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Publication numberUS1104310 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 21, 1914
Filing dateMay 9, 1913
Priority dateMay 9, 1913
Publication numberUS 1104310 A, US 1104310A, US-A-1104310, US1104310 A, US1104310A
InventorsHerbert Lee Price
Original AssigneeHerbert Lee Price
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Collection-draft, &c., sheet.
US 1104310 A
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APPLICATION FILE@ HAY 911913. 1,164,310. Patented July 21,1914.


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Application led )Lay 9, 1913. Serial No. 766,514.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July 21, 1914.-

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, HERBERT L. PRICE,

residing at Baltimore city, State of Mary-- vide a sheet of related forms including a col vlection draft a letter of' advice to attorney and a letter otV instructions to bank attached thereto, the letter of instructions to bank being adapted to advise the bank as to the course it should pursue in the event that the draft is not paid when presented, while the letter of advice to attorney is designed to instruct the attorney as to the course to pursue when the bank turns over'thel draft to the attorney for collection; the sheet also contains aform bonding notice that is directed to the bonding companyand is de-` signed to. advise such company when the draft is not paid and is handed by the bank to the attorney; the sheet also contains a stub form on which retained data Y and in place of the letter of instructions to bank there is contained in relatively the same location, a draft notice directed to the debtor, the draft notice, the copy of the draft and the copy of the letter of advice to attorney being designed for transmittal to the debtor at the time the draft is forwarded tothe bank; the second sheet also contains a copy of the draft notice; this form also containing in place of the headingof the original draft n0- tice, instructions regarding the sending of the copy to the bonding company for indorsement by them and return as a receipt; the second 'sheet also has a space corres onding to the stub of the original sheet. the forms of the original and second sheet contain suitably located filling in spaces,

in which Writing is vadapted to be made to respond exactly in location and are adapted to receive the same written matter as are ll of.

`those of the original sheet,thus b placing a carbon paper between the origina and second sheet, the entries made on the original sheet forms will be manifolded or trans. tferred yto the second sheet forms and both setts of forms will be simultaneously filled :50u

l In order tofacilitatematters, each of the sheets (the original and second sheet) are provided with correspondingly located division or separation spaces to separate the sheet linto two vertical sections, the original sheet also having a dividing space or line at which the instruction to bank is adapted; to be detached from the letter of advice to attorfney andthe draft before sending the latter to the attorney. The other section of the loriginal sheetr-is also provided with a de- @taching'space or line whereby the bonding notice can be separated from the' stub,*while -the second sheet is provided with a. separat- -ing space or line, by means of which theentire sheet can be removed from vthe book.`

The primary vobject of the invention is to provide a set of originaland second or transi fer sheets with their filling in blanks or spaces so arranged'that the single actl of Y writing in on the original sheet will, by the interposition of a carbon sheet, serve to transfer the entry to the filling in spaces of the second'sheet, certain of the lsecond sheet forms being duplicates of the correspondingly located original sheet forms, while othl ers of the second sheet forms are necessarily duplicates of the correspondingly located original sheet forms only in their lling in spaces or blanks, thus reducing the laborv necessary in filling inv the required data on both the original and second sheetl forms.

More subordinately, the invention includes those novel features of construction, arrangement of forms and coperation between the same, as will be rst fully de. scribed and then be specifically pointed out in the appended claim, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1, is a perspective view of a book of forms embodying the invention. Fig. 2vis a plan'view of the original entry sheet. Fig. 3 is a plan view of the second or transferv entry sheet. Fig. 4 is a reverse plan view of the original entry sheet. v

In the drawings, A designates the original entrysheet and B the second or transfer entry sheet. Y

Referring more particularly to Fig. 2 of y name and address of the holder of the bond gli@ the draivings, it Will be noticed that the original entry sheet contains in Vertical order a letter of instructions to bank 1, a letter of advice to attorney 2,*and a draft 3, a

bonding notice 4; and a stub 29'.

