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Publication numberUS1112162 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 29, 1914
Filing dateApr 18, 1912
Priority dateApr 18, 1912
Publication numberUS 1112162 A, US 1112162A, US-A-1112162, US1112162 A, US1112162A
InventorsJosephine G Rovira
Original AssigneeJosephine G Rovira
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Combination catamenial drawers.
US 1112162 A
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i Patented sept.29,1914.






wfmfssfs M11/Enron g www JosnrHINE'e. Bovina, or Naw YORK, iv.- v.

Mooivnsiiva'iioiv CATAMENIAL nimwniis.v


.y Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Sept, 29, 1914;.

V y Application filed April 18, 1912. 'Serial No. 691,587.

To all whom it 'may concern Be it known that ,LYJosnPHiNE GUILLE MARGH-AND RovinA, a citizen of Republic of France, and a resident of theborough of i Manhattan, county, city, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements Ain Combination Catamenial Drawers, set forth in the followingspecilication. y

rlhis invention relates to womens wearing apparel and particularly to sanitary catamenial drawers.



' An object ofthe invention is to combine,

vwith a pair of drawers, a catamen'ial-pad supporting belt and a `waterproof lining for the drawers,` and to so arrange and connect the parts that they may 'be readily disconnected one from the other to the end that the drawers and belt may be used without the lining, the drawers and lining without the belt, or any, other desired combination made.

A further object is to shape the body portion 4of the drawers substantially flat and adapted to be brought forward about the body of the wearer and fastened at the front but leaving an opening at the bottom, and to form said body portion with a ap, continuing from the seat of said drawers, for clos- Ving said opening, and tofform said flap so as to comprise angularly disposed portions adapted to extend obliquely downwardly to lend appropriate form to the inner sides of.

the legs of the drawers without producing undue fullness in the crotch. l

A further object isvto form said waterproof lining with suitable fullness sowas to lie smoothly overthe seat and [crotch and into the leg portions of the drawers.

'A further, object is to form the pad supporting belt so that the 'same may be readily adjustable without removing the front pad L attaching tab thereof from a substantially? central position. And a still further object; is to provide a novel and improved means of connection between the opposite ends of the pad' and the front and rear tabs of thebelt. These and further objects are setfort-h 1n ,the following claims which should be read liti cation, and in which,-

^ vertical sectional view taken substantially on in connection with this specication which has reference to illustrative embodiments of the invention, shown in thewaccompanying drawings, which form a part of thisappli- Figure I is a front elevational view of the improved drawers; Fig. 2 is a transverse' p snap connections .14.

the plane of line HHH of Fig. 1; Fig. .3 is

a front elevational view of the drawers spread open. Fig..4l is an enlarged detail view of one of the pad attaching tabs of the pad supporting belt; Fig. 5 is a diagram:

matic transverse sectional view taken vertically through the rear port-ion of the belt and adjacentportions vof the drawers and 'waterproof lining, and illustrating graphically the arrangeniient of the connections between said parts; and Fig. 6 1s a view simi- Ilar toFig. 5, but illustrating a modied a-r- .rangement of the connecting means' between the. belt, drawers, and lining. `Referring tothe drawings by numerals, 1 lndicates the body portion ofthe drawers which may comprise any number of suitably shaped sections connected by'seams 2, all

. "When the portions 3 are connected, theV otherwise open space therebelow is closed by tionlof the drawers and which is adapted to be folded upwardly7 to lap and be connected to the angularlv disposed edgep'ortions 7 of the body of the drawers as by the buttons 8. and button-holes, 9. The legs of the drawers are thus divided lengthwise of the Afront an'd'portions of said legs form parts of the flap -6 which may be readily opened when desired. The central button-hole 9 engages the lowestv button 4. Y

