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Publication numberUS110594 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 27, 1870
Publication numberUS 110594 A, US 110594A, US-A-110594, US110594 A, US110594A
InventorsWilliam Selfe
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Improvement in tobacco-pipes
US 110594 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 110,594, dated December 27, 1870.

bodying a water-chamber for purifying the smoke before it is permitted to pass into the exit-tube; and consists, first, in the peculiar construction of the tobacco-bowl and its connections with the water-chamber, by which the oil is separated and deposited in a recep taele for the same before the smoke is passed into the water-chamber; second, in the provision of an exterior casing aroimd the bowl, which incloses a chamber through which air is permitted to circulate, for the purpose of keeping the bowl cool and also cooling the smoke; third, in the peculiar provision and arrangement of changeable cocks or faucets in the smoke-passages, by which the smoker is enabled to clear out his pipe when choked, by blowing the tobacco loose at the bottom of the bowl, without disturbing the water.

Referring to the accompanying drawing, Figure l is a perspective view of my improved smoking-pipe, and Fig. 2 a vertical section. Fig. 3 represents a detachable fastening for the pipe-stem. Fig. 4 is a modication of the construction of the bowl.

A is the chamber for the reception ofthe sage of cold air through thechamber D serves to keep the casing C cool enough to handle, and also cools the pipes through which the smoke ascends.

A diaphragm, E, across the casing C separates the air chamber from a chamber, F, in the bottom of the casing designed for the collection of oil, which, as the smoke passes through the chamber, is deposited in the cap G, which contains a sponge, H, for retaining the oil until it can be cleaned out. 'In the construction of the bowl shown in Fig. 4, passages I are prowdded for the collection and removal of ashes which fall through the bottom B, and the air for the chamber I) is admitted through pipes J.

The smoke escapes from the bowl by way of ascending pipes K, attached inside the casing C, and diving-pipes L, which unite and pass into the water-vessel M in the manner shown. Y

The smoke-pipe N descends to near the bot- .tom of the .water-vessel, and thus the smoke,

in escaping, is compelled to pass through a body of water. The outlet for the smoke made by pipe O and stem P.

The water-vessel M is made in two parts,

,for convenience of filling, and the lower half is tted with a sponge, Q, which rests upon a wire frame, R, and serves to prevent the bubbling noisel which results when air. or smoke escapes from the surface of water.

The smoke, in passing through the water, is not only robbed of injurious impurities, but

is cooled' to a great degree, and the necessity of a long stem is thus avoided.

A short pipe, S, connects the stem P and pipe O with the pipe N, above the faucet or cock T, and a two-way cock, U, is located in@` the junctions of pipes S P O.

When the cocks are turned in the direction l. In the described connection with the bowl A and water-chamber M, the chamber F G I'I, pipes K L N, and suitable smoking-stem P, as described, and for the purpose specified.

2. The exterior `circulating chamber C lb 1)', for wir, in the described relation to the elements of the preceding clause, its described, and for the purpose specified.

3. In combination with the elements of the first clause of claim, the cock T and two-Way cook U, :is described, and for the `purpose speeiied.

In testimony 0f which invention I hereunto Aset my han-dv.



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Cooperative ClassificationA24F1/30