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Publication numberUS1100170 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 16, 1914
Filing dateDec 23, 1913
Priority dateDec 23, 1913
Publication numberUS 1100170 A, US 1100170A, US-A-1100170, US1100170 A, US1100170A
InventorsPeter C Brosius
Original AssigneePeter C Brosius
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US 1100170 A
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Patented June 16, 1914.

1 .e. %qe

PETER o. mosrus, or cmcaeo, imare.


Specifleaflon of Letter: Patent.

Patented me e, 1914.

Application med December 23, 1918. Serial ne. 808356. e

To all whom it mayco'we-rn Be it known that I, Peres C. Bnosms, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago,'in the County of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cleats; and I do hereby declare he following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art .to which it appertains to make and use ,the


"This invention relates to new and useful improvements in cleats and has for its principal object the provision of a cleat whch is to be used on ralway latforms and in connection with the loading and unloading of cars to hold the run board in place.

Another object of the invention s the pro- ,V vision of a device which will hold the lower edge of the run board and prevent the same from slipping or becoming displaced in any X further object of the inventio'n is the provision of a movable cleat which may be placed at the desired point for use and when advisable may be removed and re laced without involving any great amount o labor or expending much time in the operation.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a device of the above character which will materially assist in running a wheel barrow' or other' transporting device over the edge of the run board asthe cleat is rovided with a beveled end.

ith the above and other objects in view the invention consists'in the novel combinaton and arrangement of parts which will be fully set forth in the following specification and accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a detail perspective View of a portion of the platform and a portion of a car, showing the cleat and run board as they would a pear when in position', Fig. 2 is a longitudnal sectional view of the cleat showing the same on an enlarged scale, to clearly set forth the details, and Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail perspective View of the bot tom of the cleat to elearl set out the teeth by which it is Secured to t e platform.`

Referring now to the drawings by characters of reference the numeral 1 desgnates a railway car standing beside a platform designated generally by the numeral 2.

The usual run board indicated by the numoral 3 is placed on the door sill of the car and is so arranged as to form a gradual inoline over which the loading and unloading trucks or other devices may pase. The cleat which coperates with the lower edge of the run board to hold said board in place is indiated generally by ;the numer-al 4, and is llustrated n detal in Figs. 2 and 8. The cleat above referred to, which is indicated by the .numeral 4, is formed of a suitable body orton 5, which is provided with two sets o angularly projectn spurs 6 and 7,

'which are arranged in paralel relation and formed integral with the body portion near its opposte end. These Spurs preferably 'extend at an angle to a perpendicular taken transversely through the body portion, as clearly illustrated n Fig. 2. The rear end of the body portion 5 is beveled as clearly illustrated at 8 to ermit the wheels of the trucks or other transportng means to more easily ride over the end of the run board 3. The op osite end of body portion 5 is prefera ly recessed on its under side, as at 9, the wall of said recess bein beveled, as clearly shown in Fig. 2 and ths recess is so arrangd as to form theshoulder 10 against which the edge of the run board 3 passes when the device is in use.

It will be clearly seen from the foregoing that when it is desired to make use of the device the car is run along the tracks at the desired point, and the cleat placed' in front of the door of the car and driven firmly in lace. The run board is then placed in position. with the ends thereof abutting the" shoulder 10 on the cleat and it will be appar'ent that owing to ,the beveled wall of the recess the same wll permit of the proper adjustment of the angle at which the run board is placed without interfering with the cleat. It Will then 'be evident that the run board will be held from slipping out of place and the material loaded or nloaded from the car, and the amount of danger accompanying such a process will be minimized.

While in the foregoing I have shown and described the preferred embodiment of the invention it is to be understood that I may make such changes in the arrangement and combination of parts as fall within the scope of the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A device of the character described comprising a body portion, a plurality of Spurs formed on the under side of said body portion, and extending angularly with relation ther'eto, said body portion being beveled comprising a body portion,

at one end and recessed at the other end to form a shoulder, which is adapted to cooperate with the run board of a freight car, whereby the same will be prevented from becoming displaced.

2. A device of the character described said body portion having a recess in one end, said recess forming a shoulder, the opposite end of said body portion being beveled on the opposite side, and a plurality of Spurs formed n the bottom of aid body portion and adapted to enter the woodwork of a, railroad platform when the device is in use.

3. A device of the character described comprising a body portion, said body portion being provided at one end with a recess having one wall thereof extending at an angle to the body portion, and a shoulder formed by the other wall, the opposite end of said body portion being beveled, and a plurality of Spurs extending in parallel relation to each other at each end of the body portion, whereby the same may be attached to a railroad platform when it is in use.

Intestimony whereof I affix in presence of two witnesses.


my signature Witnesses:


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