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Publication numberUS1114431 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 20, 1914
Filing dateOct 26, 1912
Priority dateOct 26, 1912
Publication numberUS 1114431 A, US 1114431A, US-A-1114431, US1114431 A, US1114431A
InventorsClinton L Bopp
Original AssigneeClinton L Bopp
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Pneumatically-timed air-valve.
US 1114431 A
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1,1 31424314 a Patented 0013. 20, 1914.

Nfmmkfmwm puppet valve opens communication netween the compartment 8 and the exhaust pipe 19 through the regulable passage il. As soon os this takes place, the pre:- sire of the air Within the comportnient 8 is reduced, While the pressure upon the piston 3 in the compartment 2 is substantially the saine as it 'Waspre-Jiously, and the result is that the normallyseated pressure valve will be raised. As soon as the velie #l in the lower part of the casing has been raised, air pressure will he communicated from the inlet pipe 26 and coin.- pertnient 2 to theI outlet pipe 25, it being understood that the outlet pipe. 25 leads to brakes or other suitable mechanism being operated by air. inasmuch es the passage All is very inuch smaller than the compert-l ment 8,1 an appreciable length of time will be required for the normally seated pressure yvelve to beraised, this time being regulatecl by means ot the screw l2, which is adapted to obstruct the passage 1l. As the valve 3 inust move out of the compartment 2 before compressed sir canescape from' the outlet 25, it will be seen that the time' reqnirecl for setting the brakes can be regulatecl by means of the screw l2. Frornthis construction, it Will be seen that a simple "eiiergizstion ot an electro-magnet Will open atimecl valve for setting air brakes or making connection be tween a source of compressed air enel the point of application ofstich compressed air.

lli/'hat is claimed es new is:

1. In a pneuineticolly timed air valve, the combinati n with, an upright casingv provided Wit an inlet inclu-n outlet andhnving' e transverse partition dividingvit* into Vtwo chambers connected by restricted passage 40 through the partition, the lower chamber comprising a large coinpa-rtrnentat its upper cnil communicating with saisi passage and a small' compartment at its lower enti communicating with the inlet, two spaced Valve seats between said compartments leaving a space between the seats communicating with the outlet, pistons slidably mounted' in said compartments, a velue below the upper piston adaptecl to the upper seat, a Valve above the lower piston adapted to the lower seat, a tubular sternl connecting said pistons and valves und establishing constant communication between said compartments, and means for adjusting the size of seid restricted passage of an exhaust leading from the upper chamber, a puppet valve normally closingI said` exhaust, a' solenoid mounted on the head of the casing and whereof the puppet 'valvei stern constitutes vthe core, anti means i'or energizing said solenoid.

In a pncurnatically timed agir Valve, the


combination with an upright casing pio vided. with en inlet and an` outlet and having a transverse partition dividing' it' into two chenibers Ytuinected by s restricted passage through the partition, the lor/ver chamber comprisinga large compartment at itsur,

scena Valve above the lower piston aflaptefl' the lower seat, a tubular'stern connecting suiclpistons and valves und. establishing constant communication between saicl compartments, yand ineens for adjusting the size of saicl restricted passage; of tryo valve seats in vtheupper chamber leaving a conipartment between the seats communiceting. with an exhaust, a clouble puppet valve adapted to close upon sait*L seats simultaneously, a stem passing through seid seats anni upon whichl said. valves are lined, said partition having an opening for the lower encl of the stem and the upper encl of the stem projecting above the heeel of the valve casing, and ineens for raising such projecting end will.

3. In a pneumaticallytimed au' valve,'the combination with an upright casing forming a chamber having an inlet and. an outlet, one end of the casing being provided With a restricted passage, the chamber at one end comprising e large compartment communicating with said restricted passage and et the other'end comprising a smaller compartment communicating with theo inlet, two spaced valve sects between said cornpartments, the intervening space between said valve seats communiceting` with the outlet, pistons sliclalolf,r mounted in said oo1npertinents, valves rigid with the pistons and whereof one is adapted to close the large ancl the other the small compartment, and a tubular stem connecting said pistons and valves and affording constant communication between the compartments; oi on cX- haust communicating with saifl restricted passage, a 'normally closecl valve between thepassage and the exhaust, a solenoid rigid with the casing and having the stern of the last-named valve as a core, and means to energize the solenoid. l

In testimon whereof I affix my signature in presence o two Witnesses.

CLINTGN L. BOPP. llitnesses F. W. EKLUND H. H. Sono.

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U.S. Classification251/30.5, 251/43
Cooperative ClassificationF16K31/402