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Publication numberUS1107917 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1914
Filing dateJun 12, 1913
Priority dateJun 12, 1913
Publication numberUS 1107917 A, US 1107917A, US-A-1107917, US1107917 A, US1107917A
InventorsMillard Fillmore Derrick
Original AssigneeMillard Fillmore Derrick
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Suction gas-producer.
US 1107917 A
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1,107,917. Patented Aug. 18, 1914,







To all whom itmay concern:

- Be it known thatI, MILLARD FrLLiuonn DERRICK,- a subject "of the; King of Great Britain'and Ireland and the Isle ofjMan, andresident of'Montreal, Canada, have in: vented new "and useful Improvements in Suction Ga's-lhoducers, ,of which the 'fol- This invention has reference to andcomprises improvements in suction gas, pro

ducers'in which the fuelis fed toja combustion chamber wherein the gas is generated, collected-and conveyed to the engine which is tobe operated thereby l The invention consists in the provision of a suction gas producer of the underfeed type characterized Yby' the fact that 'the whole of the fuel is continuously "and-Euniformly under compression forced from'the lower to the. upper end, of the combustion chamber by a helical conveyer extending the full diameter of said chamber-and oper-' ating'in a feed chamber situated directly below same. The ashes are disc'hargedf'over the top edge of the wall of the combustion chamber through water seals preferably "be-- ing guided to said seals and between the said combustion chamber wall and. an outer wall by angled plates. Airis passed throughthe I In order that 40 .p l and 33 of Fig. 1.

s indle of the helical; onve s intothec'ombustion chamber and air ma alsofbe passed" manner-of carrying thes ame intoeifect or practice maybe properly understood, .eX-L

have hereunto appended-two sheets .of planatory drawingsin which. e.

' Figure 1 is an elevat1on,:partly in section, of a suction gas producer constructed ac-1',

cording to the improvements of this invention, while Figs. 2 and 3 are sectional plan views taken respectively on the lines 22 Referring to these to ithe 'improvements of this invention the fuel is fed to the generating chamber by a helical conveyer extending the full diameter of the' lower end of same in a continuous manner from below the same, the entry of Specification oflLetters Patent.

'pleted fuel being Still heated frees the vapor It is preferredthat the blades of 'thehelicalconvjeyer are formed of 35' my said invention and the drawings: According gsnc'rion eas-rnonucnn which has given up its quota of gas, and discharging the same over the top edge. of the'generating chamber'wall currents oflair being forcedithrough the' ma'ss fromTthe bottomcenterand or sides and with the" gas, first passing through igthe fresh fuel and lastly through "the depleted.ffuelQQ-from which it is conveyed'to the engine. The defrom -tar,\etc.-,-w and'jthereby the engine is pro:

tec ted' from i the inj urious effects I resultant from such gummysubstances.- I

In carrying the improvements of this in vention intoefi'ect'or praoticethe suction gas generatorfcomprises a suitably supported feed; funnelior chamber a provided with top of the chamber ah-A "gas collecting I iP-a'tente'd Aug. 18, 1914;, H r i'Amnication fil 'June 12,1913. s ri 773,309.. h s v fresh'fueleutomaially p a im that an so I l h 'ppe 's r oh slbs generating hm: a her 0 being; preferably supported npon the 1 dome d is" located above the. generating chamber o and a vseries of water or o ther *suitable'seals is provided at the bot-torn of madame a ;A p e 1 sfrom the dome cZ to' the engine. The, upper end of the feed" chamber a 1s"preferably of the same diamewithin thechamber "a a fuel conveyer in the form of a helical ram g, is located. The

thepijtch Of'saidcOnVeyer g, increases from g itslo werend s'o'fa s to.prevent'or minimize I clogging, 'f-This ram is rotativ'ely mounted f 'aaa1;.aea aa to be continuously operated, preferably by thew'orin/and wheel gearing ter, as the lower end of the chamber 0 and.-:w-

