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Publication numberUS1113977 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 20, 1914
Filing dateMar 28, 1914
Priority dateMar 28, 1914
Publication numberUS 1113977 A, US 1113977A, US-A-1113977, US1113977 A, US1113977A
InventorsWilliam Freedman
Original AssigneeWilliam Freedman
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Detachable and reversible collar for blouses.
US 1113977 A
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1, 1 1 3,977. Patented 0ct.2(),1914.


WILLIAM FBEEDMAN, or nnooxnriv, new 1203K;


Application'filed March 23,19 Serial No. games.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILLIAM the borough of Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Detachable and Reversible Collar for Blouses, of which the following is a specification. j j I My invention relates to a detachable and reversible collar intended principally but.

not exclusively for what is known as a middy blouse, and the objects of my invention are: to enable the wearer to use one garment in the place of three; to prolong the use and enjoyment of the garment because it will be washed and cleaned more easily and readily, and with no damaging effect upon the collar which is the most prominent part; to pecuniarily benefit the manufacturer. by the means and mechanism illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which- Figure 1 is a view of thecollar detached from the blouse; Fig.2 is a view of the collar attached to the blouse; Fig. 3 is a vertical section view of a modified form of the flap of the collar.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughout the several views. 7

The collar 1 consists of two pieces of cloth one shown at '2 colored blue and the other shown at 3 being red. Theyare sewed together at the edges and are cut in the form and pattern shown in Fig. 1. It has three straight sides the fourth being horseshoe shaped and cut so. as to fit the neck of thewearer. The collar 1 has three appendages or projecting portions one on the left side, one in the center 11 and another on the right side. The appendages on the left and right sides are. triangular shaped so that when the collar 1 is attached to the blouse 9 these two appendages fit in under the respective lapels 14 and 19 of the blouse. In the appendage on the left side there is a button hole 6 which is cut vertically as indicated inFig. 1. It is located so that when the collar 1 is placed upon the blouse 9 as in (Fig. 2) it will coincide with the button 7 sewed on to the blouse 9under the left lapel 19 and likewise with the button hole 18 in the left lapel. Similarly button hole 5 is vertically cut and is located so that it will coincide in a similar manner on the right side.

appendage or flap 11 is cut horizontally or Fniinmusry a citizen of the United States, residing 111 These objects are I attained The button hole 4: in the center verticallyand is so located that when the to the, back of the blouse 9 from the inside.

by. means of buttons 7 which are sewedon cated in the lapels; 1 1, and19. The flap 11 through it. Thebutton 12 on whichLthe flap is attached is sewed. on to the back of ordinary coats and in the upper part of each s a button hole 1 8 and 8 respectively which Hence in orderto attach the collar 1 to the blouse the buttons :7 arel first buttoned is buttoned through button holeft. ,VVhen this is done the collar. is attached and will then look as indicated in Fig. 2.

is semi-circular.-. In Fig. 1, itis a part of It consists of two parts red and blue just like the rest of the collar. In the center it has cally, preferably the former- The flap may material 15, 16 and 17 and is sewed together at the edges. In the top, 15, and bottom, 17 parts of this flap are button holes, I. The middle part, 16, is inserted to prevent the button,12, which is sewed on to the inside the flap, 11, tojthe blouse, 9, from pressing is worn, and also from being seen, when not worn. This 1980 because when attached to 9 but any other means of fastening such clasps or patent buttons may be used.

In carrying out thisinvention, the use of collar l properly placed upon the blouse. itwlll colncide with the button 12 sewed on y j The collar 1 1s attached tothe blouse9 the blouse 9.;on the,inside. The .lapelsl9 and .14; are triangular shaped like those in through the button holes 6 and .5 and, then; through buttonholes 1 8. and 8 and button 12 l The flap, Fig. 3, e180 11 in Fi sfii. as 2,

a button hole a cut horizontally orverti as in' Fig. 3, consist of three pieces of white of the blouse, 9, and which isused to attach against the wearers neck when the garment the blouse 9, the button 12 slips in between Patented Oct. 20, 1914.

to thewupper portionof the blouse each under one ofthe buttonholes 18 andS lo-t .65 1s attachedto the blouse by means of but-.

ton hole 4 andbutton12 which is buttoned is out either vertically or horizontally.

the collar and is madeof the same material.: I

buttons 7 as a means of attaching the collar lto the blouse a flap like the one shown in Fig. 3, is much.

more preferable to the one 11 indicated in Figs. 1 and 2, and, as above indicated the former will prove of much more convenience to the wearer than the latter. However either may be used inmanufacturing the collar. v

The collar-on the ordinary middy'blouse is sewed to the garment. allymade of adifferent material often'cloth,

which 'is-colored either red or blue, these 7 being'the two most favorite colors-demanded 'by the-trade, while'the body of the blouse is ;made of whiteimaterial. I

By the use of'myinve'nt-ion, the wearer may whenever it is desirable, detach the collarfro1n-theblouse and reverse it and again attach it and vice versa, thereby enabling her to use one garment in the place of two viz one with a blue collar and another with red one; Besides the blouse itself with the'c'ollar detached can be worn and is an 1 especiallv convenient and'comfortable gar- I as,

ment in summer.

The ordinary micldy blouse, because it consists mostly of white-material SOllSVBlY easily and quickly. It, therefore,- must be 1 washed very-often.

worn, because the collar loses its original arately in a The collar is usu color. By having a detachable collar all this inconvenience is dispensed with. The collar is removed and the blouse may then be boiled and washed as all other white goods are. The collar may be washed sepsuitable manner, and because it soils less quickly than the rest of the blouse, since it is colored, is washed less often thereby prolonging its usefulness.

Ordinarily the blouse must be washed together with the collar, and therefore the manufacturer must use an exceptionally fine quality of cloth in manufacturing it, in order to withstand the frequent and rough washing. By using this invention, the manufacturer can use a cheaper quality of cloth and get better service out of it.

I claim as new and desire Letters Patent for: v A detachable and reversible collar for a garment having lapels in front and fastening means beneath the lapels, the collar comprising an extended flat body to hang down the wearers back, and being provided with an-incut side to fit around the back of the wearers neck and with projecting portions at the ends of said side and another projection at the middle of said side, the last-named projection being adapted to be secured to theback of the garment, and the other projections being adapted to pass forward over the-wearers shoulders and be secured beneath the lapels by said fastening devices.-


Copies ofthis patent may be obtained for five cents each, by

j e Washington, D; 0;

addressing the Commissioner of latents,

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