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Publication numberUS1109032 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 1, 1914
Publication numberUS 1109032 A, US 1109032A, US-A-1109032, US1109032 A, US1109032A
InventorsC. Bersted
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US 1109032 A
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Patented Sept. 1, 1914.

jaz /Z6 5666.


- wen non.

.To all whom it mag concern. v j

a 1 Be it known that I, MARTIN flyBiinsrnn, acitizen of the United States, and a resi dent of Chicago,\in the county Of'GOOk and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in renches, of

which the following is a fulhclear, and exa'ctzspecification.

My. 'nvent1on is concerned with wrenches of the type in which thejaws are interchangeable, so that a plurality of jaws of different designs may be used with asingle handle, and adjustable so that the jaws may I assume a plurality-pf positions with reference to the handle, and is" designed to produce a wrench of the class describedwhich shall be simple and compact in its construc- 'tion, and capable of being operated quickly and efficiently in all positions where such wrenches .are employed] To illustrate my. invention, 1 annex heretov a sheet of drawings, in whichxthe same reference charactersare used to designate identical parts in all thefigures, of which, 1

Figure l is a side elevation of a wrench embodying my invention, [with a portion thereof broken-away;- Fig. 2 is a central longitudinal section on the line A tot Fig. 1 Fig. 31is a View in crosssection on the line BB of Fig. 1; Fig. jti's a cross section on the line C CQof Fig. 1 gan'd Figs.- 5, 6 and 7 are perspective views ofdifier'ent forms of jaws which I- niayeinploy in connection with my invention. j

The handle of the wi'encli'is formed of two parts, the larger part at having the thickened portion at the, inner end terminated bythe inclined ofi'set 7), while the somewhat enlarged circular outer end is provided with a circular offset c, which'is' adapted-to serve as a bearing in the manner; to be described. The smaller portion-dot" the handle is pivoted at c to the main portion, and its inner end is cut off at an incline to cooperate with the oils'et Z) to stop the pivoted portion when it is swung into the full-line position shown in Fig. 1, to

secure the jaw in place. The shape of the outer end of the portion (Z corresponds in general to the shape of the outer end of the portion a, and it is provided'with a circular recess 7 to permit. the manipulation of the plunger in a manner which will be subsequently described. The head of the main 7 Speeifieatioh ofLettrsPatent! fPatentedSept. 1, 191.41. App icat o fi eamvember 12111913. Seam; 801,335

portion a ot, the handle has formed therein an aperture 91 whichis oii the general shape ofan inverted ,Boredlinto the head is aJcyIindrical aperture h which intersects MARTIN o. lBERSTED, orciiicaeo, ittii iois.

the T-shaped aperturegg and extends, as

seen in Fig. 2, almostas .far as the size of the ofiset c will permit, Mounted; to slide inthis aperture h is the locking dog-.y',which preferably has the nose beveled on one side and square on the other, for I a purpose which will hereinafter described, and the nner portion of this dog 7' has cylin dr cal aperture /l; lbored therein to. accoin cular flange m,.and outsidethisfis a reduced flange port on] a which has two flattened sides 0 which are adapted to coiiperate with the adjacent sides of the stem portion of.

the T-shaped aperture 9. The wrench jaws may, 5,' 6 an'd7, have: anydesired' shape, but all of them; are; provided with annular portions 79 of substantially the same diameter as the as. shown in, Figs.

