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Publication numberUS1108043 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1914
Filing dateMar 21, 1913
Priority dateMar 21, 1913
Publication numberUS 1108043 A, US 1108043A, US-A-1108043, US1108043 A, US1108043A
InventorsHermann Weder Sr, Charles H Wolff
Original AssigneeHermann Weder Sr, Charles H Wolff
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US 1108043 A
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H. WEDER, Sn. & O. H. WOLPF.


Patented Aug. 18, 1914.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed March 21, 1913. Serial No. 756,008.

To all whom. it may concern le it known that we. Hinnuxx Vanna, 1:2. and (hrunlas ll. 'VVOLFF, citizens of the linited Statics. residing at Philadelphia, in the county of lhiladelpl'iia and State of Pennsylvania. have invented certain new and useful improvements in'loilet-Brackets; and we do declare the following to he a full, clear. and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same. referei'ice being bad to the accom panying drawings, and to the letters and figures of reference marked thereon. which form a part of this specification.

()nr invention relates to brackets for bolding toilet and other articles: and it has for its object to provide such a bracket having features of constructitm hereinafter specilied and formed from one piece of sheet metal cut and stamped or bent into shape in a manner to impart'strength to the several l'eaturesand to the bracket as an entirety and to facilitate and lessen the cost of pro du tion. i

in the acconipanying drawing illustrating the invention Figure l is a front elevation of the complete article: Fig. 3 a vertical central section; Fig. i a plan view of the pattern, showing portions cut preparatory to being bent into shape. with the roap holder portion depressed and the portion at the other end cut to form the tumbler holder and support for brushes: and Fig. l is a top plan view of the bracket.

in the drawing the numeral 1 designatrs the pattern from which the bracket is formed and consists of a plate of sheet metal which is formed at one extremity with a dish-shaped depression 2 adapted when bent at right angles to the body portion 3 to form a soap receptacle or holder l and which is formed with transverse raised heads .3 which will raise a cake of soap above the drippihgs that may settle in the bottom of the dish. The body portion 3 is slitted centrally, in a longitudinal direction as shown at 6, so as to form a prong 7 which is bent downwardly and then upwardly beneath the portion at to form a hook designed to serve as a towel support which being beneath the s ap dish will protect the towel from water that may drip from the soap when repla ing the soap in the dish. 'lhe body por tion is furthermore slitted toward opp site edges as shown at 8 so as to form portions that may be bent outwardly and upwardly to form prongs 9 which will form a support for a comb that may lie within the crotch of the two prongs. The body is furthermore slittcd as indicated at 10 and the inclosed portion bent outwardly to form 3 prong 1t relatively longer than the other prongs to form a clasp for a tube or bottle of tooth paste or other toilet article; and at the opposite side thereof the body portion is slitted as at 13 and bent to form a prong H which will serve to clasp a hair brush. "he end of the pattern opposite to the soap dish is bent fm'wardly at right angles to the body portion to form an overhanging shelf 15 which may be formed with a central opening ltl'to receive a tumbler or at sponge. and has a number of recesses 17 cut in its peripheral edge to constitute supports for tooth brushes, nail brushes. r other articles. The shelf portion is also slitted as at 19 and 19. near opposite sides. so that the contained portions may be. bent downwardly and outwardly beyond the sides of the body portion to form books 20 and 2t designed to support wash-rags or other like toilet articles.

in order to brace and give strength to the overhanging shelf. the shelf porti n is slitted at the points 22 and 251 and the portions bent to form lips '34 and '33. and the body portion near the angle bend of the shelf i. l tted as at 26 and 21' so as to form prongs Q9 and .29 that Ina lap over the lips 21 and Q5 and bear against the underside of the sh lf s as to stiffen and brace the lttlf at its union or connection to the body portion of the bracket. i

The entire article is made from a single piece of sheet metal stamped and bent into shape. the bent portions serving to brace and still'cn the associated features. and serving by a reason of the relat ire position of the several parts to make the bracket a most serviceable and convenient article particularly adapted for bath-room although capa ble of other uses.

Having described our invention and set f rth its merits what we claim is:

l. The toiletdwaclwt comprising a sheetmetal member having a portion at one end formed with a depres ion and bent at right angles to the body portion to form a soap dish with a portion o the body above the Patented Aug. 18, 1914. p

7metal member having one end bent at right dish out and bent into hooleforni beneath the dish, and the opposite end of the member bent at right angles to the body portion to form a shelf, and a part of the body next to the shelf being slitted and bent to form prongs engaging the lips of the shelf to Made the bracket at the angle union of the shelf and body portion, substantially as described.

2. The toilet-bracketcomprising a sheetangles to the body portion to form a shelf.

said shell having: an ventral opening and its peripheral edge notrhed and portions of the shelf slitted and bent to form depending hooks beneath the shelf, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof We affix our signatures in presence of two Witnesses.


\Vitnesses: Y

L. Fnnseonn, Rees J. FRESQOLN.

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