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Publication numberUS1107985 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1914
Filing dateFeb 24, 1914
Priority dateFeb 24, 1914
Publication numberUS 1107985 A, US 1107985A, US-A-1107985, US1107985 A, US1107985A
InventorsSamuel Moskowitz
Original AssigneeSamuel Moskowitz
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US 1107985 A
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MPLIOATION4 FILED 11:13.24, 1914.

1,107,985. Patented Aug. 18, 1914. A

' play-Boxes, of which the following is a.



Application led February 24, 1914i.` Serial No. 820,579. d

0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, SAMUEL Mosiiowi'iz,

a citizen of the United States, residing at- Brooklyn, New York, in the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented ce-rtain new and useful Improvements in Disspecilication, 4

This invention lrelates to portable roll front display box which may be used tor displaying watches, clock Watches, lockets, bracelets, photographs, calendars, and other ornamental articles.

The main object of this invention [is to provide a novel. simple, durable, economical, elicient and ornamental display box especially designedfor the display of jewelry, and to so arrange a receptacle withi the box that the article intended to be isplayed may be readily inserted or remove through the opening in the top portion of the box. A further object is to furnish a novel conf struction of display box which will serve as a display for use on desks, in show cases and windows, or other suitable places, and is especially. adapted for use by traveling salemen and others as a useful and ornamental means for displaying time pieces and jewelry of various kinds.

The foregoing and such other objects as may occur from the ensuing description, are

attained vby the means hereinafter more fully L described, and by the construction, combination, arrangement and location of the pants such as illustrated in the accompanying L lings it will be seen that my kslidable box drawings, and particularly set forth in the claims appended hereto.

Reference now being had to the accompanying drawings which form a partofthis specification and in which similar letters of` reference indicate like parts throughout the several views, it will be seen that: Figure 1*.is a full size perspective view of the improved display box embodying my invention, showing the box when opened and displaying a watehtherein. Fig. 2, is a front view of the ysame, showing the box when closed. Fig. 3,

is a vertical sectional view taken through the central portion of the display box, and Fig. 4, is a detail sectional 'view of a portion of the slidable and rolling cover.

My'im'pro'ved display box may be made of any suitable material, but is preferably made mainly of wood and stiff card board 4of the shits thereby securing covered by a thin sheet of leather, or colored yornamental fabric 0r paper of a suit- .able or desirable character.

The numeral 1, designates the base portion to which is rigidly secured at each .end thereof a vertically projecting upright 2 provided with an inwardly projecting surface 2 between its outer edges terminating at its upper portion in a rounded or semi-circular form, and suitably, yet rigidly secured to the said'inner inwardly projecting face portion 2X forming the inner portion of said Spccication of Letters Patent. Patented Aug, 18, 1914,

uprights is a vertically arranged receptacle- 3, consisting of a padded rear portion or member 4, projecting slightly abovethe front portion 5 provided with an opening 6, side members 7, and abottoin member, 15 for the purpose of holding for display any suitable article. j

The open front portion 8, the rounded top poition 9, and the rear wall 9 are preferably for ned from a single piece of material rigidly secured to the outeredges of the upright members 2 so as to form a groove o r guideway 10 between the inner face of the front, top and rear walls of the box and the outer upright and rounded edgesfor v'valls of y the inwardly projecting p'ortiofn`2x of the uprights 2, so as to permita sl-idable or roll-` ing top cover hereinafter more fully described, to be manipulated bsfck and forth within said g ve or guideway in order to open or close the box and thus display the goo/ds orinclose them from view.

By reference to Figs. 3 and 4 ofthe drawcovcr`is made up of a series of Wooden slats `11, and. cemented to the inner Hat, face portion of said slat's in a thin piece. of strong fabric 12, the outer rounded face of the slats being covered b a thin sheet of suitable material 13, whici is suitably secured to the said slats and to the fabric 12, between each the series .of slats together and forming a pliableslidable cover which may be manipulated around the giiidoway by n sliding or'rolling movement by grasping the finger piece 14,

rigidly secured to the outer end of said rover, whereby the cover is caused to 'as'- sume the closed position shown in Fig. '2, or

the open position shown iii l* lgs. l and 3.

