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Publication numberUS1104463 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 21, 1914
Publication numberUS 1104463 A, US 1104463A, US-A-1104463, US1104463 A, US1104463A
InventorsEdward H Wuest
Original AssigneeEdward H Wuest
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US 1104463 A
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@musea July 2mm.

@LVM/weones .line o o of Fig. 2.

' *sfr rar newline n. eener erster-mmm, anni.

' Hermens.

` pfecicatien. et mettere lf'atent. Application @led ctober', 1212. lerllal ilo. 7%,7695


Patentes .rai-y sa.

Another object is to provide an improved manner of folding and securing the bag-in folded position.

Another object is to providean extensible handle to serve either as a shoulder strap or support for the bag or as a short multiple strand handle.

My invent-ion also comprises certain clecombination and arrangement,

tails ol -form,

all of which Will be fully set forth in the description ofthe accompanying* drawings in which: -x

Figure l is a front elevation ot my improved bag 4in the unfolded position with flap closed, and short handle.' Fig. 2 is a front elevation with the flap lifted and handle extended. Fig. Sis a vertical section on Figl (l is a rear elevation of Fig. 1. F ig. 5 is a front-elevation of the bag;r inl folded position with; the flap closed. Fig. 6 is a view similar toFig. 2 illustrating,l a modification. Fig 7 is a front elevation of the modilication of Fig. 6 in folded position.

The accompanying l drawings represent rthe preferred embodiments of my invention.

As illustrated in Figs. 1 to 5, A represents the body of a bag preferably of rectangular outline. Il representenJ flap to fold over and close the bag opening, andis preferably formed integral with the body of the bag. Au inside pocket 2 is preferably formed near lthe mouth of ,the bag to separately hold smaller articles. 2 represents a line of stitches at the bottom ot pocket 2. In lthe unfolded position Figs. 1 2, 3, and 'l the bag is in position to hold large objects, and to be filled toits full capacity.

vWhere only small books or light articles are to be carried or the bag is to be carried empty, the bag is preferably 4folded horizontally on line 3 near its middle and the two lower cornered and 5 folded inwardly bag attached to one side el" the "bag near its` mouth. ln order to attach the varions parts o `the bag together where deslred, various connecting means maybe employed. l preferably Iemployball and socket connecting members such as commonly employed on gloves andearriage curtams, one member comprising a' bali wtli means to permanently attach it to the goods;`

and the other comprising a hollerT button on lines@ and @and the lower edge et or socket with means to! attach it to the goods.v In order to attacllthe folded lower, end of the bag,r to the upper portion, l prt)` vide a ball member 8 near the month of the bar; and a socket member 9 at the lower end ot the bag to engage member 8. The lewe end of the bag also carries a ballmembri 1Q to be engaged by a. socket. member 11 een ried centrally by the ap, thereby securing`v a double and central connection to ltoldthef "lill folded end of the bag in position. Thepf overlaps the folded end of the bag; and car# ries two socket members l2 to engage ball members 14 near the mout h of the bag;

illustrated in Fig/Lehe flapA is held in place' by members 12 and 14 while as illustrated in Fig. '5, it is held and 14' and also by members 10 and 11.

The handle or strap D is permanently at tached at opposite the bag by means members 15, and

of rivets or connecting 1G, and is of sulicient length so as to support the bag by resting. the strap over the shoulder of the user. The strap is provided with two or more Socket connecting members 13, 19, and correspond.

ing ball members 20, 2l which enable the strap to be folded upon 'itself and the leo is secured together tofform a short hand e of several strands as illustrated in 1, 4, and 5. The several strands form a, hand grip more readily and conveniently grasped than a single strand. ln Fig. 2 the strap is shown in4 extended position to be used as a shoulderstre'p.

ln the modification Figs. 6 and T, the bag; fi. designed to be upon the line 30 and the lower edge oatV the bag is provided withsocket members-ttl,

ends to the rear face et".A

folded horizcntalljyfr`4 in place by members 12 ice to engage ball members $2 near-themeirtlt,1y

of the bag, while the ilapis provided str-.het members 3e to en members 32 or ball mem ers 3G, carried 'by the lower end of the bag.

The article herein illustrated and wien age' either the bztll.-y

scribed is capable of considerable modification without departing from the principle of my invention.

Having described my invention What I claim is:

1,. A hand-bag of flexible material open at the top and versely upon itself, a flap to fold over and cover the bag opening, a fastening member on the front of the bag near the top thereof, a fastening member on the back of the bag near the bottom thereof, and a fastening member on said flap t o ooperate With the fastening member oi1`the front of the bag when in unfolded position andvwith the fastening member on the back'of the beg when in folded position.

2. la hand bag 4of flexible material open at tl'ie top and adapted to be folded transada'pted to be folded trans-v vei'sely upon itself, a ap to fold over and cover the bag opening,` fastening members near the top and bottom of the front of the bag adapted -to cooperate With each other to secure the bag in folded position, fasten# '25 eof, and fastening members ing members on the back of the bag near the bottom ther on said flap adapted to coperate with the fasteningmernbers on the front of the bag .near the top When'the bag is in unfolded position. and with the fastening members on the back of the bag when in folded position.


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