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Publication numberUS109836 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 6, 1870
Publication numberUS 109836 A, US 109836A, US-A-109836, US109836 A, US109836A
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Improvement in washing-machines
US 109836 A
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in'ted 'tatee @met @Wire LUKE B. OSGOOD, OF SHELBY, MICHIGAN.

' Letters Patent No. 109,836, dated December 6, 1870.


' The Schedule referred 'te in these Letters Patent and maling part of the same.

A,To all whom it may concern;

Beit known that I, LUKE B. Oseoon, ot' Shelby, conntyof Oceana, in the State ot' Michigan, khave invented an Improvement in Hughs Se Osgoods Tash- Boler, patented March 1, A. D. 1870.

The nature of' my invention consists in dividing vthe shaft of the main vgearing of a washing-boiler in the center, and separating in the saine manner the vdrum or cylinder of the machine into two parts of equal size and In order to enable others skilled in the art to make i and use inyinvention I will proceed to describe the construction of the same, reference being had tothe accompanying drawing, in which- Figure 'l represents a transverse section of my intion, and

Figure 2 represents aperspective view of the. cylinder, showing the, upper part separated from thelovver through the center of said cylinder.

The construction of my invention consists in a washboiler, A, having as an opening the door or lid a; or, when clothes are to be inclosed or removed, the upper half of the boiler is detached from the lower halt' at b 11. v

In'closed by the frame A is a revolving cylinder,- B, in which are placed the clothes.

Inclosed in this cylinder is a. number of balls, c c,

composed of wood or any other non-corrosive substa-nce desired, for the purpose of assisting in the washing process.

The cylinder B is divided intqtwo equal parts, the

line of bisection consequentlyeut-ting in half the shaft ofthe main gearing C, as shown in lig. 2, thus allowing the greatest possible space through which to place the clothes into the cylinder', as also enabling the detachment of the upper halt' of the cylinder without moving or misplacing'the lower half of saine.`

\Vhen in working order the bisceted shaft and cyl- I Vitnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationD06F37/04