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Publication numberUS1107869 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1914
Filing dateMar 15, 1911
Priority dateMar 15, 1911
Publication numberUS 1107869 A, US 1107869A, US-A-1107869, US1107869 A, US1107869A
InventorsWilbur L Wright
Original AssigneeWilbur L Wright
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Paper-material receptacle and the like.
US 1107869 A
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1,107,869, Patented Aug. 18, 1914.



Specification of tettersiPatent.

Patented Aug. 18', 1914.

Application filed March 15, 1911. Serial No. 614,719.

To all whom it may] concern:

Be itiknown that I, WILBUR L. WRIGHT, a citizen of the United States, residing at W'ashington' District ofColumbia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in and Relating to Paper Mater-ial Receptacles and'the' like; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to certain improvements in vessels or receptacles made of paper andthe like; and the objects and nature of my inventionwill be readily understood by those skilled in the art in the light of the following explanation of theaccompanying drawings illustrating what I now consider to he, the preferred embodiments from among other formations and arrangements within the spirit and scope of my invention.

An object ofthe invention is to provide certain improvements in the neck and mouth portions of bottles or receptacles made of paper or equivalent material, for the pur-' pose of greatly increasing the strength and rigidity thereof without exposing the contents of the receptacle to contact with other than the paper, or equivalent material, forming the. walls of the receptacle, and so as to provide the rec'e1' tacle neck with a comparatively smooth interior surface without objectionable shoulders or recesses for the collcction of foreign matter orthe like.

vA further object of the invention is to provide a receptacle made of paper or equivalent material with, an improved stiffening neck ring and "in so applying and fastening the paper material forming the bottle to said ring as to cover the ring from contact with the contents of the bottle while fillin and emptying, and to provide means for e fectively securing or looking closures over thenece tacle mouth.

The invention consists in certain novel features in construction and in combinations and arrangements of p rts and elements as more fullv and particu arly set forth hereinafter.

Referring to the accompanying drawings;-Figurei 1 is a. per's'pectiveview of the mouth or neck portion of a paper receptacle formed in accordance with my invention, a closing disk providedQwith a ull tab or handle being shown seated on t e internal .seat or shoulder of the receptacle mouth to seal the same. Fig. 2', is a vertical section thereofj! Fig. 3, is awertical section thr'ou' h theneck portion of the receptacle and t e neck ring, dotted lines indicating the form of the receptacle neck-when first inserted through the neck ring. full lines showing the form assumed-by said neck after'being spun or pressed down on the neck ring to form the receptacle mouth, the neck ring be ing shown dropped from proper position in said mouth. and in its originalform before its outer upwardly extending flange ha'sbecn spun or pressed in to lock or securethe depending paper edge of the neck to th'e'neck ring. Fig. 4., is a vertical section showing.

an outside paper cap or closure sealing the receptacle mouth and secured by having its depending annular flange spun 11 under the outer depending portion of t e neck ring. Fig. 5, is a vertical section showing a modified formation of the neck ring and to be spun down on the outer edge of a closing cap for securing the same. Fig.6, is a vertic'al section showing'm'y receptacle neck or mouth formation with the cap or closure of Fig. 7, applied thereto. Fig. 7 is a detail perspective view of an exterior or cover-all cap particularly adapted for application and looking on receptacle mouths of my formation. *ig. 8, is a vertical section of a modified construction. Fig. 9, is a perspective view of a receptacle mouth or neck portion' of my invention of a square or angular outline. Fig. 10, 'is a vertical section showing a modified formation of neck ring and bottle mouth.

It is'the purpose of m invention to provide rece tacles made 0 paper or the like with sti ening neck rings to which the paper material is secured and which is' covered by the paper material usually at the top and interior of the receptacle mouth. To this end I provide a. metal neck ring or annulus approximately of an inverted U- shape in cross section to form an annular top-wall hollowbody or surface 1'. This ring is formed with the short flat annular flange 10, extending inwardly from its lower inner edge, and with the securmg flange 11, extending outwardly and then upwardly from its outer lower'edge. The hody of the paper material receptacle 2, is suitably formed with 'an elongated neck portion 2 which is passed through the open center of the neck ringso as to project the desireddis tance beyon the same, as indicated by dotted lines Fig. 3. Suitable "mechanism is then applied to the extended neck 2, and to the portion of the paper material within the ring to spin or press said neck down onto and over the ring and tightly to the interior and top surfaces of the ring with the outer edge 21, of the paper neck tightly fitting and depending at the outer surface 1, of the ring and within the securing flange 11. A suitable spinning or other tool then tightly presses the flange 11, inwardly tofirmly lock and grip the edge 21,-of the paper material between the body 1, of the ring and the flange 11, as clearly shown by Fig. 2. While these operations are per: formed the paper receptacle is firmly held and backed by suitable cores and forms and the neck ring is held and backed by suitable devices.

