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Publication numberUS1112642 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 6, 1914
Filing dateJun 14, 1913
Priority dateJun 14, 1913
Publication numberUS 1112642 A, US 1112642A, US-A-1112642, US1112642 A, US1112642A
InventorsIrvin Morgenstern
Original AssigneeIrvin Morgenstern
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US 1112642 A
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1,1 12,642. Patented 0015. 6, 1914.

ill! 41! b ii.) .L l Jillii) p H is..


To all whom i-t 271.!!{1/ concern Be it known that I. IKVIN hLlOIlGENS'FERN,

a citizen ofthc United Stiles, residing Cincinnati, in the county of Hamilton and State of Ohio have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Garter-Contrainers, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to garter containers and has for itsobject to provide a container for garters Which will be neat and attractive in appearance, simple in construction, inexpensive to manufacture, compact, and light in Weight.

It is important in the sale of garters that they be placed in attractive containers but the disadvantage heretofore has been that to make the container attractive expense was necessary in their manufacture. .Vith

improved container, i lessen the of the container and still produce a most aotractive and neat container. which hold the l garters in their natural position, .ierrby allowing for their display to the best id vantage.

In the drawings: Figure l is a plan View of a container constructed in accordance with my invention. a similar view looking at the opposit id 0 so and showing the Fig. 3 shows the co t sition and shows the pro tion for display. r s a view of the container Without the rs. part of the lid being broken away. h is a sectional View on the line 5-5 of F 5. 3. Fig. 6 is an elevation of the container partly opened.

Referring more particular to the drawing 1 illustrates the body or bottom of the container having the apertures 2 and 3 therein to recei e the grip a; Ofllllg garter. The bottom portion 1 has. plurality of laps 5 which are angular in shape and are adapted to be folded over the lid 6 oi": the container when said lid closet. These laps are so shaped to add to the attractiveness of the container when the lid is open. These laps are folded on the dotted lines 5" in order to provide rooni enough gfor the garters when they are mounted in the container. Thus a Specification of Letters Patent.

application filed June 14, 1913.

Serial no. waives.

narrow neck portion 5- is provided which forms the sides of the container.

The lid 6 is provided with suitable eXtensions 7 on the edges which when properlyfolded on the dotted lines 8 form a liens; around the outside of tl e lid This 1. fits down into the bottom of the container best shown in Fig. 6.

A reinforcing and binding band 9 is provided around the bottom oi the container. which tends to keep the laps in their closed position; thus when the container is clos d the laps close over the lid of the container and form a self locking container. The binding band 9 also designates by its color the color of the garters contained.

It will be noted that lid and bottom of the container are inade out of the same piece of material adapted to be folded on the dotted lines 10.

Thus it is seen that I provide unique container which is Well adapted a: attractively displaying garters to the best advantage.

The garters are mounted in L by placing the grip 4e througl t *he container i no I 2 and 3, thereby being held in proper position' and also being held in their natural ilat position. l p

The container is constructed hexagonal in to shape for the sake of giving it strength, but any other shape might be used.

Modifications of my invention might be made without departing from spirit and. scope, and I do not Wish to be confined to the exact details shown.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A garter container comprising a box having a hexagonally shaped bottom and lid portion formed from a single sheet of material, a series of narrow side sections on the lid and bottom portions and being of substantially the same depth, a band of the same depth around the sides of the. bottom portion and joining them together to form still side Walls for the bottom of theboif; ri id Walls for the looking flaps, locking us folded on a score along the top of the si Walls f said bottom portion thereby being hinged thereto and assuming a normal position parallel to I sicie Walls of the bottom portion Jere?) imi', the bottom of the 00X saicl ER 5 'thereb mytijn 'sufficient bincfiiw ifsrca'iio said.

1 P b m farming a 100k for the lid. of the box when to form a 1001: 011 6 955 Q15; sfsraight .mpv I saici lid 1s closed. and mserted under said JLRVXN MOMG-EMJMARN..

Wi'hnesses i D, W Am'im 1510mm, OLIVER W Sl-mmmn.

flaps, saicl flaps being permanently connected to smd sule pormons (lnectly above the band, Bald; mnd bemg permanently secured to sald

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U.S. Classification229/110
Cooperative ClassificationB65D5/2033