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Publication numberUS1112042 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 29, 1914
Filing dateJul 20, 1912
Priority dateJul 20, 1912
Publication numberUS 1112042 A, US 1112042A, US-A-1112042, US1112042 A, US1112042A
InventorsSamuel R Ullman
Original AssigneeSamuel R Ullman
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US 1112042 A
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Patented Septf29, 1914.

- ZZWM Inventorl l .-I. i

Attorney UNiTED srnrns regioni overwon.'


Speeilieation olf Letters latent.

*im-ionico sept. en, reis Application filed July 265.1912. Serial No. 710,7'15,

To all whom it may concern Beit known that l, SAMUEL R. ULLMAN, a citizen of the United4 States, residing Wilkes-Barre, in the county of Luzerne end State of Pennsylvania, haveinvented a new and useful Carton, of which the followingl is a specification.

This invention relates to cartons and aims primarily to provide a receptacle for receivl ing laundried goods, in which the `laundried goods may be conveyed from the laundry to the patron without danger of the goods becoming soiled, although these cartons are also applicable to clothing, gents iEurnishlings and dry-goods, bothby nonnufaturersr and retailers, as receptacles' for shirts, handkerrhiefs, collars, shirt-Waists, etc.

,has been This invention also contemplates the production. of a carton of the character indi-A cated which shall he simple and inexpensive 'in construction, which shall loey capable of lholding various quantities of goods, and

which shall be conv `serviceable in itsuse.

With the foregoing general objects in View, the present invention resides essenr tially in, a carton eniboclyinign a cardboard back, and a paper front bellows sides and hot'on'i attached to the back` and a elo-- sure ilep bearing an adhesive substance fo .tlaeli the flap to the back after the carton llefl. Although the back and freni'. have been described as being constructed of cardboard and paper. respectively, it is nmlmstood that equivalent sul'istences may be employed for either. The bellows sides andA bottom permit the front and back lo be disiended rolaiiv'e io each oiher in order to accommodate the quantity of foods inserted into ihe carton. and the closure flap bearing adhesive maler? yl may then loe folded over enient', hygienic and v the open end or monili oi he Corton, and secarton.

Referring in detail to the drawings, the

numeral 5 designates the card-hoard blank forming the back, which is shown als. rectangular, and the numeral G designates the paper front whichl is also rectangular and which corresponds in contour with the back 5. Ai this point it inay be Well to stole that the 'liront and back may he of any size, so as to e@ nrnodate the carton to various goods, the. carton as illustrated being preferably for shirts and like' articles, Whereas smaller cartons may Abe provided for collars, cuifs, and the like.

The blank forming the front 6 is provided with bellows sides l' attached to the edges of the front and a bellows bottom ilap 9 ab,

techedizo the lower end of the front, the sides 7 being provided with bellows bottom flaps 8 at their lower ends, which overlap each other. The bottom liep 9 overlies and folds with the bottoni flaps 8 and is secured thereto by adhesive material 0r otherwise. The sides 7, and bottom .flaps 8 and 9, are enchprovided with only a single inwardly folding plait, which is essentiel.` The Sides 'i' nre provided with4 the suppleniental flaps overlapping and secured to he edges of ihe beek, the bottoni ilaps 8 are provided with the supplemental Hops l() overlapping and secured 'lo ibo lower end of the hack, and the. lootom lap'i`9 is provided with the supplemental flap 1l overlapping and secured to the supplemental linpsilU,

closure flaps 8 attached to their upper ends, which :tre div'gned to overlap each other ,when folded over the mouth of the carton. The closure ilapsi 8 are provided with onlyy single inwardly folding` plaits, vwhich is essential in eonneeiion with the single plziils of the sides and lgrottom, the said [laps 8 being,r provided with supplemental flaps l0 adapted so overlap the `eorresponding edge of the beck. The'front G is also provided with n f'losuro flap 9 atlched to its upper end bearing a sirip of hdliesive materiel il along its outer or free end. The closure izip 9 is longer than ille bottom flap 9, the ends oit the respective closure llaps 8 and 9 being flush, and the end of the bottoni flap 8 being insel: from the ends of the flaps 8. The blank, as a whole, snbslantially reetnngur lar, with the envoi-)tion of the slight recess provided by the bottoni. ilap f).

il; will thus be observed that@ the ear-ton is constructed ol? two blanks, the still blank.

ing the remainder of the eerton, the carton thereore vbeing 'of a semi-boX-lilse end semiha'gdike structure. The'said back provides suitable rigidity for holding the goods against abnormal crushing or bending action, and the bellows sides and bottom permits the front and back to be distended more or less to accommodate the particular qua tity of goods itis desired to retain Within the carton. After the carton has been filled, the closure iaps S may be folded over the mouth of the carton so as to overlap each other, and after-the front and back have been pressed sufficiently together, the closure iep 95 may be swung over the closure iapsv 8 and then Secured to the back 5 by means of the adhesive substance l1.

ton so es to be protected against dust, moisture, mr, light, and other foreign or eX- 'traneous matter, making it sanitary in every so as to accommodate the goods, and after the `goods have once been inclosed Within the carton, the :same may be conveniently con` veyed to the patron of the laundry or by the manufacturer, clothier, haberdasher, or drygoods merchant to his patrons, Without fear of' the goods beingsoiled or otherwise in `jured.

' From theforegoi'ng, teken in connection 'with the drawin s,- it will he apparent that the objects aime at are attained in a satis- `factor manner,A and that the resent carton provi es a desirable one for t e purposes to which it is designed. The particular grade of card-board and paper employed is of no moment, and may be varied to suit the cir- "oumstances, and although the material em ployed hos'beeln denoted as card-board and paper in the appended claim, it is understood that equivalent materials are also inferred thereby. i

I Thus it will be noticedv lthat the contents are enveloped in the car-A Limbes Having thus described the invention, what is clailnedas new is :-I

A carton embodying a rigid rectangular blank forming a back, and e second blank oomprisingla rectangular front, sides attached to the edges of the front and each having a single inwardly folding plait, overlapping bottom flaps attached to the lower ends of the sides and each having a single inwardly folding plait, a bottom flap attached to the loiver end of the front and having a single inwardly folding plait, the last mentioned bottom iap overlapping, folding with ind being secured to the first mentioned bottom flaps, the sides havin supplemental iaps overlapping and secure to the edges of the back, the lirst mentioned bottom flaps having supplemental Hops overlapping and secured to the lower end of the hack, and the last mentioned bottom flap having a supplemental ilap overlapping and secured to the last mentioned supplemental flaps, closure flaps attached to the upper ends of the sides und cach having a single inwardly folding plait, the closure laps being designed to overlap each other, and

having supplemental flaps to overlap each ture-in the presence of two witnesses.


lVitnesse-s H. A. GoRnoN, Mansonmrn l". GALLAGHER.

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