to render the latter fire proof.

In the drawing forming a portion of this application, and in which like letters of reference indicate similar parts in the several views:Figure 1 is a perspective view of the mask showing thg application of the same. Fig. 2 is an inner perspective View of the mask. Fig., 3 is a vertical section therethrough. Fig. 4 is an enlarged section through a portion of the mask and through the air intake thereof. Fig. 5 is a vertical section on an enlar ed scale through another portion of the mask showing the manner of connecting the view or display member thereto. Fig. 6 is a section taken on line 66 of Fig. 1. Fi 7 is a face view of the coupling member w 'ch attaches a fluid supply tube to the mask.

The mask or respirator which is designed particularly for use by firemen, miners or persons required to work in quarters where the atmosphere contains noxious ases or where the air may be impure an detrimental to the life of the workmen comprises a main body member 1 which is adapted to be mounted on the head and to be disposed directly in front of the face and a head emln-acing and mask attaching member 2.

The main body member 1 may be made of any suitable well known acid or fire proof substance and which is shown as being pro- \idcd with view or eye openings 3 which are adapted to be disposed in immediate line with the eyes of the wearer when the mask is in applied position upon the head. The eye openings 3 are covered by glass disks, suitable lenses or like transparent members 4, which are secured yieldingly against gaskets 5 by retaining devices 6 which are threadedly connected with the member 1 and which are provided with outer annular flanges 7 that are adapted to engage against the lenses and to hold them securely against the gaskets whereby gas proof joints are formed at the said openings.

Immediately adjacent to each eye opening the member 1 is provided with escape valves 8 which may be of any suitable well known construction and which may be opened under internal air pressure within the main body portion of the mask. While one of such valves could be used to render the mask operative two are preferable in that one acts as a safe guard to prevent the mask from becoming inoperative should the other valve be clogged or should it fail to respond at the proper time. Fresh air from any suitable well known source such as the outside air, an oxygen pipe or the like may be supplied to the body 1 of the mask and as shown said body is provided at its bottom with an intake tube 9 having radial external studs 10 which are adapted to be readily fitted into a receiving groove 11 of a suitable coupling 12, the latter being secured to one end of an air supply tube 13 as shown. With a view to preventing foreign matter from being carried into the body member 1 with the air I provide the intake tube 9 with a foraminous collector or screen 14.

It is my desire to make masks in which the body members may be all constructed of the same size and at the same time I contemplate to furnish means whereby the mask will effectually accommodate itself to heads of different sizes. In view thereof I contemplate the provision of an elastic attaching member 15 which is secured at 16 within the walls of the member 1. This elastic member under its inherent elasticity is adapted to yieldingly fit against the head of f the wearer whereby at the point of attachment of the mask thereto the joint will be so sealed that the mask will be rendered gas pr of. As anadditional attachment to insur the proper maintenance of the mask upon the head I provide the elastic attaching member 15 with a head encircling strap 17 which is adapted to be clamped around the head and beneath the chin as clearly shown inFig. 3 of the drawings. The elastic head embracing element of the mask may be constructed of suitable sheet rubber and with a View. to affording protection thereto against fire, acids or the like I provide the main body member 1 of the mask with an as- 'bestos or fire proof guard 18. This guard entirely embraces the elastic portion of the mask and it also embraces the attaching strap 17.

From the construction described it is evident that a mask of a comparatively simple nature is provided and which when used upon the head as stated will provide for a proper respiration of a person who may be working 1n dangerous quarters where air conditions are usually detrimental.

over the forehead and under the chin ofthe user, an elastic hood" consisting of acrown-engaging relatively long elastic por tion and a relatively short chin-engaging portion and lateral connecting-strips, said hood being connected/t0 said mask at its opposite ends, an asbestos shield secured at one end to the upperend of said mask and enveloping said hood, said asbestos shield gradually being reduced in width toward its bottom and bein 'T connected thereat to the lower end of sai mask, an elastic band engaging the crown and chin of a persons f head, means for drawing said band taut, goggles carried by said mask, means for discharging the exhaust from said mask, and means for supplying air to said mask.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses: ALBERT Z. WATSON,


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