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Publication numberUS1101346 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 23, 1914
Filing dateJan 22, 1914
Priority dateJan 22, 1914
Publication numberUS 1101346 A, US 1101346A, US-A-1101346, US1101346 A, US1101346A
InventorsOrland V Smith
Original AssigneeOrland V Smith
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Account deposit-book.
US 1101346 A
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APPLICATION ILED N,22.1914. L @1,346. Patentedqune 2Q, 19m.

m mme@ H mwen@ wfg monaco. 'l

specification. i l, `My present inventionpertams toan 11n- Uiurrnn srarus saroo oRLAND v.v SMITH, or tuinman, 'connnc'rronn i J. f aoco'UN'r naposim-neon;

v4To all ywhom ,it may Centern "Be it known` that I, ORLAND'V. Satira, a ,citilz'enlojf theI United States, residing, at llv'llford', in the county of 'New Haven and tate of Connecticut, haveinvented certain new, and -useful,Improvements 1n Account ldeposit-Books,l of'which the following 1s a proved accountgdeposi-t book, the construc-A tion and advantages of WhichgWill'be ,here` .ina'fter'I slet forth, reference being had to t 1e annexed drawings, wherein :y

` Figureylisafperspectiveview ,of the book ivitli lthemuppe'r cover-board turned back, ex-

posing` toview theirst' sheet of the book,y

yandJthe table- ,upon they inner face of the board; Fig. 2 a similarview, the first leatl being turnelfup, ,exposing the second complete sheet; and Eig. 3 a like View, Whereinl two coupons havebeen removed from the book, stub No. l being turned up against the. coverfboard, leaving No. t2 in view, which latter, as will be seen, has been validatediby the V,signature of the, proper bank olificral.

vThe main object of the linvention is. to pro,-` duce a Abookv4 which will lend `itselfv to the ready use .of keeping track of a special account between a banking institution and a particularcustomer, so that the customer or depositor may know at all times the amounts which, have been deposited and likewise such other amount or amounts as may be required to be deposited, from, time to time, in order to full the requirements of the contract entered into with the bank.

A furtlieiyadvant/-age arises from the fact tlmtthe*y system en",bles the bank to readily keep track of thea account by the coupon system', which coupons are removed from the book, from time to time, as the money is paid by the customer.

A still further advantage arises from the employment of a table, so related to the stubs and coupons of the book, that the customer or the banking official may readily determine the amount necessary to be paid for any aggregate number of payment-periods, the corresponding number of stubs vali-A dated, and the 'companiiin coupons removed.

Of late there has come into vogue a special form of savings accounts commonly denominated Christmas accounts or Christmas thriftI clubs, under which a specied numb ber otA payments is made during the caleruim;4

lcommonly thev amount paid in plus the l 4 Specication'of Letters Patent; Fabiani-Qd Jun@ 22%, 191,4., l' duplication mea January 22, ieri. seriall no. fnac/1Q.

year, usually one a Week, and at the end of the speciied period the depositen is entitled to -Withdraw a xed or determinate amount,

agreed interest on such amount. lThe invention is illustrated iin connection With such an account-book, though, of course, it is not limited. thereto. I

Referring to the drawings, l denotes the upper cover-board, having imprinted thereon a table, which in this instance is divided by suitable-'ruling into monthly spaces or periods,v as,y for example, December, 1923, Januaryalllet, and so on, to and including Nonember, 1914, or atotal of t velve mont-lis all told, Within eachmonthly space there appear the conponfnumbers, as l, 2, 3, for the month of December, with the date when thespecitic payment is due, followed yby the speciiic amount payable on such date, and,

in another column, the total amount for the mont-h, as for instance, $3.00, for the month of December. -Headings appear at the top ot' vthe covergabove each column of numbers and dates, to clearly indicate the `inatter falling below-the same. Preferably, the grand total to be' paid and the date of closing the interest becomes payable, also appear, all of which will be clearlyse'en upon an inspection of Fig. l.

rl"he book contains a series of leaves, titty' in all in the 'present instance, each leali coxn`- prising a stub or stub coupon 2, and a detachable sheet'or coupon 3, the parts being readily.detachable on/a 'weakened' line 1: ex-

tending across the sheet. For ithepurpose -ot clearncss in destription, the portion 2 fwillghereiuafter be denominated the stub andB the coupon Each stubv and coupon throughout the book will preferably have thereon a. class indication, as Class B, and each will likewise bear an account number, as Account No. 50023. The *amount to be paid into the bank will likewise appear on each stub and coupon, as well as the serial number of each, the serial numbers running from l to 50 through the bhok. f Said amounts and serial numbers will,v of course,

correspond to the like notations in the table above described,

The stubs will each be provided-With a blank space, as 5, for the reception of the validating stamp or signature of the proper oEcial, see Fig. 3, Whichis placed thereon at `,the `time the payment is made,and the corg.l

zaccount, or -When the total plus theA i nary deposit-slip may be use 1n conjunction therewith and the coupon f' lled away, as under a. card-index System/1n order that the amount need not be entered in any special book'or thelike.

As above intimated, should a party desire to pay,'say, the amount for a month, in advance, he can readily determine the exact sum necessary to complete such payment by referring to the' table hereinbefore men-- tioned, and can see, when the boolis handed back by the -bank oliicial, that the requisite number of coupons have been Withdrawn and the corresponding stubs validated.

While, ofcourse, the book mayk be emplo without the table, such table is of ma rial benefit in makinglzvr tothe depositor exactlywwhat is required-*at*the givenv payment periods, and does away with any question as to the terms agreed upon between the bank and the special depositor.

Having thusv described my invention, what I claim is: i

1. A deposit book, adapted to indicate the amounts paid and to be paid by a depositor or a banks customer, comprising a plurality of sheets, each sheet consisting of a stub and a detachable coupon,l the stubs and, those coupons which remain attached to be held by the depositor until the account is closed, the stubs and coupons throughout the book bearin a common designating mark and being li ewiseserially numbered, and each stub having espace for the reception of a validating signature.

2. A deposit book adapted to indicate the amounts aid and to be paid by a depositor or a ban rs customer, comprising a plurality of sheets, 'each sheet consisting of a stub and a detachable coupon, the stub and those coupons which remain attached to be held by the .epositor until the account is closed, the stubs and coupons throughout the book bear' ing an imprint indicating a -ecifc ,moneyvalue, each stub and .coupon treughout the book likewise bearing a common dgnatin mark and being serially numbered and eac stub having aipace left thereon for the Tecaption. 'of a validating signature, Said Signature being applied to each stub by aV bank oiioial as the 'correspondingjcoupon is detached and retained by said oliicalas a bank record.

8. A deposit book adapted to indicate the amounts paid and to be paid by'l adepositor or a banks customer, comprising@ plurality of sheets, each sheet consisting` @fa stub and adetachable coupon, each stuband coupon bearing an imprint indicating- 'a specific money-value, the stubs and coupons throughout lthe book bearing a common designating mark and likewise being serially nuniliqred, and the stubs having-a space left thellll ilo? the reception of a Validatingsignaturg adapt-A ed to be applied by a bank Voliicial when the corresponding coupon is detached; and Va table bearing serial numbersl corresponding to the serial numbers aforeaai.. and the amount of the money-valu@ upon the 5911i-- two subscribing Witnesses.




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