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Publication numberUS1103203 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 14, 1914
Filing dateFeb 24, 1914
Priority dateFeb 24, 1914
Publication numberUS 1103203 A, US 1103203A, US-A-1103203, US1103203 A, US1103203A
InventorsFrank O Hoagland
Original AssigneeUnion Metallic Cartridge Company
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US 1103203 A
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1, 1 63,263. Patented July 14, 1914.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July 14, 1914:.

Application filed February 24, 1914. Serial No. 820,620.

T 0 all whom it may concern chamber back of the place where erosion Be it known that I, FRANK O. HOAGLAND, ordinarily takes place. a citizen of the United States, residing at In the accompanying drawing forming Bridgeport, county of Fairfield, State of part of this specification, Figure 1 is a View Connecticut, have invented an Improvement partly in elevation and partly in section showin Cartridge-Shells, of which the following ing the rear end of a rifle barrel with a caris a ifi ti tr dge therein; Fig. 2 a section of the;car-

This invention has for its object to protridge shell on the line indicated by 2 in duce a rim fire cartridge shell so oonstruct- 1, looking in the direction of the arrow; ed as to provide an eflicient gas check with- F g. 3 a view similar to Fig. 1 after the carout elongation of the shell and without extridge has been fired, showing the weakpansion of the mouth of the shell. It is of ened portion of the shell expanded against course well understood that all properly the wall of the chamber back of an erosion constructed cartridge shells are adapted to therein, and Figs. 4 and 5 are elevations of be expanded in the chamber of the gun, by cartridge shells illustrating slightly variant the pressure generated at the instant of the modes in which I havecarried the invention explosion, sufliciently to prevent the gases into effect. of the explosion from escaping rearwardly. 1O denotes a rifle barrel, 11 the bore, 12 Heretofore so far as I am aware, this gas the ch mb r and 13 my novel cartridge check has een produced by expansion of shell. the mouth of the shell against the chamber The essential feature of the invention is of the gun. It is furthermore well underthe ring or rings made expansible by stood that unless guns are properly cared stretchlng and weakening the metal on opfor, and sometimes in spite of care, erosion posite sides thereof, the effect of which is, of the wall of the chamber takes place near when a cartridge embodying the invention the mouth of the shell where the gases of the is fired to cause the ring to be forced into explosion escape into the chamber. This is contact with the wall of the chamber. especially likely to take place in shooting 201nd1cateswhere an erosion of'the cham galleries, where the guns are not always ber has taken place through the escape of well cared for, and results in the mouths of gases at the mouths of shells. This the shells being expanded into the eroded eroslon is greatest contiguous to the portion of the chamber and locked there so o h f h hell and X ends backthat they can only be extracted with great ward and forward from the location of difliculty. Furthermore, the gas check is themouth of the shell but does not ordinot effective owing to irregularities in the narlly extend backwardv more than a third wall of the chamber so that in some cases of the length of the shell, leaving the rear the hot gases of the explosion will blow back portion of the wall of the chamber in good into the face of the shooter. These objeccondition, so that the engagement therewith tions I wholly overcome and produce shells of the expanding ring will provide an efliwhich provide an effective check against the cient gas check, and obviate all danger from rearward escape of gases, which will not the rearward escape of gases. The stretchstick in the chambers of guns and in which ing of the wall of the shell may be effected danger of the shells cracking, by stretching in any sultable manner, as by forming and thus weakening the metal near the head, grooves, corrugations or other depressions is eliminated. These results I effect by prothereln. viding near the heads of the shells a plu- In the form illustrated in Flgs. l, 2 and 3, rality of series of depressions which stretch I have shown a cartrldge shell 1n which the and thus weaken the metal thereof, leaving desired result is effected by the formation in however, between contiguous series of dethe head end of the shell of two contiguous pressions, expanding rings which, as the series of elongated grooves, ndicated by 14, metal on each side is weakened by stretchhavlng between them a rlng 15 of uning, are expanded by the explosion and stretched metal which is made expansible by forced into contact with the wall of the the stretching of the metal on opposite sides I thereof, so that when the explosion takes place the'ring is expanded and forced outward into contact with the wall of the chamber'baok of the eroded portion, if there has been any erosion. As the stretched portions of the shell contiguous to the ring yield much more readily mouth of the shell, it follows that the mouth of the shell will not be stretched at all, while at the same time an efficient gas check is provided near the head of the shell and easy extract on of the s e i s The form illustrated in Fig. 4 differs in" that I have shown three series of grooves or depressions, indicated by 16, which are placed in staggered relation, the ends lapp'in'g past each other, and leaving a sinuous expanding ring 17 between the ends of contlguous series of grooves. These sinuous rings of the metal of the shell, While not themselves stretched, are weakened by the stretching of contiguous metal on both sides,

. so that they will act in the same manner as the expanding ring in the other form and be forced against the wall of the chamber when the explosion takes place and form an eflicient gas check and insure easy extraction of the shell. g V

The form illustrated in Fig. 5 differs in fihat instead of series of elongated grooves, I

have provided a plurality of series of round depressions, indicated by 18, leaving sinuous Y expanding rings 19 of unstretched metal between them. .The operation of my novel cartridge shell when the explosion takes place will be read ily understood from Fig, 2 in connection Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents by addressing the than does the unstretched with the description already givenQ The' i ring or rings are expanded into contact with the Wall of the chamber back of the eroded I portion, if there has been erosiomand thus provide an efficient extraction of the shell.

claim a r 1. A cartridge shell having its rear it por- Having thus described my invention I gas check'and insure easy tlon forward ofthe head weakened by means:

of series of depressions therein, leaving an' expanding ring between the series of depressions, substantially purpose specified.

2." A the rear as described, for the the stretched portions.

cartridge shell having the metal of l portionthereof forwardof the head stretched by forming series of depressions" therein, leaving an expan'ding ring between 3. A cartridge shell having the metal thereof stretched by formingjseries; of 5 grooves therein inthe direction of its length,

leaving an expanding ring betweenthe serie of grooves.

thereof stretched. series f grooves its length, said series of grooves being placed 1 4. A cartridge shell having the. metal 1n staggered relation with their contiguous v y form n a pluralityof therein in the direotiontof ends overlapping, leavingsinuous expanding I rings between the series'of depressions. In testimony whereof Iafiix in presence of two witnesses. i FRANK O. HOAGLAND." Witnesses: v


Commissioner of Patents.

Washington, D. G.

my e ilre I I

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