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Publication numberUS1097530 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 19, 1914
Filing dateOct 31, 1910
Priority dateOct 31, 1910
Publication numberUS 1097530 A, US 1097530A, US-A-1097530, US1097530 A, US1097530A
InventorsJulius L Cabelinsky
Original AssigneeJulius L Cabelinsky
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US 1097530 A
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1,097,530. Patented May 19, 1914.




APPLICATION FILED 001?. 31, 1910.

LUQKEEU, Patented May19, 191 1.


Wim wfiww: 1

9M Invenibn' I 6w; JuliusLCabelins/iy,



Specification 0t Eetters Iatcnt.

Patented May 19, 1914.

Application filed dctobcr 31, 1910. fierial No. 590,003.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, JULIUS Ii. GABELIN- SKY, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Roxbury, county of Suffolk, State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Wearing-Apparel, ofwhich the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawing, is a specification, like characters on the drawing representing like parts. 1

This invention relates to wearing apparel and pertains more particularly to wearing apparel adapted to be worn over the usual outer garments, and having features of improvement over wearing apparel known in the art.

For illustration, I have shown in the accompanying drawing one of the embodiments of which my invention is susceptible.

In the drawing: Figure 1 is a front elevation of a garment embodying my invention, and illustrates the application thereof. Fig. 2 is a rear elevation of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is an enlarged central vertical section through the head covering and the upper part of the body covering. Fig. i is a detail of a full front elevation of the head covering with the eye protector in use. Fig. 5 is a similar detail with the eye protector turned up into the head covering. Fig. 6 is an enlarged rear elevation of the head covering and a portion of the body covering. Fig. 7 is an enlarged detail of the back of the collar illustrating the opening therethrough. Fig. 8 is an enlarged detail of the back of the body covering with a portion broken away to illustrate the position of the head covering when not in use. Fig. 9 is a similar enlarged detail looking from the front to within the garment with a portion broken away.

Referring to the figures, I use any suitable garment to cover the wearers body from the neck downward, and it may be of any suitable length desired. The garment may be adapted to any style afiected by either sex without limiting the preferred embodiment illustrated and described herein.

The garment may be made entirely of rubber, or made of a fabric that has been rendered waterproof, or it may be made of any suitable material best adapted to the needs or desires of the wearer.

In the figures, 10 represents any suitable body covering of any preferred style. To the body covering, I have secured the usual neck band 11 having thereon the usual turn down or roll collar 12. This neck band is secured to the body covering or garment and 1s provided with the usual tap 15, or the like on which is located a fastener to engage with a member on the other side of the neck band so that the same can be securely buttoned across the throat. At the ack of the body garment adjacent to the neck, and for a distance corresponding substantially to the width of the neck, I proyide an opening 16 communicating with the interior of the coat or with a pocket therein substantially between the shoulder blades. Herein I have illustrated the said opening 16 as located part way up the neck band 11. A head covering 20, of suitable design and material is stitched or otherwise permanently secured to one side of the opening 16. As illustrated herein, see Fig. 3, the said head covering is secured to the back edge of the opening 16 at the point 21, for a distance corresponding to the length of said opening, see also Fig. 6. The sides of the head covering are detachable from the body covering for a purpose hereinafter described. This head covering 20 in its preferred'form, entirely envelops the head and neck as herein illustrated, and is adapted to be drawn down snugly about the'face and neck.

In order to secure the above results, the sides or extensions 2222 of the head covering 20 are prolonged and lie adjacent to the neck band 11 as best illustrated in Figs. 1, 2, and 3. These extensions 2222 are provided with snap fasteners or clasps 23 23 of suitable design and are adapted to engage with cooperating members 2 1--24 located on the neck band, collar, or body coverin at convenient points, see Figs. 1, 2, 3, and The head covering 20 may be provided with a vizor 25 to protect the eyes and face from the glare of the sun or the Weather. At the juncture 26 of the vizor and head covering, I preferably provide a normally straight stiffener or a thin spring member 27 for a purpose to be hereinafter described. At or adjacent to the point or juncture 26 of the vizor and head covering, I provide a flexible member or mask 29 on a hinged member 30 secured to either the vizor 25, or the head covering 20. This mask 29 is provided with openings for the eyes and to protect the latter, I preferably provide transparent celluloid members 31 through which the wearer can see all objects. This mask 29 may be turned up into the head covering when desired, as illustrated in Fig. 5 "and dotted lines in Fig. 3.

When not in use the head covering is folded flatand turned downward through the opening 16 into a pocket or between the lining of the garment and the arment itself and lies flat against the back 0 the garment. The lining may extend from one side seam to the other as in the case of half lined eoats or the said lining may extend from one front edge tothe other front edge of the garment, all depending upon the style of garment desired. The spring member 27 holds the hood or head covering substantially straight and flat within the space just referred to. The head covering may also be provided with fasteners 35-35 on either side thereof, as illustrated in Figs. 1 to 5 inclusive, to assist in holding the former flatand smooth to prevent bunching.

\Vhen the head covering is in the position just described, the collar is turned down like the ordinary collar and the opening 16 is concealed. The entire garment then presents the appearance of the ordinary coat, and it is no more unattractive or cumbersome than the usual garment of this type, and thehead covering is always handy and cannot be separated from the coat or body art and lost. When the garment is worn and the head covering is needed the collar 12 is turned up and the neck band 11 is fastened about the throat. The wearer can now reach back into the opening 16 and pull forth the head covering, unclasp the fasteners 3535 and draw the said covering forward over the head. Previous to this operation, the eye protector or mask 29 may be turned outward into position to protect the eyes. \Vhen the hood is in posit-ion on the head the extensions 22-22 are drawn downward to cause the said hood to fit snugly about the head and face. The fasteners 23-23 are then snapped or buttoned to the cooperating members 2424 and the wearer is fully protected from cold, snow, or rain.

I have herein described one embodiment of my invention; but it is to be understood that the latter is not essentially limited to the specific details of construction and organization of said embodiment, since the same may be varied without departing from the roper scope of the claims.

C aims:

1. In an article of wearing a parel, in combination, a body covering, a collar there for, an extension of said body covering at the back thereof and overlapping the collar portion and secured thereto at each side of the neck band to provide an opening, a head covering permanently secured to said body covering beneath said extension and adapted to pass through said opening to the intenor of the body covering, and fasteners on the sides of said head covering and neck band for securing one to the other. 7

2.. In an article of wearing apparel, in combination, a body covering having an opening extending from one shoulder seam to the other across the back of said garment, a head covering secured to said body cover ing at one side of said opening and throughout the length thereof with unsecured por- I tions extending beyond said opening, a collar portion on said body covering, and fasteners on said collar portion and said unsecured portion to fasten one to the other.

3.'In an article of wearing apparel, in combination, a body covering having an opening extending from one shoulder seam to the other across the back of said garment, a head covering'secured to said body covering at one side of said opening and throughout the length thereof with unsecured portions extending beyond said opening, a collar portion on said body covering, fasteners on said collar portion and said unsecured portion to fasten one to the other, and a mask on said head covering adapted to fold within the head covering and having openings provided with transparent material to protect the eyes.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification, in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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