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Publication numberUS109874 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 6, 1870
Publication numberUS 109874 A, US 109874A, US-A-109874, US109874 A, US109874A
InventorsImprovement In Treating
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Charles m
US 109874 A
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Letters Patent No. hammered December 6, 1870.


IMPROVEMENT IN TREATING AND RECOVERING THE LIQUIDS USED INSEASONING AND Thesehe dule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same.

'1, CHARLES MAsseY Onnslsozv, M. D., of Pllllar delphia, county of Philadelphia, and State of Pennsylvania, have invented a Mode of Treating and Recorering Liquids Used in Seasoning Wood and Protecting it from Decay, of which the following is a specification.

Nature and Object of the Invention.

My invention consists of a process, too fullydescribed hereafter to need preliminary explanation, whereby the liquids, made use of in seasoning wood maybe recovered and utilized General Description.

The first result of the application of heat to unseasoued timber is to convert the surface moisture into vapor. A portion of this vapor escapes into the surrounding atmosphere, while the remainder passes into the mass of the timber and is condensed, finally reaching the central portions,'if the hcat be continued long enough. i

In this manner the pores in the surface of the. timher are deprived of their liquid contents, and shrink in diameter, while those in the center are engorged with additional moisture and swell, so that the timber the surface of the wood of vapors introduced into the chamber in which the wood was being heated. I have also improved upon the above by showering the oils or other liquids upon the timber, instead. of introducing them in the form of vapor only, which mode of treatment forms the subject of a separate applicationdbr a patent.

My present invention consists of a mode of recovering the greater portion of the liquids used for expelling the moisture from the wood.

By carefully selecting the liquids by means of which the water is to be removed-so that they include only those volatilizing between 250 and 300 Fahrenheit, they can be nearly all driven off and removed from the timber by thus raising the teinperature a sufficient amount only being retained to insure elasticity in the timber. f

To remove the water requires a temperature of 212 Fahrenheit, and I propose to replace the 'latter by a series of ilquids of various volatili 'zing 'points,

those at the surface volatilizing say at 270 Fahrenheit, and those at the center-at 212 Fahrenheit, with a graduated series intervening.

If, after the wood has been impregnated with these liquids, the surface temperature be raised to 27l Fahrenheit, and the center to 213 Fahrenheit, the liquids in the whole mass will necessarily be volatilized, and the expansion of these liquids at the center into vapor will-force out the vapor of those surrounding, so that when the wood is removed from the chamher and cooled it will be found to contain only as much liquid as would be yielded from the vapor occupying its pores. V v

The products of volatilization, as they are removed from the chamber, are to be carried through a condensing apparatus for the recovery of the oilsdriven out from the wood.

Claim The recovery and utilizing, substantially as described, of liquids employed in seasoning timber.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witonAn-nns M. cnnsson, 1vr'.-n.


Witnesses WM.,A. STEEL, J no. 13. Hammer.

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