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Publication numberUS1112261 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 29, 1914
Filing dateFeb 17, 1914
Priority dateFeb 17, 1914
Publication numberUS 1112261 A, US 1112261A, US-A-1112261, US1112261 A, US1112261A
InventorsJohn H Carter
Original AssigneeJohn H Carter
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Shower-bath attachment.
US 1112261 A
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Patented Sept. 29, 1914.

JOHN H. car/ran, or new onnmns nomsmua.

SHOWEBABATH- ATTACHMENT Specification of Letters l atent.

Patented se t. 29, 1914.

Application filed February 17, 1914. Serial No. 819,232.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that ,1, JOHN H. CARTER, a citizen of the United States, residing at New Orleans, in the parish of Orleans and State of Louisiana, have invented new and useful Improvements in Shower-Bath Attachments, of which the following is a specification.

The invention relates to a shower bath device, and more particularly to the class of portable shower bath attachments for bath tubs.

The primary objects of the invention is the provision of a device of this character wherein it can be readily and easily mounted upon the spigot of a bath tub so that it may be used, and also which will permit the water from the spigot to be let into the tub without requiring the removal of the device.

vAnother object I of the invention is th provision of a device of this character wherein the water can be cut off from one portion thereof should the occasion require.

A further object of the invention is the provision of a device of this character which is simple in construction, reliable and efficient in operation, capable of being placed in a dress suit case or stored within the least possible space, and also one which may be manufactured at a minimum cost.

With these and other objects in view, the

invention consists in the construction, com

Similar reference characters indicate 0013s responding parts throughout the several views in the drawing;

Referring to the drawing in detail, the

device comprises a stand pipe 5 havi at its lowermost end an elbow 6 tapped into a turn plug casing 7 provided with a threeway turn plug 8 to which is fixed a handle 9, the casing being formed with adischarge spout 10 and an intake or inlet ni pic 11 in alinement with the spout. Ad ustably threaded on the inlet nipple 11 is a union collar 12 to adapt it for detachable engagement with the outlet end of a bath tub faucet 13 which is of the ordinary well known construction. The other end of the stand pipe 5 is closed by means of a plug extent of the pipe are union sleeves 15 in which are tapped opposed oppositely extending curved hollow arms 16, preferably formedfrom tubing, and are flattened as at 17 at one side thereof, the said flattened side being formed with openings 18 throu h which is discharged jets of water from t e arms when the water is let into the stand pipe 5 of the device.

In the lowermost union sleeve 15 is fitted a valve plug 19 carrying a handle 20 which when turned in one direction shuts off the flow ofwater to the uppermost stretch of the stand pipe 5, yet permits the water to flow in the lowermost arms 16, and on the turning of the handle 20 in the reverse direction to a predetermined position water will be permitted to flow through the stand pipe 5 into all of the arms 16 connected therewith.

Fixed to the stand pipe 5 spaced from the elbow 6, is a .bracket 21 in which is threaded an adjusting screw 22, the same being designed to engage in the saucershaped head 23 on the bath tub spigot 13 so as to fasten the intake or inlet nipple 12 in the mouth of the said spigot for the secure mounting .of the shower bath attachment thereto.

From the foregoing it is thought that the construction and manner of use of the device will be clearly understood, and therefore a more extended explanation has been Omitted.

What is claimed is A spigot attachment comprising a valve casing having a discharge spout at its lower or cap 13, andv at intervals throughout the side, and an externally threaded nipple at Y the opposite u per side thereof, a, union at the head thereof for locking the nipple therein.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature in presence of two Witnesses.



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