The paper is spun and pressed over and tightly to the neck ring to form the paper material top edge 20 of the bottle mouth usually by suitable hot dies which cause the paper material to accurately, smoothly and tightly conform to the neck ring and permanently maintain such conformation for the purposes intended.

-The paper material passes over and is spun or pressed to closely conform to the inner flange 10, to form the internal closing cap or disk receiving shoulder or seat 22, within the bottle mouth to receive an internal closing disk, for instance, such as 3, Figs. 1 and 2. This flat paper material sealing'disk 3, is pressed into the receptacle mouth to fit said shoulder and close the receptacle, as will be understood by those skilled in the art. T-show the disk provided with a pull tab or handle 30. whereby the same can be lifted fromthe receptacle mouth. This tab is formed'by a small piece of flat wire resting horizontally on the top face of the disk with its outer end 31, passed down through the disk and clenched, while its free end is formed with a perforation 32,

to form a grip when the free end of the wire is bent disk.

Tn Fig. 4:, I show the receptacle sealed byan exterior or cover all cap 4:, fitting and conforming to the top edge 20, of the receptacle mouth and having an exterior annular depending flange 40. extending down at the exterior of the bottle mouth and neck ring flange 11, and secured by having its lower edge 41, spun or pressed inwardly around the lower outer edge of the neck ring and upwardly into the recessed under portion of the ring. A permanent or sealed cap is thus provided which cannot be tampered with or removed without destroying the cap or leaving clear evidence of the fact that the cap had been removed and reapplied. Such an up and grasped to pull out the arrangement and provision is of peculiar utility particularly for milkand cream bottles or like receptacles. y

In Fig. 5, I show the securing flange 11, of the neck ring formed with an upwardly and outwardly flared cap-securing annular extension 12. I show an exterior cap 5, closing the receptacle mouth and fitting down on and conforming to the top edge thereof and formed with a short annular depending flange or edge 50,- within the ring flange extension 12, so that the cap can be secured by spinning or pressing the flange 12 inwardly and down on the cap flange 50, as indicated by dotted lines Fig. 5,'or the trough formed by the upwardly and outwardly flaring flange 12, and the cap flange 50, can receive paraflin for the purpose of securing and sealing the paper cap.

In Figs. 6, and 7, I show an exterior or cover all paper cap 6, having an annular depending flange 60, to which are secured several thin flat metal wire strips 61,"s0 that their free ends depend therefrom. This can is adapted to fit over the bottle mouth as shown in Fig. 6, and 'be secured by bending the lower or free ends of the metal tabs or strips 61, inwardly under the lower outer edge of the. neck ring and then upwardly within the bottom recess of such ring. This arrangement provides whatis practically a permanent seal in so far as the cap cannot be readily removed without lnjuring or destroying the same, the bent ends of the metal tabs being concealed and practically inac cessibl'e.

In Fig. 8, I show a construction wherein the 'eXteriOr or cover all closing cap 7, is formed with an exterior dependingflange 7 0, permanently secured to the bottle mouth by the neck ring securing flange 11. with the outer edge 21, of, the paper material forming the bottle. This permanent cap is shown formed with a depressed center having a small central opening 71, through which the receptacle can be filled and emptied. This opening is-adapted to be covered by a small disk 72, and sealed with paraflin 7 8, or the like deposited in the cen-- tral depression of the cap. l

It will be noted that a neck ring of the general type disclosed provides means whereby these various exterior caps can be easily and quickly secured to the receptacle mouths and whereby cap locking or sealing means can be employed and important practical advantages are thereby attained It will also be noted, that the. neck ring pro .vides for the reception of inner closing disks or caps which can be employed with or without exterior or cover all caps.

Attention is particularly directed to thefact that my neck ring is so formed or arranged with respect to the paper material of the vessel as to be completely covered thereby in sofaras liability to comev in con.- tact with the contents of the receptacle is c n ned. Thisv is a feature of importance;

catch or retain foreign matter or any of the contents of the receptacle.

