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Publication numberUS1108540 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 25, 1914
Filing dateDec 19, 1913
Priority dateDec 19, 1913
Publication numberUS 1108540 A, US 1108540A, US-A-1108540, US1108540 A, US1108540A
InventorsEugene F Ahlquist
Original AssigneeEugene F Ahlquist
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US 1108540 A
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APPLICATION FILED 1350.19, 1913.

Patented Aug. 25, 1914,



Specification of Letters Patent.

Application led December 19, 1913;

Patented Aug. 25, 1914.

Serial No. 807,620.

envelop having a reinforcing means at the corners and other points where an envelop is usually broken by handling or tampered with. for the purpose of extracting the conlili tents. u

A further object is to provide an envelop of simple construction and one which will be economical in the use of stock.

The invention consists generally in the envelop hereinafter described and particularly pointed out in the claims.

lin the accompanying drawings forming part of this specification, Figure l is a view of one side of the blank from which the envelop` is formed; Fig. 2 isa similar view of the other'side of the blank, Fig. 3 is a detail perspective View showing the first step in the folding operation, Fig. 4 is a similar view, showing theback of the envelop folded upon the front, with the end flap ready to be turned inwardly to close the ends of the envelop and make a secondary seal therefor, Fig. vis a detail perspective View, showing the position of the longitudinal flap for sealing the mouth of the en- Velop, lFig. 6 is a View, showingthe envelop flap proper partially' closed and forming a secondary seal.

ln the drawing, 2 represents a portion of the blank forming the front or face of the envelop, and 3 the rear portion thereof, the blank being scored lengthwise to allow the front and rear portions to be folded upon one another. The ends of the blank are scored to form flaps 4 and 5 separated by a transverse slit at 6 and one side of the flap d is suitably -gummed', as at 7. The longitudinal edge ofthe art 3 is scored to form a Hap @and this ap is cut away at the ends, forming the recesses 9 at two of the corners of the blank. The part 2 of the blank is scored and provided with a iiap 11 having gummed edges 12. The flaps 4 eX tend across the score line between the sections 2 and 3 and one face of the flaps is gumnied on one score line and the other face is gummed on the other side, and the flaps lare gun'nned on opposite sides, as indicated at 13. The ends of the iaps 4 are also preferably gummed, as at 14.

In' folding the envelop, the flaps 5 are turned inwardly upon the part 3, as indicated in Fig. 3, and the blank is folded along` the score line between the parts 2 and 3, and the flaps fl are folded inwardly over the parts 2 and 3, as shown in Fig. 5, thereby providing a double thickness and double strength at the ends and corners of the en velop.

When the envelop has been completed, the flap 8 will be adjacent to the mouth of the envelop and its gummed edge may be moistened and pressed against the face of the envelop to seal the opening. When this has been done, the Hap 11, forming the closing flap proper of the envelop, may be folded on the score lines and sealed and thereby form a secondary sealing means and'at the same vtime the gummed ends 14 may be turned over to further reinforce and seal the corners at the mouth of the envelop.

I do not wish to confine myself to the exact form of the flaps herein shown and described, as in various ways the details may be modified, particularly in the creasing and folding features, and still be within the scope of my invention.

I claim as my invention:

l 1.- An envelop comprising a blank scored along its middlel line to form the front and rear panels and also scored to form-a longitudinal sealing flap, said front and rear panels beingI scored transversely to form end flaps, the inner faces of said end flaps being gummed on one side of said middle `score llne and the outer faces of said end fiaps being gummed on the other side of said score line, and said end flaps having slits therein between a longitudinal edge of the blank and said middle score line, the portions of the end flaps on one side of said slits being folded inwardly upon one of the panels to expose the gummed faces of these flaps to Contact with the other panel when the blank is folded along said middle score line, and the portions of the end flaps on the other side of said slits being folded over the ends ofboth panels to close the endsof the envelop, the parts ofsaid last named flap portions between said middle score line vthe envelop being foldedy over the ,portionlof the envelop being gummed and ,adapted to be` turnedinwardlyl to seal the envelop, 'and theap of thefront portionof rip of the back portion to form a secondary-seal, said front and bloithe envelop .being scored transversely to form end flaps which extend across'the score line between the front of the envelop -and the longitudinal Hap therefor, said end flaps being turned inwardly and the extensions thereof being folded downwardly with the flap on the front of the envelop upon theJ back portion of the envelop 'when the envelop is closed, thereby strengthening and reinforcing the upper closed corners of the envelop.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto. set my hand this 13th day of December, 1913. EUGENE F. AHLQUIST. Witnesses:


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