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Publication numberUS1097163 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 19, 1914
Filing dateJun 27, 1912
Priority dateJun 27, 1912
Publication numberUS 1097163 A, US 1097163A, US-A-1097163, US1097163 A, US1097163A
InventorsRobert S Brown
Original AssigneeNew Britain Machine Co
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US 1097163 A
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R. s. BROWN.l


APPLICATION FILED JUNE 27, 1912. 1,9711 ment-ea May 19, 1914.



, R. s. BROWN.


APPLIGATIGN FILED JUNE27,1912. 'ggggg @gt Patented-May 19, 1914.






Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May i o, isi e.

lle it known that l, Rooster S. BuowN, a citizen of the United States, residing at New llritain, in the county of Hart-fond and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Tool- Racks; oi' which the following is a specitication.

This invention relates to what I shall for convenience terln a tool rack, among the objects of the invention being the provision of a device of this character which is simple yet strong in construction and which can be readily and easily made, and the parts thereof quickly assembled. n:

in the drawings accompanying and forming part ot' the present specification l have shownin detail one of the several convenient forms of embodiment of the invention, which to enable those skilled in the' art to practise the same will be fully set forth in' the following description, while the novelty of the invention will be set forth in theelaims succeeding said description. From this it will be clear that l do not restrict my self to such disclosure; may depart therefrom in several respects within the scope of the invention defined by said claims.

Referring .to said drawings: Figure 1 is a perspective view of a. tool rack involvin my invention. Fig. 2 is a top plan view o one corner of the upper she f oit the rack. Fi 3 is a side elevation of the parte shown vin Jttig. 2. Fig. 4e is a top plan View of another corner of the u per shelf of the rack. iig.'` 5 is a longitudinal sectional view of Fig. 4. Fig. 6 is a sectional view of one cornerof the intermediate tray of the rack. Fig'. 'l' is a; top plan view of the parts shown .in Fig. 6. Fig. 8 is a sectional view of the parte shown in Fig. 7', and, Fig. 9 is a sectional viewoi a swivel member and wheel.

Like characters refer to like arts throughout the several figures of the rawings. l Y

A tool raclr involving my invention is preferably, but not necessarily portable, and when portable presents a truck; any suitable wheel means may be provided for supporb ing the rack, although these illustrated and hereinafter described aresatisfaetory. The rack usually involves several trays, although it is conceivable that only one of such trays might be provided. in the conf struction shown, however, there are three of shown practically rectangular in top plan and as being substantially of pan forni so as lo effectively receive tools, implements and the like which blackslniths and other artisans use in their work. Said trays or pans are preferably of steel and are also seamless thus preventing leakage therefrom.

For supporting the trays or shelves l0. l1 and l2 any suitable means may be pro vided, for instance rods as 13, 14, l5 and 16, these rods being disposed in the present in stance vertically and being located approximately at the corners of the superposed trays. The means for connecting the rods with the trays will be hereinafter more particularly described, and I might say that the same constitutes one of the important features of the invention.

The lowermost tray is priivided with suitable bearings as' 17 for receiving the axle 18 equipped at its ends with the wheels lf). The rear rods l5 and 16 extend below thc lower most. lray'l() and are stepped in the swivel members 2O furnished with wheels The tool rack can, therefore, be easily moved from place to placca` Each of the trays l0, l1 and 12 has at its rim portion a practically continuous groove or channel 22, andthis channel or groove can be produced Hanging the trays or shelves outwardly and downwardly as at Q3, said channels or grooves 22 bein0r preferably laterally enlarged and rounded to receive the corner bearing members blocks 24 which as wiilibe understood snugly said laterally enlarged portions of the grooves or channels 22. The blocks 24: are practically cylindrical in form and are fit Apartly covered and hidden by the flanges somewhat lOt ii memes vine e `iitahle manner to the respective trays, n:uncle 'foy means of rivets 26. These ing members or bloclrsA present a o Tway of connecting rods 13, l ith the rack and in turn they and firmly held in place. The 1&2 are driven into the two front the tray 10, While the rods tend entirely through the blocks at ward end of said tray 10, being as described, connected with the swivel All tour of the rods 13, 14,1%) Ind freely through the blocks 24.- mediate tray so as to provide for the wad adjT -tinent of said intermediate tray, said rods tor this purpose being prefci h y peripherally plain Where they pass lhrough the intermediate bearing members. The adjustment of the intermediate tray can he maintained by set screws 27 tapped into -i1e intermediate blocks and, adapted to cn- .e the respective rods 13, 14, 15 and 16. e upper ends oi said rods are tapped into innermost blocks or l'iearing members ,ae t.. The uppermost bearing blocks 24 to i 1e rods 13 and 15 are connected, are

" 'ided with outwardly extending ile the uppermost bear-A en the rods 14 and 1G aret o furnished with arms 30 and ng outward therefrom at an angle and z wiated with 'these several arms is a ynl s 3&2 which isshowu fitted be-' iwecu i s ends in notches 33 in the outer .a1- -zfr-.ds or the aims 30 and 51, and the termina s of' which are driven or tightly fitted in Y nin`V in the arms 29 and 29. This yoke can he u yilizefl to sustain tools and can also act a handle ior the Irack or truck. The

o a lo support'g brackets or bearings 17 in coiietiintion shown, are integral With oi thel lowermost front going description taken4 in .:onnetion with the annexed drawings it 'will he evident that my tool rack comprises tautiallv rectangular pan having a 'i in connection with an axle fied to said stiifened edge on the lower pan be substantially continuous groove in the une".

der side thereof, blocks set into said groove, provided with laterally extending Wings rigidly connected with the shelf, and shelfsupporting rods connected with the respective blocks.

3. A tool .rack comprising a substantially rectangular shelf having an approximately continuous groovein the under side thereof' laterally enlarged and rounded at the corners, and cylindrical .blocks fitted in the laterally enlarged portions of the groove, provided with wings attached to said shelf.

4. A. tool rack comprisinef a substantially rectangular pan-lile shelf having a Inarginal. flange to form a practicallycontinw ous groove in the underl side ot' the shelf, said groove being laterally enlarged and roundedr at the corners of the shelf, and cylindrical blocks fitted in. the enlarged portions of .the groove, provided with Wings riveted to the langeportion of the shelf.

5. A tool rack comprising an lapproximately rectangular pan having a stiiiened edge combined with angular axle supports fitted around the corners of the pan at the .stiffened edge thereof.

6. A tool rack comprising an approxi-- mately rectangular pan grooved in its under side, and rod receiving blocks itted. in thegrooved part of the pan at the corners thereof, extending around said corners and provided with axle supporting brackets rigid therewith.

ln testimony whereof lalix Inysigimturc in presence oitwo witnesses.

'4 y ROBERT S. BRWN. lllitnesses: A


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