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Publication numberUS111054 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 17, 1871
Publication numberUS 111054 A, US 111054A, US-A-111054, US111054 A, US111054A
InventorsAlfred M. George
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Improvement in fire-tongs
US 111054 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Letters Patent No. 111,054, dated January 17, 1871.


The Scheule referred to in these Letters Patent and making pari: of the same.

T0 all wloom, 56 mag concern:

specification, in nhich the fignre is aperspective view.

'll1is invention lms for its object te preventthe legs of ine-tongs irom lapping or crossing each other as they nlways do as soon as the joint is worn l little loose, wliicli, overlapping, is a serieus inconvenience in the use of tongs, and is entirely done nway by my im provementa- 'Il1e imentionnonsists in :L slotted gnide, .nttzicl1ed at one end to the stntionnry leg of a pair of tongs, and extending beyond and inclosing the movnble leg, said gnide being of snflcientlength to give nll necessnry -play to the momble leg, and compelling it to remain always in tlre same plane with the stntionary leg.

Referring to the drmving a is the stationary leg of the tongs therein sl1own, and

a is the slotte-d gniile, secnrely attnehed nn one end in any snitable 1nnnner to the enlarged portion d of the leg a snlliciently far from tlre rivet to make room for the hand. snid gnide being straight tlnongh0ilt tlmt portion of its lengtl1 which extends to the mov able leg when the latter is in contact with the stationnry leg, and curved npward at iris outer end to a degree tllll always conforms to the position of tl1e movable leg when the latter is drawn away from the stationnry leg.

T110 guide and slot are made long enongh to enable tl1e movable leg to swing is fin fr on1 tl1e stationary 0ne as mny ever be nece ssary in ordinary use.

By means of the guide the 1novable leg is entirely prevenfed fron1 twisiing or crossing tl1e otlxer, nnd, even when the guide is applied to a, pair ofold tongs, itrenders (hem 1.8 goed a.s new.

I zun aware tliit ii is not; new to provide, zi s lotted guide to eacl1 legof tl1e tongs, snid gnides extending inwnrd 1nd sliding one within the otl1er, bnt I 001'1- sider my plan superior to this one, a-nd pntentable notwitlrsianding i'o, for the rensoxi tlm.t it;is more simple, less expensive, and les's liable to get 01112 of order.

Haring t-lins describd niy inventiorr \Vlizitl claim as new, Z\lll desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-- Tl1e arrangement of the tongs a 1) and slotted guide c, wl1en constrncted and operating ns specified.


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Cooperative ClassificationF24B15/10