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Publication numberUS111450 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 31, 1871
Publication numberUS 111450 A, US 111450A, US-A-111450, US111450 A, US111450A
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william -b
US 111450 A
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' mit@ 'WILL- IAM IB.- nonnen,

or; oonnnfnnsonlo.

' 'Letters Paten?. lio. `1 1 1,450,'da;ted Jennery 3l, i871,

r f miPRovEmeN-rm cnnfrnlnesfeenrs.

l The Sohenls xeerr'e to in theselatters Pateai: and past of the same.

Toollwhbni 'lema-y convent: Y

'Beit known theel', Wmnim B. HAYDEN, of 0olnmbn's, injthe county of L".Erzinkli-n:nul Since of Ohio, have invented a. new anziA improved Cartridge-Belin; 'nd Ilolliereby declare that ihefollowing is a. full, clear, indexatie-description thereof, 'which will Lenaole others islillerl in *ne 'art tomeke and. use the same, 'reference beingphad .tc the. accompanying draining .Fignrerlj represents a side View, portlyin section, of my improve@ certrdgefbelt, 219;, tig.`2,h,eing the sec'-v "Fignre 2 is a plan or ton-,view of .the seme. Similar]cat ters of reference indicate corresponding lhis invention hasfor 'itsjobjecn to'. so improve carl' tridge-belts' .that the saine may be revolvedto vbring the iilledpouciics always to ythe froniiend to improve the ponches sot-hot the Weds-of 'the sex-'eroil cartridges will be reignined nvplace. v`

Patent--A -servetc reizin :an '0nte1belt, B, :mili/c prevent: the, .vertical displacement of the sinne, allowing it, howev'er, iso turn freelyfon the belts A.

The, clasps c are rigidly secured to the bell; and? hook'over the edges of che belt B. as. is clearly shown ingal. i The belt B contains, n-ibs unter foce, the cartridge# lponches C 0,which are of snitnble construction, erich pouch. being 'adopted for th'e'recepbion of 'one cartridge in the well-known or suibeble'monner. g Bybeingfhnng tothe inner belt Ain the xnznmer f'si'oted, the belt .B can be' revolved on A at will, to

bring the filled pouches 'wighin convenient reach of the hands. Y

From the bottom of enchpcnch G projects, wiehin said pouch, an upright plug, b, which enters bho cnrf triglge placed' Miei-ein, os'shonjn in iig. The plug b serves thus to support elxefirmi and shot, preventing the some from hilling ont or `'croi-kingloose.

Having thus described my invention, i

I claim asnewmid desire to secure by 'Letters AThe revolving cnrtrdgehclt B, nrrongellcnthc- 4supporting belt A, substnntinll y as :incl for the purposes herein .shown :mtl described.iigI WILLXAM 13. HAYDEN.

Witnesses: l i


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Cooperative ClassificationA45F5/02, Y10S224/931