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Publication numberUS1110051 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 8, 1914
Filing dateFeb 5, 1914
Priority dateFeb 5, 1914
Publication numberUS 1110051 A, US 1110051A, US-A-1110051, US1110051 A, US1110051A
InventorsWilliam S Harpster
Original AssigneeClarence A Hill
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Communion-service tray.
US 1110051 A
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1, 1 1 0,05 1 Patented Sept. 8, 1914i hf I M g I) l mm" v 3144mm fez wwmwoeo k'ivmfl 61 How/"Mai Wlliwm Sflarpafez;



Application filed April 19, 1911, Serial No. 621,986.

1/ b all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILLIAM S. I-Lmrsrnn, a citizen of the United States, residing at Columbus, in the county of Franklin and State of Ohio, have invented a certain new and useful improvement in Communion- Service Trays, of which the following is a specification.

The object of this invention is to provide an improved tray for holding individual communion service glasses.

More particularly it is my object to prevent the staining and smearing of the tray or its parts by spilt or overflowing wine and at the same time prevent noise in the handling ot' the glasses.

The invention is embodied in the features shown in the accompanying drawings, set forth in the following description and then pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawing-Figure l is a top plan view of a portion of the tray. Fig. 2 is a vertical section of the tray with the middle portion broken out.

A tray for holding the individual service glasses very commonly comprises a pan 3 having an annular shoulder 4 to receive a glass holder, the latter consisting of a plain metal disk having a suitable number of glass receiving openings provided with cushioned sides or pads to prevent noise. In the present invention as shown the glass holdercomprises principally two metal disks 5 and 6 of equal size and like form to rest together on the shoulder a said disks being provided with vertically coinciding glass admitting apertures of considerably larger diameter than the diameter of the lower portion of the glass, and a disk of card board 7 and a disk of blotting or absorbent paper 8 also provided with apertures but of smaller diameter than that of the apertures in the metal sheets said sheets-of car board and absorbent paper being placed together and between the metal disks so that their apertures aline axially. By this construction there is left projecting in the opening or the metal sheets a ring of absorbent paper and card board. The a, lertures in the card board and absorbent paper are made of such size that a glass of slightly tapering form can Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept, 8, 1914.

Renewed February 5, 1914. Serial No. 816,841.

be placed and supported therein without the sides of the glass touching the adjacent edges of the metal disk as illustrated in Fig. 2. The four disks just described are bound together by several screws, such as seen at 9, engaging the two metal disks. The absorbent paper takes up wine that may have been left adhering to the sides of the glasses thereby preventing it from smearing the tray or the metal disks. Excess of overflowing wine is absorbed by the absorbent paper even by that which lies between the solid metal parts of the disks. Absorbent paper, which is more commonly known as blotting paper when dry is brittle and when moistened becomes soft and pliable hence I employ the card board to brace such paper where it projects beyond the metal part of the holder. When the absorbent paper becomes so far saturated as to be no longer serviceable it, as well as the card board if desired, can be replaced with a fresh one.

What I claim is:

1. In an individual communion service tray, a glass holder including in combination a metal sheet provided with an aperture, a sheet of absorbent paper backed by a sheet of non-absorbent stiff paper, said absorbent sheet being located between said metal sheet and the non-absorbent sheet, said absorbent and non-absorbent sheets provided with apertures of smaller diameter than that of the metal sheet and all'of said apertures coinciding vertically, and means for holding said sheets together, substantially as described.

2. In an individual communion service tray, a glass holder including tWo fiat metallic sheets provided with coinciding apertures, combined With'a sheet of absorbent paper, and a sheet of stifi non-absorbent paper, said paper sheets provided with glass receiving apertures coinciding with each other and with the apertures of the metallic sheets but of smaller diameter than the apertures of the metallic sheets, and means for holding said sheets together.



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U.S. Classification206/19, 206/562, D07/553.6, 206/589
Cooperative ClassificationA47G33/02