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Publication numberUS1112486 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 6, 1914
Filing dateNov 29, 1913
Priority dateNov 29, 1913
Publication numberUS 1112486 A, US 1112486A, US-A-1112486, US1112486 A, US1112486A
InventorsLeslie E Spring
Original AssigneeLeslie E Spring
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Envelop and fastener.
US 1112486 A
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l, 1 1 2,486, Patented 0013.6,1914.

H5 NORRIS PETERS CO. PHorO-LITHQ, wAsu/Nziww. 1: r.




To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, LESLIE E. SPRING, a citizen of the United 'States, residing at Vhite Cottage, in the county of Muskingum and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Envelops and Fasteners, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawings.

This invention comprehends certain new and useful improvements in envelops and has for its primary object to construct an envelop in such manner that it will be impossible for unauthorized parties to open the same without being detected.

Another object is to provide an envelop of this character which will be of improved and novel form and which will be provided with locking means of such character that it will be impossible to replace said locking means or any part of the same after breaking said locking means to gain access to the contents of the envelop.

A further object is to generally improve and simplify the construction and operation of the devices of this character and increase the efficiency of the same without increasing the cost thereof.

With the above and other objects in view, my invention consists in certain novel constructions, combinations, and arrangements of parts to be hereinafter more fully described, claimed and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which,

Figure 1 is a plan view of the complete envelop in open position; Fig. 2 is a similar view with the envelop closed, showing the back of said envelop; Fig. 8 is a fragmentary plan view, showing a portion of the back of the envelop before the insertion of the second locking means; Fig. 4: is a fragmentary view, showing a portion of the front of the envelop; Fig. 5 is a fragmentary plan view partly in section, showing the manner in which the flaps are interlocked; Fig. 6 is a fragmentary plan view of one end of the front of the envelop with the flap carried thereby in extended position and the first locking member secured to the same; Fig. 7 is a view similar to Fig. 6, before the application of the first locking member; Fig. 8 is an enlarged plan view of the first locking member; Fig. 9 is an enlarged sectional view through the envelop after the same has been closed and locked by my improved locking means; Fig. 10

Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed November 29, 1913.

Patented 0a. 6, 1914.

Serial No. 803,777.

is an enlarged plan view of the second looking member; and Fig. 11 is a view similar to Fig. 9 and at right angles to the same.

Referring more specifically to the drawings in which similar reference characters designate corresponding parts throughout the several views, 1 designates the envelop which may be formed of any suitable material and has the flaps 2 and 3 turned in at one end and interlocked, one of said flaps being of substantially triangular form .6 of the envelop.

A disk 7 is secured to each side of the triangular flap, adjacent the point thereof while another disk 7 is secured to the inner face of the back 6 and each disk is provided with a suitable central opening 8, it being understood that the disks 7 are placed in such manner that the openings thereof register and the portions of the envelop to which said disks are secured are also provided with openings registering with the openings of the disks.

A locking member 9 is carried by the disk 7 secured to the front face of the triangular flap 2, said locking member 9' having a central offset portion within which is positioned a spring clamp 10 formed by extending the legs of the U-shaped wire member 11 transversely through the offset central portion of the locking member 9.

The envelop is secured in closed position after the contents have been properly placed in said envelop, by forcing the shank 12 of the locking member 13 inwardly through the central openings of the disks 7 and parts of the envelop to which said disks are secured, said shank having the semi-spherical head 14 formed upon its inner end and adapted to be forced between the legs of the U- shaped wire member 11 and thereby securely clamped in the locking member 9, it being understood that the outer end of the shank is flattened, for engagement against the outer face of the back 6 of the envelop.

From the foregoing, it will be clearly apparent that after the envelop has been fastened in this manner, it cannot be opened by unauthorized parties Without'leavingtraces of the act. It Will be evident that should a party tampering with the. envelop, break the shank 12, it Will be impossible for the party to disengage the head 1% from the spring clamp 10, Within the offset central portion of the locking member 9 and Withdraw the shank 12 to replace the same With the lock-, ing member 13 from another envelop. Therefore, it will be impossible for the: guiltyparty to destroy theevidence of their, unlawful act.

lVl Thile I have shown the preferred embodiment of my invention, it Will beunderstood that minor changes in the details of construction and arrangement of parts may be made ithin the scope of the appended; claims Without departing from the spirit of; :my invention or sacrificing any of the ad-f vantages of the same. 1

U-shaped spring Wire clamping member extending" transversely through the off-set portion of said locking plate, a second lockmg plate having a shankextending through the rear Wall of the envelop and the inturned flap members-thereof, said shank having an enlargedhead at its freeend forengagement between the legs of said Uehaped clamp.

In testimony whereof I hereunto afliX my signature in the presence of two Witnesses.


Witnesses VIo'roR Knnmnorrnn, H. C. PUorI.

Gopiesofthis patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of latents,

' Washington, D. 0.

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