hz, Currents "of: air are. directedinto the j ter and (or) sides, these currents. being, 1for 3 example; conveyed through the spindle" the ram '9 l and directed into {the chamber throughorificesnxat the end ofispindle e' on1 (and) also directed 'from' the sides vofithe chamber asvshown by thepassage between thewall of the chamber 0 and thema a lower portion 1 of the wall" of the doine d. Plates mare preferably fitted into this space is so as to guide the discharge from the -generating.jchamber 0 fromthe bot-ton}, C6111 chamber into the water seals 0 and these" 1 plates m are preferably fitted in pairswith ends apart like an inverted V formation. There are preferably four pairs of plates m and a Water seal is arranged between each pair.

compression by the continuously operating spiral ram 9 to the generating chamber 0,

the air currents passing through the charge which, as fresh fuel is brought to the chain-- her, is freed from .its gas and gradually be run continuously, thus doing forced upward until is crowded from the top, of the generating chamber and falls downthe inclined plates on into the Water seals 6 and so disposedof. The gas is col lected in the dome d and conveyed to the engine by the pipe f leading from the dome.

The hoppers may he of anyr capacity and with the alltOmatic cleaning of the generling fuelthereto; a vertical conveying screw n sa d .OiLSlllQ;

I o a gener ting chamber v rtically above the feed casing and forming a cont nuat on 1 thereof; a gas collecting dome above said generating chamber and extending down around the sides thereof;

a vertical feed casing material theret,o; 'a generating cha beer a ser es of ,Water seals placed "to receive ma}- terial discharged over the top of the co n bustion chamber; and {deflecting plates between each two adj acentvvater seals. i

2. The combination in a gas producer of means for conducting Vertically e fm th ed a n 1 0W spindle in saidcasing'connected i0 21 Source of air under pressure and having outlets for deliveringair to said chamber; aponveylng gas collecting dQiJi B; and water to receiveashes del vered from sald generatmg chamber.

I The combination in a gas producer of ver cal f d asi g means f r de ivering fuel to the lower end thereof; a vertical con.- Y y e a r a d c me era n The fuel is fed from the hoppers b and is conveyed upwardly and uniformly under chamber vertically above 'the feed casing and forming a continuatlon thereof; an annular conduit surrounding the casing adJaCent its point of connection with the generating chamber and connected to a source of air under pressure, there being outlets from said conduit into the loWer part of said chamber; a gas collecting dome over the generating chamber and extending down around the sides thereof; With Water seals placed to re ceive material discharged ,over the top edge of the generating chamber.

'4. In a producer the combination comprising the feed funnel a, the combustion chamber 0 having air supplying passages, the ram 9, a conduit for supplying air to the combustion chamber having orifices ,a, hoppersb, and a series of Water sealse all constructed and arrangedsubstantially as and for the purposes herein set forth,

5. The combination in .a gas producer of a Vertically extending feed casing; means for introducing fuel to the bottom of said casing; a generatmg chamber forming a continuation of the'feed casing; a gas 001- lecting ,dome mounted overthe generating chamber extending down around the same; ater seals placed to receive material discharged over the .top edge of the generating chamber a conveying screw mounted in the feed casingand having its blades of greater pitchat its upper end than its lower end; with means for rotating said screw .on ,a vertical axis.

6. The combination infa gas produeer of Y a gas collectingdome having a lowerportion constituting anouter all; a ater seal for t e w r e g Qfsmd W3 i; a g ne a s chamber ithin and spaced away from the of said chamber and mounted to discharge l ll'lliO W seal th dd crew on sald l l(lle Wlthln t casing; p 1 I seals e ed we the upper edge at t e cham e ln testimony whereof I have affixed Witn ses; 4 "i 1 em J STARR,

' g A. R, Em ts.

Copies oi this patent may be obtained to: five cents each, by addressing the ifloni' n issioner or ratenzs,

ivall of said-dome; with angle plates fitted in the space between the Wall and (the sides

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