The form 1 contains blank spaces 5 .in which the name and address of the debtor may be Written. lt also contains' a blank space 6 for the name or names and address of the holder of the bond of the bonding company. The instructions to bank form 1 also includes a space 7 in which the amount involvedvmay be inserted. t

The letter of instructions tol attorney form includes blank spaces 8 for the name and address of the attorney and blank spaces 9 for the name and address of the holder of l the bond of the bonding company.

The letter of instructions to bank is-in the ,form of a printed letter informing the bank ofthe course to pursue in the event that the draf is paid, and also informing them as to What course to take in the event that the draft is not paid.

The letter of advice to attorney is in the form of a printed vletter telling the attorney what action to take when the bank turns the draft over to him.

The draft form 3 is in the usual form, and contains the usual blanks 10 for the amount vinvolved in. figures', the blank 11A draft ispayable, the blank 13 for thepinsertion ofthe name of' the-bank at which it is payable, the blank 1,14 for the insertion of the place of business of the bank, the

blank 15 for the insertion of the AWritten amount involved,the blank 16 for the name and address of the bond holder and the- Y or blanks 18 for the debtors name, 19 for the amount involved, 20 for the name of the attorney, 21 for the address of the .at-

torney, 22 for the date on Which'the matterv was turned over to the attorney, 23'for the and 24`for the date onwhich the notice is sent to the bonding company. v p

The stub may contain any desired form data in AWhich a memorandum of the transactions may beentered.

t l.'lihe forms of thesecond sheet correspond in location to those of the first or original sheet and corresponding filling in spaces on the second sheet are numbered on the drawin with the same numbering as the origina sheet plusA the index letter -a,`

thus the draft notice corresponding in location to the instructions to bank is numbered l, the copy of the letter of advice aioasio to attorney 2a, the copy of the draft 3a,

i lling in spaces of the various forms are 4 also numbered to correspond With the original sheet plus the index letter (1.

A The draft notice form, it will be observed, corresponds to the instructions to bank .form only in the purpose and location of the lling in `space a-Gaa. -The printed matter on -the draft notice form is a letter notifying the debtor that a draft has been made ,on himnvvith 'instructions to the bank to hand the same, if unpaid, to the attorney, the Acopy of the letter of advice'to attorney and the copy of the draft being a true copy ofthe originals. l v

The original and second sheets each have a vertical separating space or tearing line 946-26, by means of which the sheet may be separated into two vertical parts, one, of

which (the original sheet section) is sent to the bank when filled in, While the other, (the second sheet section) is mailed at the same time to' the debtor.

Inthe event that the bank notities the bondholder that the draft has not been paid, and that the same has been turned over to the attorney, the bond holder'then fills in the notice to the bonding company on the original sheet, tearing it out along the tear-v ing space or .line 27--28y and sending it to- A gether lWith the second sheet` copy 4 (which isA adapted to be detached alonglthe detaching line 28a) `to the bonding company. The 'bondlng company then indors'es the second sheet form 4a andv returns .it to the bond 'holder as a receipt.

-From the foregoing it will be seen that the forms aord a convenient means of transacting business and of making the necessary entries or lling in necessary blank spaces with the least possible eHort on behalf of the user (the holder of the bond).

From the foregoing taken in connection with the drawings, the`construction, uses and advantages of the invention will be clear to those skilled in the art.

An original entry sheet having a main dividing portion at which the sheet may be separated into two sections,reach of said sections havingA al plurality 'of printed forms, each section' having a" dividinlg'portion at whichv one of the forms of a sheet section may be separated from the remainder, combined with a secondror'transfer entry Asheet having a dividing portion corresponding in relation and location to that'of the original `sheet at which said second sheet may be direspondingy sections of the original sheet, certain of said forms of the second sheet being duplicates of those of corresponding location 1n the original sheet and at least one of said second sheet section forms being of a di'erent nature than the one of corresponding location onthe original sheet, said forms of the original and second sheets having correspondingly located filling. in spaces 10 whereby the entries on the original sheet may be' transferred yl) manifolding to the second sheet to simu taneously ll in the spaces of the second sheet-forms as the corresponding spaees of the original sheet forms are filled in.`


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