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Publication numberUS1113648 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1914
Filing dateNov 6, 1913
Priority dateNov 6, 1913
Publication numberUS 1113648 A, US 1113648A, US-A-1113648, US1113648 A, US1113648A
InventorsKarl Karlson
Original AssigneeGeorge J F Wilford, Karl Karlson
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US 1113648 A
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APPLIcATIoN FILED Nov. e. 191s.

1, 1 1 3,648, Patented Oct. 13, 1914.


unirsi) N srATiis] PATENT, onirica,

KARL KARLsoiv, or BROOKLYNQNEW YORK, Assiettes @remi-riem To suenen J. F.

` wILroRn, or nizw vonk, 1v. Y.,

rUNNEL-z To all whom it may concern: i

Be it known that I, 'KARL KARLsoN, a sub'- ject of the King of Sweden, residing at Brooklymin the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Funnels, of

arm 25 and is so mounted that it may move upwardly intoalinement with the arm 25, `butcan not` move downwardly beyond `the position shown in the drawing.

which the following is a specification.` v

This invention relates to a` funnel, and

the principal object ofthe invention is to` provide a fiumel which is so constructedv that a valve will` be automatically opened when the funnel is placed in a bottle or other receptacleand. automatically `closed when the bottle yor receptacle has been filled to the desired amount.

Another object of the invention is. to provide an improved means for actuating-the valve when the bottle is filled; u l

Another object of the inivention is to so` construct the funnel that it will be supported in the desired position in thefbottle neck.

rlhis invention is illustrated in the y ac-A companying drawings wherein there is shown a sectional view of the improved funnel mounted in a bottle which is alsol shown in section.

This funnel 10 is provided with an .outlet spout l1 the funnel being removably oonnected with the outlet by means of a valve seat 12 which has an externally threaded lower end portion 13. A gate valve 14 is hinged'to the valve seat and is intended to close the opening 15 when moved to `its lowered position. pivotally mounted upon a support 17 in the outlet spout 11 and is connected with the ate valve 14 by means of the link18. A oat 19 has its supporting rod 2O passed through a guide 21 and through the support 17 with its inner-end portion bent to form a hook 22 which engages the shorter arm of the bell-crank lever 16 whenthevvalve is in the raised position as shown .in the drawing. An abutment 23 is carried by the rod 20 to prevent the float from moving upwardly beyond a desired point. A U-shaped opening element for the valve is slidably connected with the outlet spout 11 by having its outer arm 25 passed through the guides 26 and 27 and its inner arm 25 passed through the guide 28. The upper end portion 29 of the outer arm is bent as shown to engage the top of the bottle neck 30 when 'the funnel is inserted in the bottle Specification of( Letters Patent.` Application filed Nevember e; `1913.

v nel isnot` in use.

A bell-crank lever 16 is .through the funnel into the bottle.

Patented oet. 13, i914. serial No. 799,632.5

or otherreceptacle. "Acollar 31 is carried by .the outlet spout .11 and forms a support ,for the funnel and an abutment to limit the upward movement of the valveo-pening device 24. A linger 32 is pivotally connected with the upper end of the inner :'The operation of this device ris as follows: TWhenthe funnel isnot in use,V the valvelopening,device is in theI dotted-line `position shownin the drawingwith the `finger l positioned beneath the lower end of the long` arm of the bell-crank lever 16. The valve :14, of course, isclosed when the Jfun- When the funnel is inserted in theneck of the bottle, the upper end `'portion "29 of theouter arm 25 engages the bottle neck and as the funnel is inserted in the neck, the linger 32 engages the bell-crank lever and movesthe lever upwardly so that the gate valve 14 will be raised. `Said bell crank lever raises the lshorter arm and the same moves beneath the hook 22 and the longer arm of the lever will then be raised a greater extent until the finger 32. passes beyond the joint between the bell crank lever and rod 18. The

weight of the valve 14 will then cause the bell crank lever to move to the position shown in the drawing with the hook 22 holding the same in the raised position. Liquid is poured into the funnel and passes When the liquid in the bottle reaches the oat 19, it will raise the float and thus raise the hook out of engagement with the bell-crank lever so that the `gate valve can fall to a closed position and; thus prevent any more liquid. from passing into the bottle. The funnel can now be removed and the valveopening device will fall to the lowered position and be again ready for use when de sired. It is of' coursev obvious that when the valve openingI device drops to a lowered i position, the linger 32 will swing upwardly when passingthe end of the bell crank lever and will then return to its normal position so that it may engage the bell crank lever a valve carried by said seat, a bellcrank lever pivotally mounted in said funnel beneathsaid valve seat, a link connecting saidi valve With one arm of said lever, a rod slidably mounted in said funnel With its upper end bent to form a hooky for engagingthe:

` remaining armof 4said bell-crank lever, a

float carried by said rod, a U-shaped valvesetting device slidably connected With'said funnel with one arm extending into the funnel and the remaining arm extending outside said' funnel and having its upper end portion bent to `:forman abutment `iinger, and a inger pivotally connected With the inner armv of said valve-setting device and engaging said bell-crank lever to move said valve to an open position.

2. A funnel, a valve seat in said funnel,

a valve, actuating means for said valve, a

float, means carried by said float for releasably engaging said actuating means for releasably holding said valve in an open position, 'a A5J-shaped member slidably connected Withsaid funnel having one arm outer arm of said member being bent to engage a bottle neck when a funnel is inserted in a ,bottle to move said member to its raised position, and means carried by said funnel for limiting the raising movement of said member and supporting said funnel .in a receptacle.

3. A funnel provided With a valve seat, a valve, actuating means for said valve, means including a float releasably engaging said actuating means for releasably holding said valve in an yopen position, a member slidably connected With said funnel and having its inner portion provided With a movably mounted element engaging said actuating means to move said actuating means and open said valve when said member is moved to a raised position, and the outer portion of said member being provided with means for engaging a receptacle to raise said member When said funnel is placed in a receptacle.

Intestimony whereof I aiiX my signature in presence of tivo Witnesses.




`GLADYS XV. VVnmonn.

Copies of this `patent may be `obtained for vfive cents each, byaddressing the Gommissioner of Patents,

' v Washington, D. C.

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U.S. Classification141/200, 137/448, 141/335, 137/420
Cooperative ClassificationB67C11/066