modate thehelically-coiled expanding spring Z inserted/in its aperture and coiiperating with the bottom of the recess h to .hold the dog, yieldingly in its engaging position. This dog y has rigidly secured thereon or formed integrally therewith a; milled cirhead of the; handle, and provided with a circular aperture, 9 which is of the ,proper diameter to fit snugly. over theoffset c. ,On the interior ofso much of this aperture as is practicable, I form, recesses '1", and it will benoted that as the jaw is adjusted to dit ferent, positions, as indicated bythe dotted lines in Fig. l,-. the nose of thefdog j coop .erateswith the different recesses to lock the same inlposition. By making one side of the nose of the dog 3' beveled, while the otheris square, it is possible to ratchet the j'aw. of the wrench into different positions by simply swinging 'the handle. hen the jaw hasbeen'ratcheted entirely to one side, it can be thrown back to;the other side merely by seizing the milled flange m between the thumb and first finger and pulling it down to disengage the dog from the re- 3 cesses 1". Or, if it is desirable to lock the jaw from ratcheting in the direction it has i been moving, all that is necessary is'to withdraw the dog and turnit through and allow it to slip back into place under the tension of the spring 1, when it will be ready to be used as a solid w rench,jturning' in thesame direction as before; or it can then be ratchet'e'd back'in the opposite direction. What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States; isi 1. In a wrench, the combination with a two-part handle having a bearing lug prolatter in any -'ofthe positions in which it i is placed, substantially pose described.

2. In a wrench,'the'cdinbination oi -a twopart handle having a circular bearing-lug rigidly securedto and projecting from the 'outer'end of the main partfthe other part as and for the purb'eing adaptedto be swung over or away froin said lugas desired, of-a jaw having a circular aperture with recesses in the periphery-of "the aperture and adapted to "be 'IittedoVe'r' the lug in variouspositions when w the swinging portion'o'f thehandle is withdrawn, and asliding spring pressed plunger mounted inthe lug and having a nose adapted to coiiperate with any of the above- I mentioned recesses.

3. In a wrench, the combination with a two-part handlehaving a circular bearinglug with a T-shaped recess therethrough rigidly secured to and projecting "from the outerend of the 'main part, the other part being adapted to be swungover or away froni'sa'id lug, as desired/eta jaw having, 'a circular aperture'thereinwith recesses in the periphery of'the aperture adapted to f be-fitted over the lug in "various positions w hen 'tlie's'winging portion of -'-the handle'is withdrawnfand "a sliding spring-pressed plunger mounted in the lug, having" a "nose adapted to coeperate with any of the recesses, and having flattened surfaces 00- operating with the sides of the narrower part-of the T -shaped recess to prevent the plunger from turning.

1 Aislin a wrench, the combination with a two-parthandle having a circular bearlng- "lug with a T-shaped aperture therein projecting from the outer end of the main part,

,the v other part being adapted to be swung over or away from said lug, as desired, of a jawhaving a'circular aperture with recesses in the periphery of the aperture adapted to be fitted over the l-ugin' various positions when the swinging portion of the handle is withdrawn, a sliding spring-pressed plunger mounted in theflug, hollow at one end and having a nose the other end adapted to coepe'r'ate with the recesses in the jaw, a cooperating aperture in the lug into which the hollow end of the plunger may =be reread, and a =he1ical1ycoi1ed expanding spring in said hollow and aperture.

5; in a wrench, the COIfiblIIELtlOlI"Wii/l1 a twoart handle having a circular lbearing- -1ugwith an aperture therethrough rigidly secured :to and projecting; from theouter end of the main partfthe other part being adapted to be swung over or away: from saidlug, as desired, "the swinging part having another aperture registering with the aperture in the bearing lug when the [inn-- die is closed, of a jaw having :a circular aperture with recesses in the periphery of the "aperture "adapted to be "fitted over the lug in variouspositions"when'the swinging portion of the handle is withdrawn, and a sliding spring-pressed plunger mounted in the lug and having a nose adapted to cooperate with therecesses, and a fiangewhich can be inanlpulated through the apertures in the swinging P01131011 of 1 the handle and thebearing' lug. 111' witness whereof, I have hereunto set any hand and affixed illy seal, this 15th day of November, A. 1913.


. 'W'itnesses: i


Copies bf this bate'nt'inay'be obtained to r f ive cents feachfby addressingthe Gommission'er of -Iatents, I i

. Washington, D." 0/ i

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U.S. Classification81/177.8, 81/119, 81/63.2
International ClassificationB25G1/06
Cooperative ClassificationB25G1/063
European ClassificationB25G1/06S