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Publication numberUS1097116 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 19, 1914
Filing dateFeb 8, 1913
Priority dateFeb 8, 1913
Publication numberUS 1097116 A, US 1097116A, US-A-1097116, US1097116 A, US1097116A
InventorsChauncey W Abbott
Original AssigneeNat Metal Molding Company
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Circuit-extension box.
US 1097116 A
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Patented May 19,- 1914.,

7 FIGS. i :Q91 O' Y -L /1' t i 16 i I\'I l w'NEssEsi v 37 n* INV NTQE' @l WM E @ma 0 M Atty UNITED sTnTns PATENT on'rron.


oses to ehane'ethe location of or'to aro.-

vide new, electricalfixtures. In effecting Such alterations the 'circuits for the re-located or new fixtur'csare usually picked up at points where the original circuits are .readily accessible, as 'at switches or'bracket outlets, and are extended in surface conduits. A My invention lhas to do with such eXtensions of electrical ci1*cuits,'and the object thereof is to provide an extension box whereby a circuit may be picked'up and. eX-

tended from what is commonly known as a flush switch'.` A A In the accompanying drawing, which forms part of my specification, I have illustrated. an embodiment of my invention.

Figure 1 is a face View of an extension box the cover.- being partly broken away in order to show part or' the interior construction; Figs. 2 and 3 are sectional views taken on the lines' II-II and IIL-III, respectively, of Fig. 1; and Fig. t is a sectional view taken 0n the line IV-IV, Fig. 2.

In the several figures like numerals. are used to designate like parts.

Flush switch structures ofthe character contemplated by my invention are usually of the push-button type, and may be either single or double pole switches depending upon the particular installation, as is well .under stood. A

In the illustrative embodiment of my invention a double-pole switch structure is shown, consistingl of a rectangular block of insulation 1, having mounted in its opposite ends, two -pairs of binding posts 2 and 3 between which electrical continuity .may be.

completedl by 'pivoted conductor arms 4 operated by the push buttons 5. 'In' the original installation 0f such switches to concondu'ctors, the usual practice has been and trol electrical currents through inner wall"l CIR-onrrnxfrnusron Box.

connected to the electrical conductors, is'

contained within' and secured to such out- -let'box, and a cover, secured to the Vswitch structure, vextends over-thc oute'i` face therelof and beyond the sides and ends of said outlet b.o.v, thereby covering whateverv kirregularities there may be adjacent' to the opennip; in'the wall. In order to extend a supprovided openings in the walls andto ex- Specification of Letters Patint.; l *i Ptnte'd 19,19 l.appiication ined February 8,1913. serial Maumee. I l l l plemental cireuitfrom such flush switches 1 and through surface conduits, I provide an vextension box adapted to surroui'ld, and

preferably to sustain, the switch structure,

and further so constructed as to form a conductor-carrying passageway outer wall of the switch structure, the bottom wall of said'passageway forming an outwardly-extending rim or fiauge adapted to cover the irregularities of the wal-l adjacent to the opening therein. Such a box may consist of a. continuous fiatv rim orA flange 7, a wvall'portion 8, 9, and a cover 10. The flange 7 is provided with an opening adapted to receive the switch box structure, and is adapted to be secured to the outlet box G by means of screws -1 1. The wall portion has side and end walls .8 resting` upon the outer edge of the flange 7, and has an inwardly extendingI shelf 9 upon which lies the usual'attaching strip 12 of the switch structure. Also, the wall portion may be secured tothe flange 7 by means of screws 13. Thecover 10 lits neatly over .the

wall portion 8, and, together with the switch structure strip 12, is secured thereto by means of screws 111.

As will be readily seen, the box is so constructed as .to form a continuous pafsageway 15 around the switch structure, the

vbottom of such passageway bein-g formed by the flange 7 which bridges over and hides the irregularities of the wall adjacent to the opening for the outlet box 6.

In' the practice of my" invention any desired arrangement ofvelectrical conductors may be effected. In the installation'particularly illustrated herein, the sWit-chstructure is effective to'cfontrol a circuit 'between the conducto-rs Vlf @and 17, the conductors 17 leading a lain or other fixture'. The conductors sem. 'ed 'to the same binding posts 3 as arefff''v, conttuctors 16, lead to a newly around the' Y.

Q l Y 1,097,115

viiistaillel electricalfixture, an@ tiieeiirrent pasSing through thegconductors. 1 8 is, `of eourse,-independent of' the make andbreak position of theivitehf. As W'illbe seen, the cenchietolS. 18 are carried from' one end t0 the other of the eXtension'boX through-thea.

walled ineiiiber' 8, 9 to said iange by *screws 18. Tl'ie'electrical Conductors* 1G andflS may' then .'be securedy to the binding posts-3,' the conductors'v 17 jto lthe binding posts'Q,

and ythe coverl lO'inajf be attached tothe shelf' 91h37 means-'of screws 14, .extendingl also through thefswitch strip 12. l

I de not Wish t0 I'nit myself te the de tails of construction herein, for obviously 'iiizinyehanges may beinacle .by those skilled in the art Without ldeparting'frein-the spirit, of my invention.

i elzi'ini herein as inviiiventioii:

1. A tivo-:part circuit exten's'ionblofx com# prising aV subetentizillvjflzit lg'ottni portion -adapted :tozbe :ittached to and to extendlziterzil'ly .fi-Oni the open sideof in outlet box for ,flush switches, and having. a, central epe-ii area adapted'to receive the body; of a; hisli'switeh, a side Wall .portion bearing 'at 'its loii'ei'- edge on the outer portion lof said bottoni-- and having an inwardly extending..

rliin adapted to have a flush switeh seeiired thereto, anclnieiins for. connecting Said side ywzill portion' to'said bottoni.

- The combination vwith 'a iiush "sivit'clii struct-fire', and an outlet box 'having zinop''en '.side adapted to'receive suoli-switch; [of zi p two-part circuit extension box eoi'iipriSiiig :i

`substantally: tint bottoni portion s eciired'te'- the' op'enside ofsa'id outlet box indliaviiifg' its outer edges extending-beyond"the sides of 's'ziid box, siiidbettoni having 'a centraly open arezi,'. :1nd n sfidewall portion.. be'aring at it's flower edge on the .outer portionof seid bot:

toni `and having .en inivardly extending rim, sind siv'iteh'fheing securedto said rim fend having its body portion ezitending `through the Central .opening in Suid bottoinnn'cl into" the roiitlet box.v

v'in testimony whereof I .hzive hereiintoset* myl hand. t


Vl''itnesses GEO. L. 'GrILLoN7 A. N. *DONNELLK

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