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Publication numberUS111327 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 31, 1871
Publication numberUS 111327 A, US 111327A, US-A-111327, US111327 A, US111327A
InventorsMoses W. Dillingham
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Improvement in screw-drivers
US 111327 A
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Letters lPatent No.1`11,327,ldated January 31, 1871.

lMPRcveMen'r- IN scREw-DRNERS.

i The Schedule referred to in these4 Letters latent and making part of the same.

To all whom it may concern:v

Be it known that I, Moses W.`DI'LLINGAM, of

Amsterdam, in the county of Montgomery and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improve- Ament in'Gombined Tape-Measure and Screw-Driver;

and I do hereby declare that the ibllowiug is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable others skilled in the art to make'and use the same, reference heilig had O to the accompanying drawing forming part of this specification.

This invention relates to a new and useful improve? ment in a combination of Well-known-and useful larticles, more especially designed for undertakers use and -It consists in combining` with pocket` tape-measure va screw-driver and an aWL'arranged to operate from a tube connected with the case of thetape-measure, as will be hereinafter more fully described.

In the accompanying .drawing- Figure 1 is a side view, partlyfin section.

Figure 2 is an .edge view, also partly in section. Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

A is the tape-measure.

B is the case, in which there is a'sxnall druin hung centrally, around which the tapeis wound. i

C is a burr on the endof the drum-pivot by means of which the drum is revolved. Thel end of the tape passes out of the case through a slot, as seen in fig. l, and operates like thecommon pocket tape-measure, only there is 'no spring, but a spring may be used for winding up the tape if desired.

D is a square tube attached to the casingB at one end, the other end is open.

E is a screw-driver, arranged to slide in the tube.

F is an aWl, arranged in the `same manner.

When drawn back, as seen in iig. 2, the screw-driver and the aWl areinclosed by the tube.

In the edge of each there is a notch, as seen at g.

When either of the tools are drawn out the-'spring h engages With the. notch g and holds the tool in place.

To withdraw veither of the toolsthc spring is pressed b ack and the tool is started out by one of the knobs'i which slide in vslots in the tube, as seen.

J is a small spring let into a recess in the edge of the screw-'driver and "aWlLby, means of which a sniicient degree of friction is secured to keep 4the tools steady and in place.

I do not coniine myself to any particular `mode of-` extending Ordrawing back the screw-driver or awl, or of constructing the case and the tube. rIhe case and the tube maybe soldered together or connected in any other manner. Neither do I confine myselfl to both screw-driver and awl in thc'combination. The screwdriver alone, in combination lwith the tape-measure,

is the combination which I moreI especially desire to secure.

This combined tool is-extremely useful for many purposes but more especially to 'undertakers It is readily'carried in the pocket and is convenient in taking measurements. in all cases Wherel measurements are required. The case of'the tape-measure forms a good handle for the screw-driver.

For household use the measure and screwdriver are indispensable, combined in this manner the value of eacl1`is increased, as they are much less liable to be misplaced and lost than when separate.

Having thus described my invention,

I claim as newv'and desire to secure by Letters Patent- The combined tape-measure and screw-driver, constructed substantially assbown and described.

The above specilication of my invention signed by me this 6th day of July, 1870.


Witnesses: 4


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Cooperative ClassificationG01B3/1084