The suitably shaped waterproof lining 1() `is removably attached to the inner surface of the drawers, in position for covering the seat and crotch, by'having-its rear end detachably' engaging the drawers at or near the waist band, by having its central or v'seat portion detachably connected tothe drawers as by the tabs 11 with their snap connections 12,

and by having its front end detachably connected to the flap 6 bythe part 18 with its In order that the lining l0 may have a desirable shape at the crotch ffor disposing -its opposite/side portions so as to extend obliquely downwardly into the legs for avoiding unnecessary fullness` at the crotch,

said lining is slit from its front .edge l5 'a flap 6 which continues from the seat porrearwardly toward theseat. The portions gusset 18 is-then fitted into. the space between said spread portions, the Outer edge contour of the gusset beinglpreferab'ly such as t0 continue the lines ofthe now angularly disposed portions of the edge and the whole is stitched 'and suitably bound. In

this smplenianner ample fullness as aty 19 is provided at the appropriate localities.-l

lhe flap 6 of the drawers is slitvand fitted with a gusset 20 in precisely the same manner as described for theA lining, and the spread portions21 of said flap assume an angular relation to each other which lends desirable shape to the inner sides of the legs Without Afullness at the crotch. The fullness 19 of the lining is thus accommodated and both lining and drawers lie-sub stantially smooth over the crotch seat. The beltl 22 is 'formed with an independently formed front section 28. A catamenial attaching tab 24 depends'from the belt 22 at the rear and a similar tab 25 depends from the belt front section 23. rlhe belt front section is adj ustably connected with each of the ends of the belt proper 22, as by the buttons and button-holes 26, se-Lthat the belt may be readily adjusted in length without the necessity of removing the tab 25 from a desirable central position.

V Preferably each of the tabs 24 and 25 is i formed with a longit/udinally extending slot 27 and each of said slots is bridged at intervals by suitable retainers 2S forming means for adjustably securing'. the catamenial pad tothe said ta/bs.` v'ln the embodiment illustrated these retainers are shown as V-shaped members forpied preferably of stilfwire and having eyes 29 by means of which they are attached to the tab atgopposite sides ofthe slot. i Inuse the opposite ends of the pad 30 are formed'with large knots 31 and these knots are passed through-the slots 27 above the desired retainers 28 and, when lowered, engage said retainers, and are positively supported lthereby.

In the structure shown in Figs. 1, 2, 3,

.and -5 the rear end of the lining 10 is supported directly from the belt 22 asby the buttons and button-holes or other suitable detachable connecting means /32, and thebelt is in turnlixed to the drawers by the buttons -and button-holes or other suitable detachable connecting means 33. As shown inithese fignres the belt isformed with button-holes to receive the buttons fixed Luarca tothe lining and the drawers are formed with button-holes to receive buttons ixed to the belt. In F ig. 6 the precise arrangement of the buttons and button-holes is al- 'tered.4 The lining is here formed with button-holes to receive buttons 34 on the belt, and the belt is formed with button-holes to receive buttons 35 onthe drawers. This modified arrangement more readily aceommodates itself to Various combinations of any two 0f the parts-drawers, lining, or belt-without the third.

Vlhat is claimed and what is desired to be secured by United Stat/es Letters Patent is 1. In a sanitary catamenial garment, the combination with a pair of drawers of va catamenial-pad-supportingbelt connected to saiddrawers; and a waterproof lining for said drawers connected to said belt.

2. ln a sanitary catamenial garment, the combination with a pair-of drawers, of a catameniallpad-supporting belt detaehably connected vto said drawers at the baclr thoreof; and a waterproof lining for said dran'- ers detachably connected at itsrcar end to said belt and being detachably connected at its front end to the front portion of saiigf. drawe 1s.

3. ln a sanitary catamenial garment, the

combination with a pair of drawers, of a catamenial-padsnpporting belt connected to i said drawers; and a waterproof lining for said drawers detachably connected to said belt andbeing` detnchablv connected. to parte of drawers.

ln a'sanitary er .amenial garment, the combination wit-lia pair of drawersY of a eatamenial-p:1d-supporting belt: belt attaching` means for detachably connectingsaid belt to said drawers; a. waterproof lining for said drawers; and means for interchangeable connecting' said watmproof lin.- ingeither to said belt or to said lJelt-al'tach ing` means.

A` catameynai-pad supporting belt formedwitna pendent catameni:il-pad nttacliing` tab at il's rear; and an indepeinlentiy formed belt front section having; a pendent. catamenial-pad attachingl tab formed thereon, one of said catamenial-pa d aitaching tabs being' formed with a longitudinally extending slit; and means bridging' said slit at intervals comprising' means for adjnstably securing a catamenial pad to said tab.-

In witness whereof, l have signed my,

name to this speciiicatiomfin the presence of two subscribing' witnesses.


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