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Publication numberUS1099680 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 9, 1914
Filing dateJan 7, 1914
Priority dateJan 7, 1914
Publication numberUS 1099680 A, US 1099680A, US-A-1099680, US1099680 A, US1099680A
InventorsEdgar F Weirich
Original AssigneeLouis D Matchette, Edgar F Weirich
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Pneumatic-cleaner controller.
US 1099680 A
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Eatented June 9, 1914J xfiiicl exende to the various floors l LGUIS E. MTCHETTE,

Application filed .enuary 7, 19M. Sem SGySC-l.

To all 'whom 'ii may confiere.

Be it lnon that l, Enom lf". lninieii, o. eiizen of the United States, and resident of Milwaukee, in the wountj of Milwaukee and .State of 'll/Tisconsin, have invened eere-in new sind useful Improvemens in lineuinetic-Cleoneif Contollers; and l do liei'eby declare that the ollowing full, elem; and, exact description llieieof:

. 'invenlon ye' s to vacuum cleaner nppnfetue, iis object :seing to provide ple economical and effective means con f trolling sneh Systems.

lo Vannini cleaning s) Leine of 'ne eiei 'f5/pe to wliieli nay invention ie' tin elee' inoor-driven vuewun produca -eennectil'm ntie a slain A pi*l Gf zu building and is provided et enel;A Hoei' will; ou intake nozzle whereby e eonpii d een nec-tion is made between seid nozzle and the flexible hose of the Cleaner tool. The ieed Wires of the electric inoo'i' are oleo ex endeil through the building' in juieiiwoSi tion to the 'stand-pipe nozzles and are proY vided with o. eii'euiij. make und bref-1l; meeheniein et point Convenient with elnion o the stand-pipe nozzle. The stand-pipe uoz- .Zle is also provided with a removable olosure plug. In practice. it has been found that eftei the tool has been Vdisffonneeted from the stand-pipe nozzle, alle operator5 under ordinary conditions, will close said nozzle by inseiting ille plug. but will 'veil to break the fi'euit by manipulating tl' and lneaf: mechanism o1' oui Hence the oui-reni; to the mote? med verenly supplied and seid motor may L for an' indefinite time et gie-ot expense ani.. inconvenience.

For the purpose of overcoming the above mentioned objeeionnble feel-fue of the oifdlnayy type of mechanism l ee-vide en interchangeable plug Wlneli se es e closure foi lle nozzle and also ,Geri/eef as a, uit closing ineens foie inotor end henee in older to sia-1:- the Vep-y paetus after this common plug line been ieinoved from the nozile the said olii@ inus be inserted as :L key to @lose lieeii'e' and breek mechanism, hereby il 'producer is supplied with power. l opel-eier desies to remove lille lo oleng the Week, ii ie op Y e cennel: be :closed unil 11n-Delega?. rWmncii, on MELWAUKEE, ueoi,

i'iieui closure is inl nozzle und hence by the 1'esaid plug from one position to 'lie emien to Lilie motor is cut will also prevent an has; been serving es eeited in f xnovel of the oher i e e eondiimi Cleaner wos as herereferenee to they and enosequentlyf j iluemee eiegmm View ei'nbodying drawing, l ninunicetes Y omn of a wouuin i reducer being driven meier which of feed Wiree e, 4. The (willed wili one of a series for el'eeing a coupling flexible hose 6 of a cleaner being provided with a of iuule n e-1 nnecion wil tool (3Q ila/1 lwe is adopted to be itted ,Y oi lz sized-odi eneli nog e there olie and mechanieui in liliis eenipii e lion is shown in the ferm egjizinge normally spaced ing conneeed to the feed 'Y riuped by binnen-Wires f Y Lheeplings. Each 1:m snake. anc break with Common plug @rogo-"ing tnei'efrom a diegem lie cleaner u the nozzle end the previously been adjused o lle i eine, Wliefe'oy lle -eene le mecha,- el for' opereien n Closing a stand-pipe nozzle` is supplied Withill) Then hose coupling 7 of the tool is 'reinoved the plug, the plug 9 being utilized as means for closinguthe motor' circuit is removed from its-position and adjusted to the nozzle 5, whereby it forms aclosure therefor and thus, in effecting this closure by removal of `the'plug, the motor-circuit is broken, 'the parts being in the position as shown at the lower portion ofthe Vstandpipe.l Itis apparent that the apparatus so arranged will effect the desired results, there motor-drivenvacuum producer, electric feedwires for the motor; a stand-pipe lprovided with an intakenozzle, and a ncircuit; make .andv break mechanism forthe motor feed .wires located within the field of thenozzle;

the combination of a plug for the intake nozzle having circuit closing means 1n connection therewith, the said -plug serving either asia Aclosure for the nozzle or circuit make and break mechanism.

2.' In a vacuum cleaner system having a motor-driven vacuum producer, electric feedwires forthe motor, a stand-pipe provided with an intake/nozzle, and a sooketed circuit make and break mechanism for the motor feed wires located adjacent to the nozzle; the 'combination of 'an interchangeable plug for thenozzle'having a key in con-v nection therewith, `the plug being adapted to serve either asa closure for the nozzle or socketed circuit make and break mechaui'sm.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand at Milwaukee in the county of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin in the presence of two-witnesses.




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