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Publication numberUS110694 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 3, 1871
Publication numberUS 110694 A, US 110694A, US-A-110694, US110694 A, US110694A
InventorsHenry L. Tillery
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Improvement in seed-planters and guano-distributers
US 110694 A
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Cotton Planter. No. 110,694; Patented Jan. 3, 1871.

176722 I ZE'ZZMJC E r? gttnruegz.


cation, in which- HENRY L. manner, or HALIFAX, NORTH CAROLINA.

' Letters Patent No. 110,694, dated Januar s, 1871.


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part at the same.

'Within thcbox c, and .mounted upon the shaft F, that runs transversely of the frame-work A, is the drum 1:, to the rim of which are secured, in any suitable manner, metal wings, I, that are bent backward so as to stand at an inclination to the said rim, and are corrugated transversely, in order that they may exert a crushing, grinding effect upon the guano when the same is placed in the box 0 and in the removable case m, that sits upon and fits the box closely,'surrounding the drum 7t. 7

From the cross-brace n, of the scraper 0, plates, 0, project vertically downward in rear of and one at each side of the funnel f.

These plates are .bent inward at their lower ends,

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, HENRY L. TILLERY, ofHatlifax, in the county of Bali ax and State of North Carolina, have invented a new and improved Cotton- Seed Planter and Guano-Distributor; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference'being had to the accompanying drawingniaking a part of this specifi- Figure l is a plan view Figure 2, a longitudinal sectional elevation; and

Figure 3, a transverse sectional elevation.

This invention relates to divers improvements in a machine intended for distributing guano in a drill, and then for planting cotton or other seed in the same drill, saidcimprovemeuts all tending to increase the efficiency of the apparatus, and consisting in the construction and arrangement of certain parts, as hereinafter described, and as specified in the claim.

Referring to the drawing-- A is the frame-work of the machine, said framework being supported at its rear end upon a roller, B, that rests upon the ground, and being also sustained upon an 'A-shaped. scraper, O, placed horizontally in front of the roller, and constructed of a pair of steel plates, which, at their front ends, are connected with the foot of an. iron stock, a, and diverge rearward from the same, and are strengthened by a crossbrace, a.

The stock a inclines forward and upward from its foot, and at its upper extremity is jointed tothe lower corner of a triangular frame, I), which is supported between two plates, c, that\ run lengthwise of the frame-work A, between its two cross-bars, D E.

The rear corner of the frame I) is pivoted between the plates 0, and, by moving its upper corner backward or forward, the corner to which the stock a is jointed may be raised or lowered, thus regulating the depth to which the point of the scraper O enters the ground.

The scraper makes a wide and shallow furrow, and to the stock a is secured a colter, d, that extends beneath the point of the scraper far enough to cut a drill in the center of the furrow made by the latter.

The seed and guano-box c is placed directly ,in' rear of the colter d, and above the same.

The funnel f, placed beneath the box 0, receives therefrom, through the orifices tin the bottom of the latter, guano and seed in succession, and deposits the same in the order of receipt in the drill formed by the colter cl. \Vhat ICl'ililll' aspen, and desire to secureby Let- The box a isprovided with a slide, h, that reguters l?atent, islates. the size of the orifices t. 1. The grinding or pulverizing-wings I-l, forme( when deposited in the drill-with earth.

A horizontal U-shaped plate, 1), secured at its rear ends to the innersides of the coverers 0, is located at each side of and in front of the funnel f, and serves as a support to the coverers.

To the rear extremities of the scraper G the lower ends of bars 0' are attached, which bars pass upward in front of the roller B, and are connected at their upper ends by'a cross-bar, s, above the framework A.

The cross-bar s is connected by a chain with the outer end of an arm, 1,, that extends radially from a bar, a, which is loosely jonrnaled in'the handles 10 of the frame-work A.

A handle-lever, y, extends also from the bar "a, by which said bar may be rotated so as to raise or lower the rear part of the'sera'per O, and thus regulate the depth of its furrow.

On the roller-shaft is mounted a spur-wheel, that is connected by a chain with a spur-wheel placed loosely onthe shaft F.

A collar, connected with the shaft F by a feather and groove, slides on the shaft, and is operated by a lever having its fulcrum in the frame-work A so as to be thrown into or out of gear with the spur-wheel onthe shaft, in order that the drum k may either be set in motionor 'rernainidlc, as desired.

A scraper is attached to the frame-work A, in such position as to keep the surface of. the roller B clean.

' To the side pieces of the frame-work A, near the front ends of the same, vertical plates, 1:, are secured, said plates being each provided with a series of holes for the attachment of the thills at a higher orlower point, as may be desired.

- Having thus described-my invention,

so as to form coverers that cover the guano and seed of corrugated metal, and attached to the drum k and 4. The box e, provided with a perforated bottom, bent backward thereon, as shown and described, to the drum k, slide h, drum is, and the funnel f, comoperate as specified. billed, substantial] y as specified.

2. The arrangement of triangular frame 12, stock H. L. TILLERY. a, scrapers 0, bars r, arm t, and handles w w, with the frame-work A, as and for the purpose specified. Witnesses:

3. The scraper O, coverers 0, bars 0' s n, and arms SOLON O. KEMON, t 3 arranged substantially as specified. CHAS. A. PETTIT.

Cooperative ClassificationA01C5/06