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Publication numberUS110434 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 27, 1870
Publication numberUS 110434 A, US 110434A, US-A-110434, US110434 A, US110434A
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Improvement in umbrella-holders
US 110434 A
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PATE'NTED DEC 27 `187A() a 'uwy f III I A A Wfl-265565: [ralf/cruzar:


Letters Patent No. 110,434, dated December 27, 1870.


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making pari: of the same.

l', ALMON CLARKE, of Sheboygan Falls, county of Sheboygan and State of Wisconsin, have invented the new and improved Adjustable Umbrella-Holder of which the following is a specification.

The rst part of my invention relates to a new mode of holding umbrellas so that they can be sel cured at any desired altitude or angle, or in any dcsired direction.

The second'part of my invention relates to the construction of an improved umbrella-holder and the combination of parts, as herein particularly set forth and described.

In the drawing-k Figure 1 is a side elevation of my improved adjustable umbrella-holder.

Figure 2 shows the double hearing D, on a larger scale.

Figures 3, 4, and 5 are modifications.

A represents a socket, which may he attached to the i'loor of a carriage, or to any other suitable place or object.

l is a bearing, to be secured to any suitable object, as a carriage-seat, in a vert-ical`line above A. it carries set-screws, a, for the purpose of securing the upright shaft C, which rests in the socket A and extends any desired distance above and through the bearing B, and has secured upon its upper end by means of pin c, or otherwise, the double hearing D.

The double bearing D is composed of two parts or disks with suitable sockets oi-tubes for securing thc same to the upright shaft C and umbrella-stai` S, respectively'.

The disks are united at their Centers by a pin,

upon which is loosely placed the washer d, to permit the disks to rotate.

Set-screw E, working in slot e, fig. 2, secures the "disks in any relative position to each other desired.

l'he statt' of the umbrella is placed in the tubes F and lf", and held securely by set-screw f.

lt is obvious that the umbrella may be placed and held at any desired altitude by adjusting the staff upward or downward in the tubes.

The socket a is secured to the door of the earriage, andthe ring ll to the front of the seat, in a Vertical line above rl.

A hard-wood staff, of sullieient length to extend from the lloor of the carriage about one foot above` the seal, passes through the ring l and rests in the socket a.

L'pon the upper end of this :stall thesockct C is firmly si cured.

'l'he s ill or handle of the umbrella passes-through tlze clasp-ring l) and the ringr 1C.

The umbrella can be raised or lowered, as desired, and securely held by means of the set-screw, which regulates the diameter of the clasp-ring D.

This is superior to the old apparatus, from the fact that the screw cannot be worked loose, as in the old, by the shaking motion of the umbrella-staff.

The disks F F are bolted together by a centerbolt, the head of which is square and rests in a coun-v tersink. l

A nut working upon 'the other end of the bolt regulates the pressure 0f the two disks.

lhe surfaces of the disks coming in contact with each other are made slightly concave, so that the pressure will be toward the circumference instead of at the center of the disks.

This constitutes an adjustable hearing, by means of which the umbrella can he held at any desired angle; and it can he adjusted to any .point of compass by turning the staff in the ring B and socket a, and securing it by means of the set-screw in the ring The operation of the umbrella-holder is as follows The shaft O rotates in the socket A and bearing B, carrying with it the double hearing D, by which the umbrella-staff is secured, as before described,

and adjusted at any desired angle, by means of the rotating disks and set-screw E.

When it is desired to secure the umbrella in any particular position, direction, or point of compass, and to' prevent the rotation of the shaft C, let the set-screw a be tightened.

It will be seen that this invention presents a simple, convenient, and secure means for holding umbrellas; and A What I claim as new, and for which I desire to secure Letters Patent, is-

l. The method of holding an umbrella so that it can be adjusted and secured at any desired altitude o1' angle, and in any direct-ion.

2. The double bearing D, constructed and operated as described, and for the purpose specified.

3, lhe combination ofthc shaft C with the socket- A, bearingr B, and double bearing D, as described, and for thc purpose specified.

4. The improved umbrella-holder, constructed, arranged, operated, and operating as specified.



E. I. RuvA-rvr, l5. J. Suaw.

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Cooperative ClassificationA01K97/10