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Publication numberUS1106005 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1914
Filing dateMar 30, 1914
Priority dateMar 30, 1914
Publication numberUS 1106005 A, US 1106005A, US-A-1106005, US1106005 A, US1106005A
InventorsCharles W Shevlin
Original AssigneeCharles W Shevlin
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US 1106005 A
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l Specification `0I! Letters Patent.

\ lApplnmtion led September 3, 1912, Serial No. 718,175. Renewed March 30, 1914. Serial No. 828,389.

Toad whom it mag/UOnGeM:

Be it known that I, CHARLES W. SHEvLIN, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Chicago, inthe county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented a new and useful Container, of which the' following' other commodities.

It is well known that the impregnation-N of the materials from which packages are made involves divers problems, and that when they are impregnated with certain mal terial, such as paraffin, the strength and rigidity of the material of which the package is made is materially decreased. The presence also of the impregnating material sometimes interferes with the use to which the container is to be put, for instance, a container which is impregnated with parafiin easily accumulates dust, and, therefore,

` paper or is unsuitable for containing commodities which are to be exhibited for sale on the shelves of a store.

, My present invention has for its objects the provision of a container which will embody the advantages to be derived from impregnating the material of the same and Will avold the weakening which is usually incident to impregnation, and which can be more economically manufactured.

I attain thel above objects by the structure illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:--

lFigure 1 is a` central section through a completed container; Fig. 2 is a perspective of the outer casingof the container temporarily held in shape by staples; Fig. 'is a .view similar to Fig. 2 in ywhich the oii'ter container is temporarily held by stitching; and Fig. 4 is a roll of impregnated liner for my package rolled up ready to be inserted in the outer casing.

Similar reference numerals designate similar parts in the several views.

The reference` numeral 1 .designates an outer casing which is preferably made of aper Fboard from a blank formed into a cylinder the meeting edges of which are-secured together by either wire staples 2,'as shown in Fig. 2, or by arow of stitching 3, as shown in Fig. 3. f A suitable piece of lining paper, 4;, is next provided. This is` impregnated with paraffin, or glue or cementitious impregnating material suitable for the use to which-the package is to be put, which will cause the meeting surfaces of the lining to adhere together and the sides of the entire linin to adhere` closely tothe casing. The lining, after it has been impregnated, is then rolled u and inserted into the outer casing when, y reason of its own elasticity, it willtend to expand and contact with the wallsv of the outer casing. This tendency, however, should be supplemeiited by a suitable former which will se- .cure a uniform and perfect contact between the liner 4 and the casing 1. When paraffin is used `for impregnating, the container" should be heated after the liner is in position within and in contact with the outer casing so that the paratlin will be melted and the liner and outer casing will be caused to adhere by reason of the thin film of paraffin formed by the heat between the lining and the outer casing. When glue is used the container must be dried after the lining is in position. l

A closure for the bottom is next provided comprising the disk 5, to fill the bore of the casing, with the right angle flange 6 to contact with the wall thereof. A similar shaped piece having the center removed therefrom so as to provide a flange 7 to Contact with the walls and-an inwardly extending ridge 8, is provided for the other end so that a disk 10 may be inserted therein to form a closure for the package.

Patented AugA, 1914.

It will be seen that by this structure the outer casing of the container may be only slightly if at all impregnatedJ while at the same time, by reason of the impregnation of thelining, all the advantages of a package of` impregnated material are secured, that is, the package may be rendered dust proof, water proof, dampness proof,

ywhile at the` same tlme the outside thereof will retain its original strength and be suitable for any purpose for which a container` .homogeneously infused and impregnated with paraffin wax, said lining being within said' casing and contacting therewith and adhering thereto throughout its entire eX- tent. f

2. A container comprising an outer casing of paper or paper board, and a fibrous 1ining the ber of which is completely and homogeneously infused i and impregnated 'with paran Wax, 'said lining being within said casing and contacting therewith and adhering thereto throughout its entire eX- tent, and a closure for the bottom thereof comprising a disk having an annular right angle flange adapted to assemble with the H. B. BETTIE, BENJ. T. RooDHoUsE.

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Cooperative ClassificationB65D3/10