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Publication numberUS1108687 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 25, 1914
Filing dateSep 3, 1913
Priority dateSep 3, 1913
Publication numberUS 1108687 A, US 1108687A, US-A-1108687, US1108687 A, US1108687A
InventorsOra M Boorman
Original AssigneeOra M Boorman
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US 1108687 A
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HOLDER. ,PRLIGATLON FILED SEPT. 3, 1 9l3 Patented Aug. 25, 1914.





Patented Aug'. 25, 19M



raM oa'nm s@ WM5@ m atto/:Maui



Application filed September 3, 1913.

Specification of Letters Patent.

tflatented t n Serial No, 787,972.

lie it ltnown that l. (hm M loonMAN, a Citizen ot the l'nited Ht aten. residing at Oshkosh. in the eounty ot' 'inuehae'o and State ot \\'i.\.eonsin. have invented new and u et`ul improvements in llolders. ot which the tollowing is a apeetieatien.

This.' invention relatesI to manuscript. holders and more particularly to manuscript'y holders adapted 'tor use in Connection with typewriter machines.

The principal objet-,t ot' the invention is to provide a ysimply constructed. cheap and durable device ot' this character which permitsl the support. ot the manuscript or note. hook immediately in trout o1" the operator, thereby avoiding` the necessity of turning the eyesl to the lett or right to read the notes.

Another object of the invention is the provision of a simple and eh'icient manuscript.

helder in which the manuscript or note sup-.

porting rael; is adjustable to different inclinations and heights and algo toward and away from the operator so that the liest possible. view of the notes may be obtaiied.

Another object et the invention is to promote speed and accuracy. \Vith the manuscript directly in front, the necessity ot stopping to tind the place ou the manuscript to be. copied each time the eyes glancel from manuscript to typewriter is praeticall)7 eliminated. `With the manuscript on the holder, the shift can be. operated without tak/intar the eyes` from the notes, and should it be neces- SariY to lool( at the keys.' the place on the notes can loe found again much more quickly than when turning' the head to the Side.

Further objects ot the invention will appear as the Jfollowing` description is read in Connection with the :ccomiiianying drawing, whieh forms a part of this application, and in whiehz-F Figure l is a front elevation Showing the association ot' the device with an ordinary typewriter` the typewriter being indicated in dotted lines. Figi. Z is a side elevation with the typewriter similarly indicated. Fig. 3 is t top plan View. Fig. a is a horizontal section taken on the. line -l-ft ot Fig. 1.

leterrine more particularly to the drawinfr` the device is constructed ot two upric'hts l and both otl which are constructed alike,

and w forwardly extendingT Supporting foot. :te standards or uprlghta are connected toget her by a plurality ot' crores bars Lt and each is provided with a rearwardly curved portion 5 which connects the lower part ot the standard with the 'forwardly oli.'- set upper part so as to bring the upper part indieated at (5 over the typewriter. Vllaeh standard or upright is provided with a torwardly extending arm i' projecting at right angles trom the standard and provided with a slot. S. a right angular continuation il oli which extends vertically through the ugr right. as indicated. i A

liride'ed between the arm| i ot the uprightst l and 2 is a. rsha'tt l() upon which ies .secured a rack trame 'll provided with a shelt' 1Q at its lower end. Vthe shaft t0 is; provided with enlarged rigid collars l and with reduced threaded ends upon which screws it are mounted. This arrangement permits the tree rotation ot the lshatt within the slots T, t4 and J and also its retention in any given position. Projecting outwardly from the `frame, at one .side are two lugs if which act as n1aiui eript or bool( guides and at the upper end olA the traine there is cured a lent springy lo by which the mainlsCript or bool( may be held upon the raclt.

is shown, the supporting leet are eonneet-v ed together by a bridge piece li' which extends beneath the typewriter. as shown-r and each foot. is provided with a Set Screw lo adapted to engage the sidel of the typcwriter for ,securingthe holder aeainat displacement. s shown. the erosiey harsl #t are arranged adjacent the bottom and top ol the uprights and. thtui-toren do not interfere with the insertion ot paper in the typewriter and as the rack is located immediately above the typewriter directly in front of the operator the necensity of Constantly keeping the eyes turned to the lett or right is obri ously eliminated. ltinthermore.y it will be seen that by the construction a wide rautte ot adjustment is provided tor the, raeli and thereby the proper arrangement fo each in dividual operator mayv he obtained.

YVhat iS claimed isz* l. A manuaeript holder for typewritern` comprising' supporting uprights adapted to extend upon opposite sides ot the machine, means tor Connecting the uprights together. means for securing' the upriQhts to the inaehine. integral arms projecting horizontally trom the uprightn and having slots therein which are continued throughoutl a portion ot the upriehts, a shaft rotatably and adjust-ably mounted in said SlotS and a manu4 script holdingr rack Carried upon the Shatt.

` a portion of the uprights, a shaft rotatably mounted and adj ustably arranged in the slots, means for locking' the shaft against 15 rotation and adjustment in the slots, a Inanuscript holding rack secured to the shaft and means for holding` the manuscript on the rack.

In testimony whereof I aix my signature 20I in presence of two witnesses. 1



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