'lhe numeral 15 indicates the.hase or bot-- tom piece of the receptacle 8, suitably secured to the upright portion 2', and beveled on its underside from the inner edge toward its front edge, and rigidly secured to the uprights and rear wall is a piece or member 16, having its upper face beveled from the rear to its front edge, the said beveled pieces 15 and 16 forming a guideway for permitting the inner end of the cover to be moved into a position beneath the bottom oi. the receptacle and across and rest upon the inner surface of the base, when the cover is in open position as shown in. Fig. 3 orn the drawings. f

17 designates a illing piece secured at each end to the uprights between the receptacle and front wall ot the box which serves to add rigidityv and strength to the structure. and 18 is a metal plate or bar irmly. secured to the lower edge ot the portion 2 of the uprights and serves as an additional support for the bottom l5 of the receptacle, and at lie same time adding greater rigidity to the lit will be perceived that the box is openbetween the upright front walls 19, and that the opening extends upward through the top and into the rear wall ot the box and terminates at the point 20, a slight distance below the rounded or semi-circular'top portion-,of

the box, thus permitting an article to be placed in or removed from the receptacle 3 through the top of the box, and al grooved guideway is formed between the `front, top

and rear walls and the receptacle, extending substantially around the receptacle whereby the cover may be slidably lmanipulated or rolled around within said "groove or guideway and its inner end be guided beneath and caused to rest below the receptacle when the cover is in its open position.

llt will be readily apparent that my improved display box may be utilized for various purposes such as displaying a time piece, picture or calendar, for use on adesk. table, bureau or other suitable locat-ion, and being portable and ot light material may be carried by travelers, and by salesmen Jfor displaying samples of various kinds of jewelry and other articles.

lt will be understood that slight changes may be made in the details or" the construction hereinbeore described without depart ing from the spirit of my invention.

Having thus described my invention what l claim and desire to secure by lLetters Patent is l 1. A display box comprising a. base, a vertically extending upright secured to each end of the base provided with van upper rounded end, a front, top and rear wall formed of a single piece secured to said uprights, and open at its -front and top, and a vertically extended receptacle secured to the inner face ot the uprights between the front and rear wall ot the box..

incassa vertically extended receptacle secured tol the inner face of the inwardly projecting portion of said uprights between the said frontand rear wall.

3. A, display box comprising abase7 a vertically projecting upright secured to each end of the base provided with an upper rounded end and an inwardly projecting portion, a front, top and rear wall secured tb said uprights, and open at its front andl top, a vertically extended receptacle secured to the inner face of said inwardly projecting port-ions, and an opening through the top wall of the receptacle whereby an article may be placed in or removed from the receptacle through the top of the box.

4. A display box comprising a base, a vertica'llv projecting upright secured to each end of the base provided with an upper rounded end and an inwardly projecting portion, a front, top and rear wall formed of a single piece secured to said uprights, and open at it-s front and top, a vertically extended receptacle located between said walls Aand secured to the inner surface of said inwardly projecting portion, said receptacle having a display opening in the Jfront portion, and an 'opening through the top whereby an article may be placed in or removed from the receptacle through the open top portion of the box.

5. display box comprising a base, a vertically projecting upright Isecured to each end of thebase,'said uprights having upper rounded ends and inwardly projecting portions, a. front, top and rear wall secured to said uprights, and open at its front and top, a vertically extended receptacle located within said walls and secured to the inner surface of said inwardly projecting portions, a guideway formed between said walls and the outer edges of the inwardly projecting portions, and a pliable slidable cover adapted to be moved around in said guidewa-y in order to close or open the t'ront and top of the box.

6. A display box comprising a base, a vertically extended upright secured to eagh end of the base, each upright having an upper rounded end and an inwardly projecting portion, a front, 'top and rear wa l formed of a single piecerand secured to said uprights, and open at its front and top, a vertically extended receptacle secured to the inner face ot said inwardly projecting portion, the base portion of said receptacle being beveled on its under side, a beveled member secured to said uprights and rear wall,

a guide-way formed between the said walls the box when the cover is in. its opened posiand the outer edges of the inwardly project tion. 10 ing portion, and a slidable cover adapted to In testimony whereof I'a-x my signature be moved around said guide-way in order in presence of two witnesses.

5 to open or close the front and top of the box, l SAMUEL MOSKOWITZ.

the moer end of said cover being guided be- 'tne'sses: low the receptacle by said beveled members CEAS. L. DEPOLLIER,

and caused to rest upon the base portion of CLARENCE R. SMITH.

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Cooperative ClassificationB65D5/5021, Y10S206/816