It will also be noted that the receptacle neck and mouth formation of my invention is applicable to variously shaped receptacles whether round or square and to receive various closures and I do not wish to limit myself to the use of the closures disclosed hereby.

The neck ring greatly stiffens and strengthens the receptacle and imparts the desired rigidity thereto and enables such receptacles to be successfully used in capping machinery for automatic application of closing disks. These neck rings can beemployed in small mouth bottles as well as large mouth receptacles imparting the desired rigidity thereto with a minlmum use of materials and consequent economy in production, and without detracting from the general appearance of the product or result ing in the production of receptacles of the freak type in appearance.

In Fig. 10, I show what is approximately a reversal of the construction shown in the remaining figures of the drawing. In this formation the paper wall 2, is drawn up at the outer side of the metal stiffening ring 1, and over the top thereof and then down at the inner side thereof and secured by spinning or pressing the inner upturned flange 1", of the ring tightly down on to grip and secure the depending paper flange 2. The flange 1 has an inward annular bulge 2 to form the closing-disk-receiving seat in-the bottle mouth. I

It is evident that various changes, modifications and variations can be resorted to without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention and hence I do not wish to limit myself to the exact disclosures hereof.

Desiring to protect my invention'in the broadest manner legally possible, what I claim is 1. A neck ring for paper material bottles, having an annular upwardly-bulged body portion forming an annular surface around the central opening of the ring to receive the paper material of the bottle to form the inner surface of the bottle neck, and having a top' surface to'receive said material to form the top edge of the bottle mouth, and at its outer circumferential portion terminating in an outwardly and upwardly extending securing flange.

2. A. neck ring for paper material bottles, having an upwardly-bulged paper-niaterialbacking annular body portion at its lower inner edge; havinga depressed aper-material-baa ring annular flange in t e central opening of the ring, and at its lower outer portion terminating in an outwardly and upwardl extending securing flange.

3. g paper material bottlev having a neck ring formed with an inner annular sealingseat-forming flange, saidring covered atdts inner and top surfaces by the paper wall of the bottle and at its exterior provided with compressed means tightly gripping the paper thereto and holding the same drawn over said top surface.

4. A receptacle havin its neck and mouth formed by a paper wa l, and a neckring backing said wall, said ring havin a depressed inner annular seat-forming shoulder and an upturned flange forming an annular socket receiving the depending edge of said wall and compressed to grip said edge, said wall extending upwardly beside said ring and drawn over the annular top surface thereof and depending therefrom to said socket.

5. A receptacle having its neck and mouth formed by a paper material wall, and a stiff neck ring backin said wall and having an upturned flange forming an annular socket receiving the depending edge of said wall and compressed to gri said edge, said wall extending upwardly eside said ring and drawn over the annular top surface thereof and depending therefrom to said socket.

6. A neck ring for paper material bottles, having top and side surfaces adapted to exteriorly receive the paper. material of the bottle to form the edge surrounding the mouth thereof and at its side portion below said surface forming an annular socket to receive the edge portion of the paper material depending from said top surface, said socket being radially compressible to permanently clamp said depending edge portion therein.

7. A paper material bottle, havinga neck ring covered at its inner and top surfaces by the paper material of the bottle, and radially compressed to tightly grip the paper thereto and drawn thereover.

8. A bottle, having a paper material neck, and a stiffening neck ring therefor, said paper material extending up through said neck and drawn down over the top surface thereof with its edge turned down around the ring and tightly gripped thereto.

9. A bottle, having a paper material neck, and a neck ring having an exterior upturned flange, said paper material extending up through said ring and outwardly over the top surface thereof and downwardly within and gripped by said flange.

10. A bottle having a paper Wall neck and month, 21ml :1; stiffening ring therefor covered by and over which the aper wall is pressed, the paper wall passing over said ring and depending at the exterior thereof and secured thereto, said ring forming an exterior shoulder for securing a closure over said mouth.

} 11. A paper material receptacle having a closure sent within its mouth portion, said mouth portion being rovicled vith a flaiiged stiffening neck ring, 5 .e paper material Wall momeee of the receptacle supporting and being compressed and secured to said ring and extend ing over the top thereof and engaging opposite sides of the ring.

In testimony whereof afiix my signature, in presence of two Witnesses.



. B. T. WEes'rEii 1 Gr. GOLDREN.

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