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Publication numberUS1101730 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1914
Filing dateMar 13, 1913
Priority dateMar 13, 1913
Publication numberUS 1101730 A, US 1101730A, US-A-1101730, US1101730 A, US1101730A
InventorsHarry Lincoln Day
Original AssigneeHarry Lincoln Day
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US 1101730 A
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' H. L.y DAY.`


mmm@ Patentedsum 30, 19,14.


l v WT l X @WWW n il limi-ifi :i 1r. 'ni'iincrln'nsm or sHonnnen-nnw renin.

'Gewinne-Beinen momen,

Specication of Letters Patent.

Peienied inne 3Q.,

.ppicetion le March 13, 1913. Serial No. 753,910.

land my improvement consists in certain supporting means for the cans or Jars containing the materials undergoing preservative treatment; the eineracteristics of my said supporting means including a Wiremesh carrying surface with suspension means comprising pivot-a1 wirefarrns, bent, and with engaging hooks, and adapted to fold together for convenience in packing.

In the drawing: Figure l is a vertical, sectional elevation of a canning boiler, with en internal, foraminous vessel and my improved supporting device. Fig. 2 is s horizontal section on the line 2--2 of Fig. l, 'and Fig'. 3 is e perspective detail of the supporting device.

ln sai, views@ indicates a looiier, supplied with e, clamping cover b, safety vs ve e and thermometer d. Upon the base oi' boiler a are Iugsa which support an internal vessel e which is supplied with' eririces5 es e. There is e clearance between the wels of vessel e' and boiler a: and aise between the bese of vessel e and boiler a.

The'supportingdevice upon which cans or jars, as j, containing vegetebies or other foodmatter to be preserved, may be supported, consist-s' of e disk g of wire mesh, having a reinforced rim g, seid disk being carried by tivo crossed Wires it, which are pivotally connected at their point oi' interM section, as et e'. Seid wires are hem'v up Wardly beyondythe periphery of 'the rmi oi disk g, forming vertical rods Whose upper ends fo-irmed 'with hooks y" By ineens uofthe aforesaid hooks jl the device is en gaged `vide the upper edge of vessel e from which it is thus suspended Within said ves sel. Obviousy :i number of jars muy be carried upon disk e, sind u1so,' obviouslyv e number of cans or jars may be carried upon' the bese o vessel e By reason of the orifices in vessel c and the foraminous character of disk g the fluid or steam employed in the preserving,r operation has free access to all parts of the cans or jars. Owing to the pivotai connection of the Wires lz., said wires may be folded together in compact manner for packing :and portageE when dismounted:

i claim; v

In e canning beiier i) vessei'provided with oriiic. n its wail sind base, n collapsible supporting device com prising a disk of wire mesh with s sti .efrrim7 seid disk' sidelined io cnrry'prese if ing; cans or tile li e) :1 no'. s pair of er( d wires 'J s. )ambie support im' said seid w being 'pivotellif' nested et iier .fi intersection, mi sem wires bein i extending the ends f yirsefemte ce of tivo'snl meer ne si ined scri bi ng 'ing :m internal

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U.S. Classification99/359, 99/449
Cooperative ClassificationA23L3/10