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Publication numberUS1110893 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 15, 1914
Filing dateSep 16, 1913
Priority dateSep 16, 1913
Publication numberUS 1110893 A, US 1110893A, US-A-1110893, US1110893 A, US1110893A
InventorsCecil P Caulkins
Original AssigneeCecil P Caulkins
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US 1110893 A
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raar' Specification of 'Letters Patent.

eppleatioii 'flied September 15523,

Serial G. 790,053.

il; lriierfn hnl: l, Creu, l?. CAL'LiUNe, e. citizen 0'? the Uuiieci Saes, reeidiiig et News' London, in the county of lew Loudon7 State of Connecticut, lieve in'veuterl certain ueW and use'liul liiiproveuieuts in Door-Alarms; nml l (lo hereby {ler/lare lie following lo be :a full, clear. and exact description ef the irl ventieui Such as will enable @there skilled in the art io which il. apperiains to uielre and use lie same.

This invention relates to new and useful iii'iproreiiieuis iii alarms and parlicularl.;v to electrical alarm devices actuated by inurning the knob of a. door.

The object of ehe present invention ref giclee in the provision of n. device which may be posicioued on the knob of a door so chat when lie knol; is turned the device will lie erwrmt-ell. io gire forth au audible alarm.

il further object fri the iuven'ion resides m prerieieu of a device of the class eleecrilieu which is of such Cleeign that it may uliij; eiiechecl to or removed from a ich and reeel te be actuated by turn- 'L- furlier clijeci is io provide Such a .ich ie urehle and efficient iii use Y fri ef a pleasing design and compact afueture mail which comprises a minig cf so liai. it umy lJe manufacl ai. :i clump i=iti\.'ely lou" cos. 3V i lli lzliese and other objects iu View, inveii'licu in the novel combination, formar-ion arid. arrengemen off parte te 'be mere fully hereinafter described and illus- 5i-alberi leche eccemperlying drawings enel piirciculerly peiirbefl our. in the claims hereo eppe'aefl.

Reference is liaol re the accompanying drawings wherein similar characters of reference designate corresponding parte l'lrcugliou the several views, amel in which:

Figure is a 'front ele'vaional View of a door knob with the improved alarm associated therewith, Fig. Q is a side elevational View of what ie shown in Fig. l, Fig. 3 is a tcp plan View oil. what is shown in Fig. l, Fig. i e sectional View on llie line #lr-l of l "l 5 is a` plan View of 'the blank from which `Jlie Sirup ie forme, and Fig. 6 is a liz mi :rei-e View showing the irical ci mur oi bhe device.

Referring new more particularly to 'the drawings wherein shown lie preferred 'form the iriveillzieri` 5 rleeignetee e oer knol) te which is lixefl at ile Sliaulr port-i032'. the ra dial linger 6 which operates ille l hereinafter described. For securing 'alle finger (3 to the kuub, au arcuele strap of spring metal is provided having ifu's enfle 8 inwardly flireetedeincl having dispoeecl on its inner surface en arcuate rubber band Br so tha the bami may be snapped orer the shank of ille. door knol) and rmly held agaiu's relative movement. The linger 6 extends vertically from the strep eiene side of its longitudinal axis. rllae 'be-ll 10 ie carried by a casing ll which also carries the battery 12 and his casing is suspended from the door knob by a lexible .and pref `erably b'ass strap 13 which has one enel permanently eecured to one end of the cese ing and llas its other end deecliabljj secured as at il to elle other Side-of *the cesilig. rille Strap lil reste; en "che Tf' curl lle linger 6 is sliclable in a Slot 15 cui- The umerial eut to form the slet ie upwardly to ferm e Contact linger 0f less, height than the linger 6. Au iu'sulelzerl couiieeiiou il ezizeuds from the the iueriuediete portion elglie erep there eupporecl oy lingers i8 bem upwer from the. Simp 12%. 'l'.liis iiisuletecl Yera tion has secured 13o 'lie free emi e Contact member 19 reeiliently *Leerling engage the coutace l5 lull; Ten held therefrom by the engaggemeirfen linger il with ile under fece.

To provide means whereby roi: 1 the door knob will. bri-.trg be conrectbers l) and lli togeiglier, the commet meml; Y, 19 is prorioleel ou eecli eide ci the-linger with cutaway porticiis 20 eo @Elia-t when *elle floor knob is related ille linger la will into one of thecuzway pci-tions emi. elim? the members 19 and 1G to ccrubzitfi' being understood that by theweiglil of the l" and. battery the strap has little or no ei'irlV ency eo rotate. One end o1" the circuitcon` Vtaining thebell ned the battery is coniiecel.- to the xed emi of the strap 13 anni elle other end of the circuit is secured 't lie conneclion 17. Thus when the cioorlmele is rotated. the circuit will desea-ucl elle lell, will ring until ille device isreeet.

lVliai is claimed is:

l, een alarm of the class clescriliecl-.` cemprieing the combination with a roiealnle member, of a pin carried thereby, anexa-f rotatsiblemember including e bell circule,-

conlact peiue 'in the circuit. Seial ceziiee points bein normally held apart by the -pin and sai pin adapted upon rotation of thepjfqtatable member to release the contact pmts'. Y y

2. An alarm of the class described,com prising thecombination with a door knob, of ay finger ixed thereon, a casing, a strap suspending the casing from the knob,a bell circuit carried by the casing, said strap forming a part of the circuit, a connection forming part of the circuit extending from the casing and supported by the strap, a spring Contact member carried at the free end of the connection and normally tending to engage a'portion of the strap and said finger adapted to engage t'lie 'eoniact y to hold 4it spaced from the strap.

3.,An alarm of the class described comprising the combination' with a door knob, of a finger fixed thereto, a strap hung over the knob, a casing carried by the strap, a portion of the strap being cutaway and bent upwardly to form a finger, a connection CECIL P. CAULKINS.



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U.S. Classification340/541, 340/671
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