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Publication numberUS1107700 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1914
Filing dateJan 6, 1913
Priority dateJan 6, 1913
Publication numberUS 1107700 A, US 1107700A, US-A-1107700, US1107700 A, US1107700A
InventorsHugo Pick
Original AssigneeHugo Pick
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US 1107700 A
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Patented Aug. 18,-19M

jnvenr'tr jfwy Cit E1 s,



Specification of Letters Patent.

7 Application filed January 6, 1913. Serial No. 740,446.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, HUGO PICK, citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvement-s in Drinking'Glasses; and I do hereby declare the. following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention has for its object to provide an improved drinking glass, and consists in the novel features of construction hereinafter fully described and particularly claimed.

The accompanying drawing shows a drinking glass constructed in accordance with my invention in central longitudinal section.

The object of the invention is to provide a drinking glass of any of the numerous forms generally used, which is rendered-less readily breakable when accidentally tipped over upon a supporting surface such as a table, bar or the like, and in which the rim is protected against chipping when a number of the glasses are collected in the hand.

A further object of the invention is to provide means whereby a better grip may be obtained upon the interior of the glass when a plurality of the same are gathered in the hand by insertion of the fingers therein, whereby slippage is obviated.

The invention consists in providing in the drinking glass contiguous to and below the rim A thereof an annular concavo-eonvex bulge B, the convex face of which is outwardly disposed and is of greater diameter than and projects beyond the circumferential wall of the glass. This concavoconvex portion has the greater strength of a double convex formation so that, in falling to the position indicated in dott (1 lines, a point in this double convex portion B will striket-he surface C, and, unless the glass has been forcibly thrown, or the surface 0 is unusually hard and unyielding such tipping will not cause fracture or cracking of the glass. When the tumbler is thrown upon its side, or when a number of the tumblers are collected upon the fingers the arch constituted by the bulge B constitutes a reinforced stron impact surface, capable of taking up shoe s and blows and preventing the body from being cracked, and the adacent glasses, by reason of the weighted bottoms thereof, as shown, rock upon the' curved surfaces of the bulge, so that the side walls contact at the bottoms of the glasses with the upper delicate edges a spread apart and preserved against chipping," cracking, etc.

Another important feature is the fact that the bulge B, while presenting its exterior convex surface is not abruptly joined to'the upper-and lower straight portions of the cy-' of the tumbler, three arches, so to speak,

provided, through which the forces of impart are distributed throughout the body of the glass cooperating of course with the arch circumferentially of the glass.- This arrangement also avoids shoulders or underlying crevices into which particles may accumulate and interfere with quick and easy cleaning of the interior of the'tumbler so often required. Again, it is to be noted that while accomplishing the desirable ends herein set forth the general appearance of the ordinary tumbler is substantially preserved and rather than its appearance marred,'such appearance is enhanced in a pleasing manner. by the slight bulge extendin as it does, generally in the line of the \va 1 of the glass and projecting but lit tle beyond the main plane thereof. The improvement enables the use of an article of thin refined nature, as distinguished from heavy, thick and clumsy glasses commonly employed and supposed to be capable of withstandi the hard usage to which the same are su jected. 0f course the bulged portion of the glass while located near the upper edge thereof, and being-of limited wi th to present the strength desired, at the same time sufiiciently removed from the said upper edge, to leave the usual month engaging portion.

By means of this invention the percentage of breakage due to tipping is greatly decreased, as is also chipping of the rim from this ca use and by contact of the glasses with each other in handling and cleansing. 'lhe annular concave groove formed in the glass Patented Aug. 18, 1914.

Sw m

also aflords a firmer engagement for the fingers in carrying a plurality of the same in one hand by inserting the fingers and bringing the outer surfaces in Contact with each other, this mode of removal of empty glasses 'bein much practised. I

The drawing illustrates the preferred shape of the bulging portion but this may be varied to suit the general shape, contour and ornamentation of the bowl without departing from the invention.

I claim as my invention:

As an artiele of manufacture, a'drinking glass having a suitable wall projecting up- Wardlyfrom a base ortion and terminating in an integral fra-gi e rim of the same general contour and oonstituting a continuation of said wall, the wall being formed with a shallow bulge arranged below the rim to leave the usual mo-uthengaging portion, but'oontiguous thereto, and projecting beyond the normal plane of the Wall, the

bulge being of relatively narrow Width and being curved outwardly to present cone-avoconvex portions terminating in opposite directions vertically iii-gradual, reverse curvatures, merging into adjoining portions of the wall above and below the bulge to present uninterrupted smooth exterior and in-' ture, substantially as described.

in testimony whereof I have signed my name in presence of two subscribing Wit-1 nesses.


Witnesses M. M; Boron, E, H, MAGDOWELL,

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U.S. Classification215/382, D07/523
Cooperative ClassificationB65D1/0223