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Publication numberUS1112888 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 6, 1914
Filing dateNov 3, 1913
Priority dateNov 3, 1913
Publication numberUS 1112888 A, US 1112888A, US-A-1112888, US1112888 A, US1112888A
InventorsHerman Burchess
Original AssigneeElias Ross, Herman Burchess
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US 1112888 A
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AIPLIGATION FILED NOV. 3, 1913- Patented Oct. 6, 1914.

1HE MORRIS PETERS CO.. PHOTO-LITHG., WASHINGTON. D4 Cy i hinges andhas for its object the production tions and arrangements of H described and claimed.

uni-rias@ IES ATENI FICE. i

`Ianni/ieri BURcIIEss, orcIIIcAGo, ILLINOIS," Assreivon or ONE-HALF 'ro ELIAS Ross,

or Niivv venian. Y. l `f HINGE; Y

To all 'whom t may concer/a .i

Be it known that I,`IIE`RMAN BURcHEss, a former subject of the `Kingof Roumania, who have declared my intention of becoming a citizen of the United States,` anda resident of the city of Chicago,icounty of Cook, and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Hinges, of

which the followin `is a specication.

My invention -re `ates `to improvements `in of a hinge, `designed for use"` especially upon suit cases, whichwill be of durable construction, one which will be so constructed as to` beadapted `to bel securely fastened to the wall of the suit case, or othersdevice in conjunction with which the saine is employed, so as to prevent the samebecomingreadily detached, and one which willlbe efficient in use. y

Other objects will appear hereinafter.` The invention consists `in the `combinaparts hereinafter The invention will be best understood by reference to the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specificatiomand in which, i u ,y f

Figure l is a `transverse section of a suit case equipped with a hinge "embodying my y invention, Fig. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary section through the hinge portion of the suit case, Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the hinge detached, and Figs. 4 and 5 are per` spective views of the component parts of the hinge disconnected.` y y The preferred form ofconstruction as illustrated in the drawing comprises a leaf l provided at one edge with a pintle 2 secured to said leaf by means of ears 3 which y project from the` terminals offsaid edgethe outer ends of said ears being wrapped around the ends of said pintle."

Cooperating with the leaf f1 is a second leaf 4, formed at one edge with `an out-yI wardly looped portion 5, which constitutes a? bearing for the pintle 2 which is adapted to snugly engage said shown in Fig. 2. y y i y In order to reinforce the `bearing `loop i hinge is in use, to besecurely `fastened to Specification of Letters Patent.` Application filed Novemtrws, `191s;` seriai no. 798,881.1`

`the same is secured. to the depending iiangeof the cover 9 of the `portion i5, as clearly Patentedoeae, i914..

the wallhof the suit case, or other device in conjunction with which the hinge is employed, said extension as well as the leaves l. and 4 being perforated to accommodate 1 rivets or` other: suitable securing devices,

whereby the saine are securely fastened in position. WVhen the `hinge `is used in` con-` junction `with` a `suit case, the leaf 4 issecured to the body 7 of thesuit case, the eX-` tension `6 being secured to the inwardly inclined flange 8 `which is `provided at the I mouth of `a conventional suit case, said ex` tensionbeing `inclined slightly to conform with the inclination of the flange to which` i The leaf l is secured suit case inthe usual manner, said leaves 1 and 14 being interloeked inl` the manner v clearly illustrated in Fig. 2;

Through the provision of the extension 6,

it will be seen, that theloop 5 will: be ma-` terially reinforced or strengthened so as to adapt the same to withstand the severe strains to which the bearing portion 5 is sub-` `jected in use, this portionas is knownbeing subjected to severe strains by reason of this portion of thehinge being required to support the weight of the Icover `when in open position as shown in dottedlines in Fig. l.`

By reason of the severe strain to which this leaf of the hinge is subjected when used:

upon suit cases, the same not infrequently, in a short time, loosens and `often is torn fromits position. By providing said eXtension the bearingportion of the `leaf of the hinge will beso strengthened and reinforced as to adapt the same to counteractthe rough usage and strains to which the same is subjected.

l/Vhile I have illustrated and described the i preferred form of constructionfor carrying my invention into effect,this is capable parting from the spirit of the invention.` I, therefore, do not wish to be `confined to the precisedetails of construction set forth, but

desire to avail myself of such variations and'` of variation and modification :without` detle; a second leaf having` an outwardly In testimony whereof I have signed my looped portion at one edge constituting a name to this specication in the presence of bearing for said pintle and L reinforcing:v two subscribing witnesses.

extension on said loope portion extending Y. therefrom in t direction opposite to said HERMAN BURCHESS' second mentioned leaf, said extension being formed for fastening in position, substzunf l tielly as described.



Copies of this patent may bev obtained for ve cents each, by addressingv the Commissioner of '.Pateuts` Waiiigmir). C

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U.S. Classification16/387
Cooperative ClassificationE05D3/02