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Publication numberUS1109682 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 8, 1914
Filing dateMay 12, 1914
Priority dateMay 12, 1914
Publication numberUS 1109682 A, US 1109682A, US-A-1109682, US1109682 A, US1109682A
InventorsLeopold Kassander
Original AssigneeNathan Mfg Co
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Jet-pump apparatus.
US 1109682 A
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lip-99,682? Patented sepa sa,

WWA/E 5555: /N VEN mf? A 45,7%/ j adsense.

rfAfrENr orrio-E. A

nlaoronn -nAssANnnn or NEW vom; N. Y., AssrGNoR 'ro THE NATHAN MANUFAC.

' Lituanie comerciar, or NEW YORK, N. Y., A CORPORATION or NEW-YORK.

.intr-ruilt? APPARATUS.

Specification of Letters fatent.

To l wiz-0m ifm ag] concern 'SBB it known thats-I` l'tzoroLn KAssAN-DER, a citizen ofthe United States, residing aty Kew York, inthe county and State of New York,

"have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Jet eump i-ipparatus, of which -the following is specication.

IThis, invention relates to jet pump appacommonly used to lift or expel liquids contained.

vfrom a 'receptacle and it is one of the objects the invention to construct such apparatus so yis to make it particularlyadapted for the :wetting of'coal in the tender of a loroniotive.

, notlierobject of my iiiventionis to ac- -coniplish such results in a simple manner, .providing a device ivhich 1s entirely' selfeliminating all separate operature slioivs a longitudinal central vertical secli the apparatus. the operating y tion throng l`,valve being shoivn in elevation.

l represents a shell or inain casing, having atthe-top on one side thereof a branch E2, adapted to receive a coupling nut 3 and pipe sleeve 4 for connection with a steam pipe.

-is a steam chamber separated from a Water chamber 6 by a bridge 7.

' 8 is a steam nozzle o't` conventional forni, screwed into bridge 7, an annular flange 9 of steam nozzle 8, forming a tight seat thereon. Upper end of steam nozzle 8 is adapted to receive a disk 10 ot' a suitable operating' v valve 11, adapted to reciprocate in line ot the axis ot steam nozzle S. Cap' 1Q of operatingl valve 111s screwed into the upper-end of casing 1.

zle 8 is screxved a .delivery nozzle 13. T he exterior lower end of nozzle 13 is provided with corrugations 1l to allow a hose 15 to lisa discharge nozzle, secured to the 'end of' the-hose 15 by Wiring o r any other' suit-v able means to-prevent its slippingoutof the same.

Into the loiver end of vvatei- LAchamber G and in alineinentwith steam noz I n a thickened and apertured'p'art of the lower Wall of the Water chamber-G s'formed a. valve seat 19 adapted toreceive aloaded check 20. Upper end 21 of check' 9.0 is adapted to slidably engage the interior of a cap 2:2 which `is screwed into the upper Wall of Water chamber 6,. opposite and in 'the same axis of -an'apertu/re 23 controlled by said check 20. Vents' 24 and 25 .are provrfi-ref iwi sept. s, 1914.

vided in check Q0 to prevent the formation of an air cushion in the upper interior portion of the cap'22.

against the. lower end 27 of capi). limits the upward movement of said check 20. In the upper' part of Water chamber 6 is arranged,

about midway between the axis of the operating valve 1l andthe cap 22 a thickened portion 28, provided vvith a hole 29, adapted -to receive ya bolt or other means, to secure the apparatus to a: suitable support. Casing l is providedvvith a tubular extension 30 below.

said aperture 23, externally. screw threaded,

Shoulder 26' abutting to receive a coupling' nut 31 and pipe sleeve l 32, adapted to connect with a Water supply pipe.

Then intended-to be used for coal sprinkling purposes, the apparatus is generallyr mounted to the backhead of the boilerby means of a bolt passing. throughl hole 29.' The steam pipe is connected directly to the boiler, and the Water pipe is generally connected to the Water supply pipe of the injector.

The operation of my Vdevice is as follows: As soon as theoperating valve 11 is opened, steam is admitted through the nozzle 8 into the delivery nozzle 13. This creates av vacuum iii the Water chamber 6 which, in conjunction with the atmospheric pressure on the water in the tender. lifts the check Q0 and forces lthe Water into the Water chamber 6, vvhenc'e it isfdravvn into the delivery nozzle 13 and, by the 'force of the steam, ejected through hose 15 and discharge nozzle 1S into the atmosphere to 'ivliatevei pointthe latter nozzle is directed to. The check valve 20.' is loaded or made of suf'cient vveightto resist` the liftingtendencyl ot' the Water,'\vlien the instrument is placed beloiv the highest level of t-he Water in the tender or other source ofnater supply. By this means t-lie aperture is sealed and Waste of Water prevented at the discharge endofthe appa-- 2 nioeea as it prevents the establishing of a siphon when, as often the case, the discharge end of the hose is at ya point lower than the highestA level of the water inthe supply tank and the apparatus itself located above it. rllhis vent furthermore allows the hose 15 to drain automatically of Water which is very desirable, particularly in cold climates Where Water remaining in the hose would freeze and prevent the instrument from instantly being put in operation.

.What I claimas new is:

1. In a jet pump apparat-us, a discharge nozzle having a port extending crosswise through same, connecting the interior of saidnozzle directly Wit-h the atmosphere at all times. y

2. In a jet pump apparatus, a discharge nozzle having a port extendingy crosswise through same, connecting the interior of the nozzledirectly with thev atmosphere at all times, and means for connecting a hose to ne outlet end of saidnozzle.

3. In a jet pump appara-tus, with steam and water supplyconnections thereto, a'discharge nozzle having a port extending cross- Wise through same, connecting the interior of said nozzle with the atmosphere, and a loaded check adapted to normally close said Water supply connection against the ingress of Water.

4. In a jetv pump apparatus, steam and Water' supply connections thereto, mea-.ns controlling the steam supply, a discharge nozzle having a port extending crosswise through same, connecting the interior of said nozzle With-the atmosphere, and `a loaded check adapted to normally close said nozzle having a port extendingl` cre Water supply connect-ion against the ingress of Water.

5. ln a 'j et pump apparatus provided with steam and water supply connections, in coinbination, a valve controlling the steun; ply, asteaxn nozzle, a discharge nc? alinement with each other, saidv di throught' same, connecting the vinterior of said nozzle with the atmosphere, and a loaded check adapted to normally close said, water supply connection against the ingress 6. A jet pump apparatus comprising a casing liavin' an upper and' 'alou'er chamber, a steam supply connection to the upper chamber and a. Water supply connection to the lower chamber, a steam nozzle in the;-

Wall separating said chambers, a discharge nozzle in alinement with said steam nozzle'.

and in communication 'With` said lower chamber, said discharge nozzle having a port extending crosstvise through same con nesses.


` lVitnesses:

v ll'vALrEn E. lVoLLnEin,


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