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Publication numberUS1104330 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 21, 1914
Filing dateJan 26, 1914
Priority dateJan 26, 1914
Publication numberUS 1104330 A, US 1104330A, US-A-1104330, US1104330 A, US1104330A
InventorsCharles H Townsend
Original AssigneeCharles H Townsend
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Concentrating lamp-shade.
US 1104330 A
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1,104,330. Pat nted July 21, 1914,

16 Fig. :3


Patented July 21, 1914.

Lififi fi.

-. 2P; 1%. smgnz. T 425 J 13 a r it 'ent front through which the light Be it Known throw,

SEND, a. citizen kbbints em I: a lamp, and 2 is a rei to the fixed rim of the lamp by bolts,

lamps a i hinge; ebme shown T he reflector and bracket ing at iE-erkele} g hood, whe is preferably made of 5 and fitete of C i we ii'ii'entedi Z a .rral. term at the front, as at 3, and useful l znpro err eentra. have a semi-cylindrical rim, as at 4. Lazup-8hades, if ah I suitably supported by a bracket specification. g e-surrounded posts 6 which pass My inven" iaiproveiew i 7 bracket; the sleeves serving to 1a which are intent fer us i 5 i l where between the bracket and the l'gflegtj ng lamps) 5 those of loeo': ei at the reflector, and the posts passing ti es, amomobiles and throi said rim and being secured by nuts generally Where pew g or equivalent fastenings. The rear portion in one direction by n f F the bracket has one portion of a hinge, 15 in We at 7, the remaining portion being so to re ade tnrnahle about the hinge and M; is he may be dropped down position, in which the light out by the reflector from the lower go the an and n g part or the lamp front will be distributed in It com; 7 i 1 al way along the line of the road 1n iel'iti raiei g *3. nt That portion which is thrown upward will be reflected by the interior of the about ev rota roniral, rei'ieetor 2 and will be thrown downor P311 m l and tor-ward, no rays being allowed oonetruetion to we pe upwardly and be dispersed into whieh will rem-1, in; ref the atmosphere where they would be of no 80 erenee to the a y 11 e and would blind the driver or others ap- Which-- pr, ing from the opposite direction. In lordr to open this reflector, if desired, I

1. own an arm 11 fixed to the bracket .ad it may be provided with a cord, wire ther athehnient by which the reflector "a W11 iipw-wrdl y at right angles to m vn, thus exposing the Whole 1 r i the lamp, i I ill be understood that under certain one and for economy the device may mm 3, shown in Fig. 2, so as to ifil'll'itllilll in position.

t retain the reflector in either we a suflieiently strong 'ien sufficient to hold the when it is thrown up- .nt to prevent the refiec vitation when it is mg ieattaehed to an arm ends haclnvardly from the hinge e the lamp rim, and the rear end of A p; mounted upon a roller 10, turn- I X on erank arm, thus allowing, the in the preeent eprin g, the front end of which is attached to shown the front portion 0, e lamp, r4 the reflector, to assume a point below the ing the nsnai or an eniiebie reiiett' eranlzarm and enabling it to pull the reflec- For use i a po wer F113 V tor into its dropped position, or, when turned upwardly,the pull will be behind the hinge and arm, thus acting to hold thereflet-tor open. By this construction I am enabled to etficiently control the direction of the light. and to greatly improve its power as well as tovshield the eyes of the driver or of other persons meeting the car.

I laring thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. The combination with a reflecting and like lamp, of a segmental rim concentric with the axis of the lamp, a conical reflector converging forwardly therefrom, a hinge, one leaf of which is fixed to the top and front of the lamp frame, the other member turnable thereon and extending forwardly, sleeves extending between said member and the top of the reflector rim, and bolts extending through said sleeves to se cure the reflector to the hinge.

2. A reflecting lamp of the character described, a semicircular rim concentric with the axis of the lamp, a convergent reflecting surface extending from said rim, a hinge, one member of which is secured to the top of the lamp and the other member to the rim of the reflector, an arm fixed to said latter member and capable of movement to raise or lower the reflector about the hinge, and a spring having one end fixed to the front of the reflector rim and the other at a point so related to the hinge axis that it will exert a pull to hold the reflector either open or closed.

3; The combination with a reflector of the character described, of a concentric semicircular rim having a semicircular, semiconical reflecting segment extending forwardly therefrom, a horizontal hinge, one member of which is secured to the front of the lamp and the other to the reflector rim, an arm by which the reflector may be turnably moved about the hinge-to open or close it, a crank arm extending out of line with the axis of the hinge, and a roller turnable upon the outer end of said arm, and a spring having one end connected with said turnable rollcr and the other to the front of the lamp rim and capable of exerting a pull to retain the reflector either open or closed.

4. In combination with a reflecting lamp,

a supplemental reflector hinged thereto, an

eccentric member connected to the hinge pintle, and a spring connected to said member and the supplemental reflector whereby the latter is positively held by the spring in either operative or inoperative position.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.



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